What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Creation of Your Exhibition Stand?

There are plenty of decisions to be made when it comes to selecting your exhibition stand to represent your company at events and tradeshows. From an array of configurations and sizes all the way to spectacular accessories. You’ll most definitely have your work cut out for you during the selection process.

Exhibitions, tradeshows and events are notorious for being stressful and time-consuming. With a considerable number of plans to make and details to consider, creation of your event stand could well be a task you’d be best served delegating to an outside group.

After you’ve done the research on your options and selected the right company to work with, you can put your feet up when it comes to the stand design.

Using the outsource route allows you to take care of the fine details such as travel, promotional items and your exhibition goals. All of which are still crucial aspects to the day, and it’s important the day runs as smooth as possible so you get the most out of the money you spend your tradeshow exhibitions.

If you’re still pondering the idea of using an outsourced service for your next exhibition, read on for additional benefits outsourced event stand solutions can provide.

Stress-free Solution

Handing your project to an industry professional not only gives you more time to market the event beforehand but also lowers the pressure on the day of the event. The main objective of the outsourcing system is to eliminate any worries or concerns by allowing your stand provider to take the reins (with some direction from you, of course).

Stress-free doesn’t mean lack of input. You’ll be kept in the loop along the way with plans, stand proposals, drawings and quotations. After all, you are the decision maker and your word counts. You’ll also provide insight into branding guidelines and other important factors.

Pitch your ideas and provide any direction you want to ensure makes its way into the design, and then focus on your other tasks involved in planning for the event as your dedicated team sets out to work around your requirements to make your bespoke exhibition stand design a reality.

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Create a Bespoke Experience

To have an opportunity to design your stand from scratch is extraordinary (with the help of a designer, of course). From top to bottom, you’ll have the power to design a stand only you and your brand can dream of.

Creating an event stand takes time, so make sure you leave enough time between project kickoff and the optimal shipping date for the event. Starting the plans for a bespoke stand can take months, so it’s important to leave the designers you hire ample time to take control of the project and continue to work behind the scenes.

No matter the stand size you select, you can create a masterpiece to effortlessly fill your space.

No Storage, No Problem

Another perk involved in outsourcing the creation of an exhibition stand is not having to store the stand after the occasion so it can sit there and collect dust. Regardless of how big your company is, there always seems to be a lack of storage space.

If you only exhibit once per year, it can feel like a burden as you attempt to keep the stand safe and free from harm until you need it again.

The answer here is simple, discard this unnecessary step and walk away from your event with no extra baggage.

Installation and Dismantling Service

To have a bold, unique and bespoke display stand means you aren’t getting just standard display product or some kind of simple pop-up piece. It’s not an off-the-shelf option, so be sure to consider the assembly required to ensure each part of your stand is installed correctly.

Utilizing an installation and dismantle team ensures things get put together properly. They will set up your display, complete testing of the stand and add accessories and lights, which enable you to show up on the day and focus on creating new business and interest in your brand with a dazzling backdrop behind you to set the tone.

When your event comes to an end, no packing or dismantling will be needed. Leave the stand as you found it and it’ll magically disappear as if it was never there.

An experienced team who have worked with the mechanism will comfortably dismantle and transport the display back ready for their next show.

The outsourcing solutions I just presented are designed to create a stress-free and bespoke experience. The extensive range of options and support available are second to none, leaving you with nothing but confidence in your upcoming events.

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