Email Marketing PART THREE: Converting and Measuring Progress

In my first two articles, I talked about how to get things setup and kicked off. I want to wrap up this three-part email marketing series by talking about converting and measuring those conversions. In this article, we will talk about the following:

• How to Build a Highly Targeted Email List That Will Make Repeat Conversions
• How I Used This Method to Build Up a List of 2,000 Subscribers in Less Than 3 Weeks

How to Build a Highly Targeted Email List That Will Make Repeat Conversions

Now comes the interesting part – how we separate the good users from the rest.

In the email marketing method that I am about to outline it is of vital importance that you don’t repeat send to those users that don’t open your emails. If a user doesn’t want to open your email then they are not interested and if you keep sending to them they will get angry and complain and your system will get shut down very quickly.

So for this reason I suggest that you send from your VPS as follows –

Email 1 – Send to a large list (say 50k to 100k so stay under the radar)
Email 2 – Send only to the openers of the first email
Email 3 – Again send only to the openers (this one now contains a link)

Note that at this point you should have 3 different lists within Interspire –

List 1 – Bulk Email or Master Upload List – The initial list of users
List 2 – Your openers List
List 3 – Your clickers list

Once you have a good sized list of openers and clickers it is now up to you how you want to market to those users. You would now want to send your lead magnet, lead gen landing pages to the clickers to get them to opt in to your clean list on aWeber or whatever ESP your have chosen.

From there you can now set up a sequence of follow up emails to go out at regular intervals to bring the traffic back to your site for repeat visits, conversions and eventually sales.

Then you would need to keep sending Emails in the same vein as the first three from your VPS to try and extract more clickers.

This whole process can now run on repeat over and over. As you do this you will see your number of openers and clickers increase and your number of opt ins in aweber going up too.

How I Used This Method to Build Up a List of 2,000 Subscribers in Less Than 3 Weeks

In April I started my own Affiliate Marketing Blog to go with my Hosting business.

Before I got started with my content I set up my email marketing strategy exactly as I detailed above.

Here are my stats in aweber from the first few days of sending.

email statistics

With the total number of subscribers in my aweber opt in list on day 15.

email marketing stats

That’s not a bad increase in subscribers for a brand new blog with just a handful of articles. Here are the open stats for my email follow up series in aweber.

emails data

And here is the overview of visitors for the blog’s initial 2/3 week starting period from Google Analytics.

google analytics

This strategy is suited well for a blog or site that contains a lot of information, as the long follow up series of emails are what will keep your targeted users engaged for the long term.

And if you are really good at sourcing out your data and you optimise your campaigns well you can comfortably pull in a list of 5-10k subscribers per month – no joke.

Eventually, when you have a large enough list you can leave out the VPS and focus only on your clean emailing without worrying about blacklisted IPs or spam complaints.

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