10 Ways eCommerce Companies Should Approach Marketing to Sell More Products

eCommerce has a wide-ranging scope. But the question is, which strategies are worth the time and investment?

Whether you are a big deal in the market or just starting your brand, staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques that even your competitors have incorporated is essential.

Structuring, curating, and finally publishing an eCommerce website is like a milestone for every eCommerce brand owner. 

However, simply having a website is not enough.

After Covid, people are going crazy with online shopping, and brands have the best opportunity to tap into this behavior and maximize profits.

Brands must invest in making the website classy and aesthetically pleasing. With the perfect website, you can convert more leads, offer a better shopping experience, reduce cart abandonment, and improve the website dwell time. 

In this blog, we will walk through some of the best ways to help you get your online storefront in front of potential prospects.

Let’s start!

What is eCommerce marketing?

eCommerce marketing is any promotional effort you make to drive traffic to your online store and boost sales. This includes acquiring people who have never heard about your brand and current customers who previously have experienced buying from your brand. 

The end destination for all your marketing and promotional effort is generating more sales. Without eCommerce marketing, it can be impossible for marketers to grow their business successfully. 

Ways eCommerce brands can improve sales

Here is a list of some amazing and handy eCommerce strategies to help you sell more. 

  1. Embed Instagram Feed on the website 

Using social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox can help you curate the perfect embed instagram feed on your website for your eCommerce storefront. Equipped with diverse and easy-to-use features, such tools offer effortless ways to develop attractive and responsive widgets with a code-free approach to completing the embedding process. 

These tools offer customization and moderation features. Customization includes changing the background, adding CTAs, and using elements like pop-ups, themes, etc., to enhance the widget’s vibrancy. You can use custom CSS to personalize the widget further. 

Moderation includes eliminating any negative or inappropriate content from the widget. You also get analytics benefits with these tools. Create and maintain your stunning widget and blow away users’ minds.

  1. Leverage personalization in real-time 

The more relevant offers you display, the better. People lose interest in irrelevant content and use user history, preferences, and interests to personalize their website experience with properly targeted responses. 

  1. Add live chat 

Live chat is a way for customers to share their concerns in real-time. It gives you a chance to sort out their issues quickly rather than making them wait for an email response. They can proceed further without having to wait for a response. You can also promote offers, products, and other helpful links within your chat. 

  1. Use opt-in pop-up offers 

To improve conversion rates, you need to focus on potential opt-in offers. Pop-ups can act as a motivation for signing up to emails, newsletters, and loyalty programs. You can share valuable discounts and improve their experience. 

  1. Offer free delivery 

If your business requires shipping charges to be paid, you can offer free shipping benefits to people who buy more than a specified amount worth of products. 70% of people say that brands offering free delivery have a higher chance of a conversion. 

  1. Promote UGC 

User-generated content is the most authentic and trusted form of content. This kind of social proof works wonders and is a potent persuasion tool. Negative reviews also help with providing vital information. 

  1. Up your email game 

89% of marketers use email as their primary communication method. This generates better leads, promotes offers, and gets you, loyal customers. You can send cart abandonment emails, use pre-set triggers to send hyper-relevant emails, and bring 119% more clickthroughs. 

  1. Offer reward program to loyal customers

Repeat customers are like beating hearts for your business. To keep them associated with your brand, host loyalty programs and offer them freebies as a token of appreciation. They can then redeem these rewards. Loyal customers are 10 times more worthy than first-time customers. 

  1. Deliver a perfect user experience

Nothing annoys users more than a poorly designed website that is not mobile-friendly. It also makes them trust you less. Having a simple website with vibrant colors and clear text can do wonders. Keep your landing pages and product pages understandable and easy to navigate for the betterment of user experience.

  1. Upsell and cross-sell products 

To boost revenue, upselling and cross-selling can be your best bet. More often than not, customers are unaware of a better product that serves their needs. Add an “If you like this, then you’ll love this” section on the website. 

Make sure your suggestions are relevant and avoid being too pushy. Be subtle while promoting your premium products. 

Up to you!

Running an online business can never be easy. But by using these marketing strategies, you can overcome many challenges and see desired results in no time.

By leveraging these strategies, you can improve your chance of success, stand out in the market, and give cutthroat competition to your competitors. 

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