Email Marketing PART TWO: Setting Up a Bulk Server and Choosing Email Type

In my last article, I wrote about the sniper method, and we discussed where to find good email data. Now that you have that advice in your hip pocket, I wanted to move onto two new email focused topics.

Here’s what we’ll look at today:

• How to set up a bulk email server
• What type of email content to use

How To Set Up a Bulk Email Server

There is a lot of discussion about what to do here and the setup that I am about to describe is one that works not only best for me but also for many heavy weight affiliate marketers that I have worked with over the years.

To get started you will need a VPS with anything from 6-64IPs depending on the volume of emails you are planning to send and the type of marketing materials you want to user.

bulk email server

If you can’t do this yourself, not to worry – just be sure that you use a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. A correctly configured VPS for email marketing is essential for good deliverability.

You can buy this from a reputable VPS provider, but not all of them will want you to use their servers for sending out bulk mail. It is important, therefore, to get to know your provider and build up some trust. Don’t be afraid to discuss your email marketing goals in exchange for sending insights.

Also, you are going to need to change out IPs quite often so it will save you time and money to have a good rapport with your VPS merchant.

Once you have your VPS ready you will need a sending application. For this, I recommend Interspire with PMTA also installed for rotating your IPs.

Interspire comes complete with more bugs than an anthill as they haven’t brought out an update for many years now. Despite this, it still works fine, but a big plus in its favour are the addons that come with it.
Here are the essential ones to get started:

Autoresponders – allow your emails to send out on automatic at selected times
Advanced Triggers – will separate your openers and clickers and move them on to separate lists for you
Re-Engagement Campaigns – will remove inactive subscribers from your lists so you don’t repeat email them, and will also provide you with the opportunity to catch those churn users before they become completely inactive.
Content Spinner – for spinning content, subject lines, URLs, basically everything, and so adding uniqueness to your campaigns, which will, in turn, improve deliverability.

There are many more add ons that you can use budget permitting, but these are a few essentials for starting out.
Now that we have the grey end of the setup organised we now need to look at your white tools and the type of emails you can use to sniper those openers and clickers from your main lists.

For the white mail sender I suggest that you use aWeber. You can, in truth, use whatever ESP you are comfortable with, but for me aWeber stands apart for the speed and ease of set up and configuration of autoresponders, the fact that they assist you with cleaning and uploading lists, and, of course, because there is a one month free trial.

What Type of Email Content to Use

Now that we have all of our sending infrastructure at the ready we need to prepare the marketing materials that we are gong to use to build up our highly targeted email list.

First of all you will need a white hot landing page hosted on a separate domain to your main business with a sign up form for collecting your opt in email subscribers. This, of course, will depend on your industry, but I would suggest that you have something that is proven as a lead generator and maybe offer a great led magnet to incentivize your potential subscribers to sign up. If you want to improve your conversion rates here, you may even want to use several landing pages.

These should all be integrated with your esp (for me, aweber)

aweber esp

Next you will need some crafty email content and subject lines, that will not only get delivered but will also stimulate enough curiosity among the users on your lists for them to want to open and click.

Please note, that at this point we are not looking to generate sales, we are looking to build up a solid list of openers and clickers. The sales will come much later. So it’s important to be concise, humorous and for your email subject line to stand out above all of the others that are arriving in your potential subscribers’ email inboxes.

Here are a few subject lines that I use on the first set of emails –

“Hello, #FirstName”

“Appreciating you”

“Let me ask you?”

“Happy Father’s Day” (holiday days are a great marketing opportunity)

“I think I like you … oops!” (suppose it’s a dating niche)

“Who are you?”(something shocking to make them want to know more)

Here are some humorous and concise ones:

“Pandora needs to think outside the box”

“Allow myself to introduce myself”

“Let me train your brain how to make money”

“If you like me, you will love this”

“Please don’t call this a fake promise”

The same goes for your email content, and remember – we are not putting any links just yet. Here are some email sample swipes from a loan building list –

Sample #1:
Can I ask you a couple questions about your business?
I have a financial proposal to make. You will sure love it.
Willy S.
Your Name Or Doing Business As Name.

Sample #2:
Who are you?
Seriously, I would love to know more about your business.
It sounds interesting. Would you mind telling me about {service x}
Don’t be offended please. Am so curious.
Our aim here is to fish around for the users on the list that opened the campaigns.

Sample #3:
Once you have their response and you have aroused some curiosity in the opener, you need to send out another message along the lines of:

I sincerely thank you for taking time to respond to a stranger.
So glad we made friends TODAY.
I hope someday we can do coffee when I hit California.
BTW, thanks and welcome to my online office here – {put a link to that landing page}

Sample #4:
Honestly, how can i help your business.
Am sorry I didn’t tell you more about me. 
I tutor beginner traders by presenting a simple understand trading strategy that minimises risk.
BTW, thanks again. In return let me show you this trader’s hangout. It’s a great place to hangout and exchange ideas with traders of all levels. Take a look and let me know what you think}!

Leave them another {link to your landing page}

Notice how it is not until the third and fourth emails that we place the link. By not putting any links in the first few emails and by making the content and subject lines clean and general we have given ourselves more chance of getting the emails delivered.

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