Email Marketing – How to Increase Conversion Rates?

At present, professional as well as personal internet users depend on email very heavily. Although it happens to be amongst the oldest tools available on the web, it shows no sign of becoming outdated in the future. It is one of the leading solutions when it comes to marketing ROI. Email marketing generates as much as $50 for every dollar spent, and therefore, it is not surprising that business owners and marketers are big fans of email marketing. Nevertheless, it does not imply that every email marketing campaign will be performing at the same level. If your email strategy is not that good, you might be struggling in the long run. If you are unable to generate leads and convert visitors, you may have to work on your emails.

Here, we have mentioned several essential guidelines for increasing conversion rates in email marketing.

1. Create an attractive subject line

The subject line can make people open the email or delete it and it is the initial thing seen by the audience once you send an email. Therefore, the subject line must be intriguing in the best possible way. In case your email is deleted, it will not allow your business to generate a conversion. You will be losing subscribers by sending uninteresting emails having mundane subject lines. An eye-catching subject line will enable you to get a better conversion rate for sure.

2. Clean email list regularly

The success of your email marketing campaign depends a lot on your subscriber list. Therefore, make it a point to prune your email list from time to time. The presence of inactive subscribers will inflate your subscriber count. However, it will prove to be harmful to your campaign eventually. The reason for this is that inactive subscribers will bring down your engagement rate.

It is imperative to emphasize targeting prospects interested in your brand to enhance your conversion rate. In case you choose random leads, you will not be able to make any inroads. It is also essential to get rid of inactive subscribers and duplicate addresses from the email list to prevent this from happening. However, it might consume lots of time if performed manually. Fortunately, the entire cleaning process can be automated by an option offered by the email providers right now. Otherwise, third-party tools can also be used to get the job done.

3. Personalize the emails

Your subscribers are aware of the fact that they happen to be one of the many subscribers. However, they like to be valued by you as a subscriber. Personalization is one of the most effective ways to make your subscribers open the emails and get converted.

Personalizing your emails will show your subscribers that you value them. Adding their names will be the best method of personalizing emails. When they observe their name in the subject line, it catches their attention immediately. It seems that the message has been directed to them. Adding personalization increases the open rate by as much as 40%. In addition, once leads open the emails, your possibilities of earning an increasing number of conversions become more.

4. Create targeted emails

It is essential to create targeted emails to generate more conversions. There are various reasons why individuals end up joining your email subscriber list. There is no need to send emails covering everything offered by your company. Being excessively generic, these emails will not attract any customers out there.

Your emails have to be customized according to your audience to get the best results. This implies that your audience has to be segmented into groups. They can be grouped based on demographics, similar interests, and so on. You need to provide content that is more relevant so that your emails are tailored properly. There is more possibility for your audience to open the emails and go through the info since it is based on their interests. This will help you to generate more conversions in the long run.

5. Optimize emails for mobile

At present, more than 60% of emails are opened on mobile gadgets, and therefore, emails ought to be optimized for mobile. For example, your content might be quite interesting; however, if the email is not displayed properly on mobile devices, individuals will be deleting it almost instantaneously. Moreover, around 12% of them will end up unsubscribing as well.

6. Send useful content

It is a fact that your emails should have creative subject lines; however, this will be of no use if the content is not valuable. Individuals are interested in seeing the inside of the email, which will help to encourage conversion eventually.

Make it a point to write easily understandable content while creating the emails. Make sure not to confuse the audience and try to write succinctly so that they can comprehend it easily. For this, you need to split the text into bulleted lists and smaller sections. In this way, the leads will understand the content of your email and decide whether they should click or not. Do not use words for filling the entire email. Instead, make sure to include videos, animations, and images to attract the audience.

7. Begin with a welcome email

It is a fact that everybody likes to be welcomed graciously. Therefore, a unique functionality provided by most email marketing services is creating a welcome email for your subscribers. The welcome email must feature different content materials like an emergency call-to-donate, a video clip regarding the work done by your company, a message from the Executive Director, and so on. You may also get the readers involved by adding a CTA (call-to-action).

8. Maintain its simplicity

If you are of the notion that you cannot create email templates due to time constraints, then there is no reason to worry. You need not make it complicated. However, several things should be kept in mind while creating simple and effective emails, which we have mentioned below.

•          Keep it short – It will be a good idea to allow people to know about the fantastic work done by your company. However, do not share lots of info in one email since they might be confused in the long run.

•          Never use lots of colors – Your ambition should not be to use every single color out there. This is because an excessive number of colors can distract folks from your message. It will be sensible to stick to the logo’s identical colors if you are not sanguine regarding what shades to use.

•          Take care about the graphics – It is a fact that graphics are great. However, make sure to paste the image elsewhere and include a link unless it is imperative to use the image for the email. This is because lots of time will be required to load the graphics, and if so, the audience will be either deleting or closing the email.

9. Include a CTA (call to action)

One significant mistake made by companies is neglecting to include a CTA (call to action). It might be that your subscribers will like what they see after opening your emails; however, they might not be able to understand what actions must be taken by them for advancing to the subsequent step. A call to action will help them to proceed further. You will be directing them regarding how they should proceed. In this way, you will be able to convert them in the long run.

Any type of CTA can be created by you, which will encourage the audience to download, purchase any item, or check something out. In this way, your subscribers can be guided towards converting by including a call to action in the emails.

10. Send reminder emails

Many emails are received by your subscribers every single day. Fortunately, this issue can be solved by dispatching reminder emails. For example, let’s suppose that you have a sale that runs from Monday to Sunday. You send an email on Monday to inform the subscribers regarding the sale. Suppose it is the only email sent by you to the audience. While some members might be converting that day, others might want to wait. Your audience can forget the whole thing in case you send only one email.

The most effective way to solve this problem will be dispatching reminder emails. These can be sent on any day of the week to remind your leads regarding the sale. This will help them to remember everything in the best possible way. By creating reminder emails, it will be feasible to convert more leads.

11. Test your emails

Devote some time for testing the emails before sending them to your subscribers. You should be sending emails that motivate the audience to take some action. Rather than wasting your time sending different emails, it will be good to test them at first to observe how they are performing.

While creating the emails, make sure to create a couple of versions that work for your audience. You can run A/B testing to observe which one is performing better. In this way, you will be able to structure an email marketing campaign for creating better emails. In addition, testing your emails will aid in delivering better quality content for the audience that will encourage conversions in the long run.


All these useful guidelines mentioned above should help you optimize your email marketing campaigns in the best possible way to get more conversions. Therefore, do not waste your time and create some delightful emails that will help you engage with your audience in a much better way.

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