Email Marketing for the Modern Consumer

Do you remember way back when, when you opened your first email account, and it was all shiny and new? When you looked forward to receiving an email and read each one through from start to finish?

I’m guessing that the novelty wore off quickly, especially after you subscribed to every marketing email on the planet. Look, I’m not judging – I’ve been there, and also wanted that free e-book. It seemed harmless to hand over your email address at the time.

And, for the first ten or so times, it was perfectly harmless. But over time with your email account being jammed up by tons of marketing emails, most of which you had no interest in, you probably started losing interest in your email account.

And, as you got more clever at figuring out which emails were of interest and which weren’t, how many marketing emails ended up languishing unopened in your Trash bin? You could just unsubscribe, but why even bother? Why waste your time?

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What Does That Have to Do with Marketing?

That little tirade did serve a point.  I’ll be willing to bet that you could identify with it pretty well, couldn’t you? What does it have to do with marketing? Well, how many times have you been guilty of sending those bothersome emails?

Own up; you know you’re as guilty as the rest of us. Email marketing is simple. All you need to do is to whip up a quick message, plug it into your marketing software, and schedule when you want to send it out. You don’t even have to go to all the trouble of looking up all the right email addresses, or personalizing each message, because marketing software can do all of that for you.

It’s a little too easy. And, unfortunately, it’s hurting your marketing efforts. Did you know, for example, that segmenting your list could boost open rates to as much as 39%?

Hit the Pause Button Before You Hit Send

But your marketing emails are different; I can almost hear you saying. You’d never send out spam, and you always think through your offers carefully. Here’s a wake-up call for you. We think of spam as a never-ending barrage of irrelevant emails.

But what’s your version of a barrage? An email a week, or even one sent fortnightly could be viewed as spam if those receiving are not interested in it. Well done, quite unwittingly you’ve joined the league of spammers.

And sure, you’re not one of those scuzzy spammers who send endless emails, but you’re still contributing to the problem. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re wasting your time anyway, because most people will ignore your emails.

Smart emailing marketing for the modern consumer means doing your research up front so that you send out marketing messages to those who they are most relevant to. Smart email marketing uses the clever hacks listed below to ensure better open and click-through rates.

It’s 2019, and your email marketing needs to be adapted accordingly. Check out this great infographic on email optimization hacks and case studies to learn more.

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