Driving More Traffic to Your Website: 5 Ways to Do It

Whether you have a personal brand where you offer different professional services or you’re developing a growing brand, nothing much happens without a high-quality website and without traffic to that site.

Web traffic is where the rubber meets the road with online sales, newsletter opt-ins, content sharing, and more.

To help you drive desired business results, here are five ways to drive more traffic to your website.

More Effective Content Marketing

Providing value through content marketing works by pulling in more search visitors to your blog and the main pages on your website. By delivering insights (for free) on topics of interest to potential clients, many of their questions are answered and they come back for more due to the value you add to their professional endeavors. Not only that, but prospective clients develop a clearer idea about the people behind the brand and this gives them the confidence to proceed.

It’s important to realize that content is a form of promotion. It can be just as persuasive (often more persuasive) as any advertisement when done right. The team at Webheads understands this clearly, as well as its relationship to customer acquisition. They are an experienced London based web agency who can help with content management, SEO, web branding and more that I collaborate with, and I’d recommend checking them out if you need help with your content.

Aim for Qualified Traffic

While pure traffic numbers are a vanity metric, qualified traffic is far more beneficial to businesses.

Not all traffic is equal. When a qualified visitor who fits into the target demographic visits the site, they’re far more likely to buy than a random visitor.

Therefore, don’t just aim to improve raw traffic numbers over time. Pair this with a detailed examination of conversion rates to better understand the quality of the traffic. Also, look at referral information.

Where did the visitor originate?

Was it an organic search or did they click through from a guest post on an industry site?

Drive Relevant Social Traffic

Social traffic can be useful to build buzz around a new product or to encourage the search engines to visit more frequently. With that said, don’t overstretch the team to cover every relevant social platform. It’s far better to post regularly and reply quickly and often to comments on social shares.

This is more easily achieved when you keep to 1-2 social platforms only. Furthermore, be careful to choose the most relevant platforms for your niche. To determine this, look at your competitors, verify their follower numbers between platforms, and look at their activity levels to see where the value is at.

Run Competitions

Competitions can be effective in encouraging either new visitors, repeat visitors, or both. Care must be taken to avoid “competition chasers” who hunt them down to scoop up the free promotions. Ensure other participants can get value from them too.

There must be a clear business benefit to running the competition, otherwise it won’t be of much use. Know what the benefits are before embarking on it, rather than starting down the competition road and then trying to justify it later.

Be a Guest

For small businesses that aren’t showing up much in Google search results, they’re probably hearing crickets when it comes to traffic. Look for innovative ideas for ways to generate traffic. It’s useful to imaging a world without search engines at that point to brainstorm.

One approach is for a staff member to be a guest on YouTube channels or podcasts. Alternatively, try to get featured in a small online publication as a quoted expert. Each of these can provide initial exposure, increase brand recognition, and drive traffic to encourage the search engines to take the site more seriously.

Driving traffic can be achieved in a variety of ways. But always remember that high-quality traffic that can convert or gain subscribers is more vital than higher traffic numbers.

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2 thoughts on “Driving More Traffic to Your Website: 5 Ways to Do It”

  1. To monetize a blog with affiliate products or services, we need to get the very targeted traffic as you said Anthony.

    Yes, Social media is great resource to get the initial traffic. Here we have to connect with other bloggers and have to help each other.

    Anthony, you explained very well.

    Thank you for this post. Keep come up with such awesome content.


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