Effective Tips To Build a Competitive Amazon Marketing Campaign – A Definitive Guide

Marketing: just by the sound of the word, you know you’re in for something that will put your creative and analytical skills to work. You’ll need both your left and right brain to create the best campaigns that will put your listing on the first page of customer search results and give you the conversion rate you’re aiming for. 

On Amazon, it is not only the battle of the products with the best features. The algorithm, A10, checks several parameters to rank every listing including keywords, customer reviews, conversion rate, and an additional click-through rate from external links. This article will cover tips you can use in the campaigns you launch in and out of Amazon to ensure you are hitting the variables A10 looks at. 

Tips For Marketing Campaigns Within Amazon

Tip #1: Optimize your campaigns

After optimizing your listing with the keywords you get from your research, you also have to pick the keywords you will use for your marketing and advertising campaigns

Launch automatic and manual campaigns: You do not need to choose. Launch both automatic and manual campaigns.

Automatic campaigns will allow you to get an idea of which keywords will be ranking. These you can use to bid for manual campaigns. Another advantage of automatic campaigns is that they allow you to appear on a product page as a sponsored product when you use exact keywords. 

Manual campaigns are where you’ll invest more as you know these keywords bring you to your target customers’ searches. 

Use long-tail keywords: Invest in long-tail keywords. Your products may not get as many searches, but individuals using these keywords are more likely to hit the buy button because they know exactly what they want. 

As a final reminder, when you read Amazon suspension tips you’ll know that keyword stuffing is heavily discouraged and it is best to follow that. 

Tip #2: Pick the right advertising strategy

Now that we covered how keywords work, don’t forget to include them in the Amazon advertising type you will choose. There are several types, and they work best for specific goals.

Sponsored Products: A famous ad choice is Sponsored Products, and this works best if you want to advertise your store’s flagship product. It also works if you want to boost already ascending sales of a particular product.

Sponsored Brands: As the name suggests, this is the ad to choose if your aim is brand awareness. Your ad, featuring elements that will introduce your brand, will appear at the top as a banner.

Sponsored Display: For this, your flagship product will again be in the spotlight. The difference is that the ad will appear inside and outside of Amazon—an excellent solution if you want to try clicks from external ads. 

Tip #3: Always check your numbers

Successful entrepreneurs know the value of monitoring numbers. After launching your campaigns, ensure that you watch the statistics to know if your strategy helps you hit your conversion goals or if you need to go for plan B. 

To make your monitoring easier, use available technology. For Amazon PPC monitoring, you can use these tools:

  • Helium10
  • Sellerlabs Ignite Software
  • Ad Badger
  • PPCScope
  • Teikametrics
  • PPC Entourage

To check your listing’s keywords and keep an eye on your competitors, these SEO tools are also available:

  • KeywordTool
  • WordStream
  • Sonar
  • Ahrefs
  • MerchantWords
  • Keyword Dominator

We highly recommend never stopping a campaign and starting again from scratch. If your stats show adjustments are needed, do so without stopping your current campaigns. Just add new keywords and strategies and monitor them continuously.

Successful entrepreneurs

Tips For Marketing Campaigns Outside Amazon

Tip #1: Explore affiliate marketing

Just when you think the excitement is over, Amazon revamps its algorithm measuring marketing campaigns outside the platform. Now more than ever, Amazon checks click-through rates and conversion rates from external links. Promoting your business online (especially outside of Amazon) is extremely essential. 

The eCommerce giant has a program called Amazon Associates where anyone can advertise Amazon products on their websites and social media accounts. 

Maximize this by partnering with influencers and celebrities to recommend your products on their blogs, video content, and social media posts. Your creative juices will indeed flow as you formulate ways to incorporate your product without sounding too sales-y. Expert tip: audiences are easily turned off by content that demands purchase, so be creative with ad incorporation. 

Tip #2: Build a website and establish a presence on social media

Another way to reach your target audience outside Amazon is by creating a website and making yourself available on social media. 

On Amazon, everything is governed by character limits. Having your own website allows you to publish longer, more varied content like articles, videos, infographics, and anything that covers topics related to your products. Just make sure your content is also optimized, but this time for Google’s algorithm. 

When it comes to social media, aside from affiliate marketing, create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or another social media platform. These channels give chances to market and interact with patrons and potential customers. You can share valuable content, solicit reviews, and announce new products and sales through these platforms. 

Tip #3: Check your click-through-rate (CTR) and sales

Like the campaigns you launch within Amazon, you should also check the statistics of the marketing campaigns you launch outside of the platform. Know how appealing your posts are through engagement, clicks, and people who buy your products. Here are some guide questions to answer:

  • From which platform do you get the most click-throughs and conversions?
  • What type of content gets the most views, engagement, click-throughs, and conversions?
  • Which posts do not get as much attention? What are your areas for improvement? 

It would help to have quantifiable data from your social media and website. These platforms almost always provide post engagement reports, but you can also use these tools: 

  • Keyhole
  • HubSpot
  • AgoraPulse
  • Google Analytics
  • HootSuite
  • BuzzSumo
  • Sprout Social

Always be guided by statistics and numbers when making decisions. 

Final thoughts

These are the different ways you can use to rise above the stiff competition within Amazon. It is essential to be on top of your marketing campaigns inside and outside of the platform as A10 now measures customers led to the site from external links. 

There will be more work, but with these new challenges also comes newer and more creative ideas on how to get the attention and trust of potential customers. Keep your eyes on the end goal: for them to Add to Cart and buy your product. With a good mix of analytics and creativity, you’ve indeed got this!


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