Want to Create an Educational Mobile App? Here is How.

While countries worldwide are affected by COVID-19 pandemic, over 1.2 billion children in 186 different countries are struggling due to school closures. This sudden shift away from the classroom is making way for online learning and the shift would impact the global education market.

Even before Coronavirus, online education was enjoying high growth and adoption in education technology. The global market for education already hit $18.66 billion in 2019 and is expected to be a $350 billion industry by 2025.

Be it virtual tutoring, online learning software, language apps, or education marketplaces, there was a big scope before COVID-19 which would continue to persist post-pandemic as well.

Considering the lucrative growth of the online education industry, many businesses create online learning educational portals that allow people across the world to access the best courses offered by educational institutions across the globe or allow them to conduct corporate learning within the organization.

Whatever be your interests, there exists a lot of potential in the online learning industry for entrepreneurs looking forward to building a feature-rich online educational app.

In this blog, let’s look into how to create an educational mobile app in the simplest way.

Things to consider when creating an educational app

When thinking of creating an educational app for eLearning here are some of the important things to consider.

The business model of online educational apps

According to the type of education app you want to create, the business model can considerably vary. However, here are some of the common business models used by popular online educational apps.

  • Free courses

When you start out, you can offer free courses in your educational app for your customers to facilitate access to learn new things. Even if you offer free courses, you can add membership or certificate programs to learners who make satisfactory progress. This way you can monetize your courses by offering it to an interested group of learners.

  • Membership

You can allow access to your online courses to learners across the globe for a monthly or yearly membership fee.

  • Verified certificates

To further monetize your online courses, you can offer verified certificate programs for career-oriented learners. The learners can make payments towards the completion of the courses in the educational app itself.

  • Employee training

Another effective way to monetize your app is to offer employee training to charge companies to find candidates with adequate skills.

Website features

The most important thing to consider is the UI/UX of the educational app. Keep the design simple and implement intuitive navigation.

Here are some of the important features to add to your educational app.

  • Homepage

The homepage is the first page a user lands on and it is important to keep it simple, user friendly, and intuitive. The homepage must have a smart search tool to allow your users to search for their favorite courses.

  • Registration and login

To access your online courses and enroll for courses, a user must register on your eLearning app. Besides the option for course enrollment, the course page must contain the following as well.

    • Course description
    • Introduction video
    • Prerequisites to enroll for the courses
    • Students reviews
    • Details about the course fee
    • Educators involved in the courses
    • User dashboard

A user dashboard must feature all the online courses a user has enrolled in. Besides that, a user dashboard allows learners to upgrade from a free course to verified certificates, and connect the account to social media accounts.

  • Payment integration

If you want to allow your learners to enroll for paid courses or upgrade to a premium course from a free one, you must integrate secure payment gateways to your educational platform.

  • Review and ratings

Reviews are another important factor to implement in your online educational portal. It allows your learners to rate your courses and educators in your platforms that would be helpful for other users.

Creating your education mobile app

Once you have made a clear business plan about launching an educational app, the next thing you need to do is to consider the development approach. The right development approach must compliment your unique needs and budget as well.

The most obvious option is to create your app from scratch, but it is not always the perfect solution as it is not only an elaborate process but a costly affair as well. Another better alternative is to use ready-made solutions or that are easily available on the market to create your online educational app.

Ready-made solutions will allow you to build eLearning apps the easiest and cost-effective way. For example, Pinlearn is a white label online training software that features integrated features to accommodate students, teachers, and admin on the same platform.

The software comes with the best plugins and management features that allow you to customize the script in case you want to add unique features and functionalities to the app.


The online educational space is pioneered by eLearning apps like Coursera and Udemy that offer modern and convenient solutions for online teachers to sell online courses and learners to pursue education from the best institutions.

Hope this blog gave significant inputs on creating an eLearning app. However, if you want to gain momentum in the market, it is important to craft innovative features clubbed with advanced functionalities and tools

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