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The internet is a huge warehouse of information where innumerable articles are available for people to source content for virtually any need. In the world of copywriting your responsibility is to write articles or blogs that effectively supply high quality content that fulfills those needs. The tricky part is that you’ll likely also be trying to create content for the client who hired you. To help you navigate these murky waters, here are a few helpful tips for beginner copywriters.

While there are quite a few attributes a great copywriter can develop to build the right foundation in the copywriting field, the following are worth a mention here:

Avoid long paragraphs

With attention spans shrinking drastically by the year, it’s important to condense the size of paragraphs in the content you create. This helps in holding the reader’s attention. It also makes it easier to convey your idea in a crisp, concise manner. A maximum of 4-5 sentences in a paragraph with a total of no more than 100 words, is recommended as a target to keep the reader engaged.

Clear and crisp writing

Remember that readers mostly glance and skim through articles so that they can read only what they need to. Writing clearly in a crisp and concise manner helps you to connect to the reader easily. Use of fillers and extensive use of decorative language only increases the length of the article without making any contribution to the quality of the content. Informative articles especially do not need such language and the quicker you get to the point, the easier it is to drive your viewpoint home.

Don’t wander

Articles should have a focal point so that the writer and the reader do not wander off in different directions. In order to hold readers’ attention, make sure you follow these rules:

  • Focus on one topic at a time, without attempting too many parallel tracks.
  • Begin with the aim of the article, its advantages to the reader and the reason why it should be read at a single stretch.

For example, academic articles are information-heavy and a single-minded focus on a particular topic is essential to write a great article and the reader is able to grasp its true meaning.

Thoughtful use of sub-headings

The use of sub-headings in an article, especially a long one, surely go a long way in giving the reader the right perspective about the write-up, and at the same time makes the content light and easy to ingest. Sub-headings give you a sense of clarity while writing, so that you can manage your thought-process in a better manner.

Sub-headings can be created by using:

  • Bulleted points
  • Numbered points
  • Multi-level points

The sub-headings can be made as interesting as possible and they should be designed in a manner that gives the reader a brief glimpse of what you intend to convey. 

Understanding various styles of writing

As a copywriter, it’s important to always be upgrading your skills and knowledge throughout your career in terms of language, grammar and styles or types of writing. You may cater to a variety of individuals or organizations across the continents, and it is always useful to keep improving your knowledge about various writing types and styles. This also helps the copywriter in you to acquire the skills necessary to tackle an international client.

For example: UK and US English have a difference in terms of usage of words in a particular context and their spellings. The word “Colour” in UK is spelled as “Color” in the US, which may be useful to the copywriter.

A copywriter who is flexible and ethical in his work and has a good command over the language will definitely be highly sought-after as quality work is frequently recognized. If you understand the techniques and basics of writing good copy or a quality article early in your career, you are bound to climb the success ladder earlier and quicker than your rivals. The above tips will surely give a budding copywriter like you, a great head-start in this competitive world of copywriting.

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Moses Isaiah Raymond

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