Facebook Advertising: 8 Powerful Ways to Scale Your Campaign

If you are advertising on Facebook, then you probably know that it is an excellent place to reach your target market.

You also probably know all about targeting, being creative, and ad placements. But knowing how to scale quickly while maintaining a strong return on ad spend can be challenging for a lot of business.

Maybe you would want to grow your current following, but you are not sure where to start. Or maybe you have boosted your ad spend only to realize that your results started to drop.

That said, we have put together eight helpful tips to guide you in scaling up your Facebook advertising campaign.

Use Facebook Audience Insights

The thing about Facebook is that it knows a lot about its users. By using its ad platform, you’ll also gain access to its trove of data. So, make good use of it.

Through its Audience Insights Tool, you can have an idea of who your Facebook fans are and how they interact and engage with your content. With the help of the Facebook advertising companies in your area, you can use these data on how you can reach more people through Facebook ads.

On your Ad Manager page, simply click on “Audience Insights” and then enter the custom audience details for ads that you want to scale.

Increase Your Budget

This is the most basic thing on our list. Still, you need to know how to tread carefully for you to make smart decisions when adding funds to your ad campaign.

Do not just blindly throw in large sums of money on an ad and expect to gain similar returns (even if that ad has performed well previously).

The thing is, Facebook optimizes your ad sets over time; that’s why ads perform better. If you are throwing in a lot of money in a single ad too quickly, it tends to throw off the algorithm, causing your ROI to drop massively.

Test New Lookalike Audiences

Facebook’s Lookalike Audience is a group of people which the platform considers similar to your existing market in varying degrees, like online purchasing behavior, income, demographics, and so on.

For instance, you can let Facebook make a lookalike audience taken from a list of prospects that you upload. They’re great for finding new audiences.

In the Audience tab, click “Create a Custom Audience.” Then, choose your strongest lookalike audience, whether from your app download list, website visitors, customer purchase list, and so on.

Make Small Changes

Instead of doubling your ad budget, start with smaller increments. It is because of the way Facebook’s algorithm works.

You need to make that change take effect for at least 24 hours before coming back to analyze the data.

If your campaign has not changed so much, then go ahead, make the incremental changes, do the process until you scale to your desired level.

But before you could go on and start making changes, make sure that you are only making one change at a time. That way, you will know where to attribute your success.

Expand to Different Locations

Do you know that Facebook has an option that allows you to target audiences worldwide?

By picking multiple countries where you can ship your products; for example, Facebook delivers ads to these countries with a great cost per action (CPA). Thus, you get to gain valuable insight on what (and what doesn’t) work.

You can also utilize Audience Insights to find out what matters most to the people in these countries and scale in the long run. That way, you’re giving Facebook time to optimize your ad.

Freshen Up Your Ad Copy

When it comes to scaling your ads, try to avoid ad stagnation. When you start getting high-frequency scores in your ads, it means that your audience is seeing the same ads over and over and it is time to freshen up your ad sets.

Craft ad sets using a variety of approaches, such as slideshows and videos, adding variety to the standard ad format. You can also try switching various elements in the ad, such as the link, creatives, or caption.

On the Ad Manager, click on “Adverts” then “Duplicate” for the particular ad set that you want to edit. When you decide to replace the advert, make sure that you stop the existing one. If you want to test out both ads, run an A/B test, and compare the results.

It is always an excellent idea to use just one ad format when doing the initial targeting for the audience, then use the other one for retargeting purposes.

This prevents your audience from seeing the same ad over and over, which prevents ad fatigue.


Replicate Winning Facebook Ads

One of the most commonly used and efficient methods of scaling Facebook campaigns is horizontal scrolling. Through this strategy, you could replicate winning ads and target them to various groups of people.

In other words, you need to pick out highly profitable ads, make new ad sets, and then reuse the same ads. With every new ad set, pick different targeting.

When your profitable ad spends at least one percent of your Lookalike Audience closely resembling your customers, then you could target:

  • Interest-based audiences
  • 1%–10% of the lookalike audience of your leads.
  • 2%–10% of the lookalike audience of your prospects.
  • Broad or no targeting (if you are selling goods and products that have a mass appeal and fast-moving.)

Duplicate Unsuccessful Ads

Even an excellent ad can be mistreated. You can try duplicating an unsuccessful ad to give it another shot.

Because of Facebook’s automated rules, it could not make a duplicate of an ad or an ad set. However, you could still make the same automated rule to notify you.

It’s Time to Scale Your Way to Success

While there are a lot of tactics to scale your Facebook ad campaign, one thing is certain: You need to test, iterate, and then repeat.

As the behavior of your audience changes and new features are added, so will your strategy. Hopefully, these tips will guide you to success in the long run.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Advertising: 8 Powerful Ways to Scale Your Campaign”

  1. Useful tips. We found that for us, creating new lookalikes audiences and replicating some of the successful campaigns we ran in the past generates the conversions.


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