Five Powerful Tips to Create Great Content That’s Easy to Absorb

Today, there are millions of articles and blogs on an Internet saturated with content. If you’re a web content writer, surely you must be thinking and devising ways of standing apart from the competition. As a writer, your content should be able to connect to the audience and provide them with the information they’re seeking. As long as you empathize with the audience, understand their needs and keep them involved, you’re on the way to developing a loyal audience.

Check out these incredibly simple tips for creating truly engaging content!

Tip #1: Create catchy headings and sub-headings

Let’s admit it. Modern Internet users loathe reading but they love to scan. A huge mountain of text does little to entice the reader but this content, if punctuated with catchy headlines or sub-headings can attract a larger audience. Imagine a headline that screams “I almost jumped off the ledge”. Wouldn’t it grab your attention, goading you to read what’s next? Of course it needs to be relevant to the topic and should be able to raise the curiosity quotient by several notches.

Tip #2: Weave a story to make it memorable

Readers remember stories and facts, exactly in that order. This statement holds truth since if you are able to incorporate your statistics and facts in your content using a storytelling approach. It helps the reader to remember and relate to the content, which is the prime purpose of the article. You may need to revisit your personal experiences or those you know of or even create fictitious ones, anything that can drive home your point in an interesting way.

Tip #3: Create short and crisp sentences

People love to read articles that have a flow and a definitive style. Articles that beat around the bush without getting to the crux of the problem are a definite no-no. In order to write good, interesting content, you do not need to construct eloquent, long-winded sentences and exhaustive paragraphs. In fact being wordy could be a drawback and your reader can quickly lose interest. Regularly run spell-check and other grammar tools to ensure the final product is error-free and a crisp one.

Tip #4: Use power words consistently

As a reader, we all latch-on to powerful words, which are specific words designed to engage us and bring out our deepest emotions. These so-called “Trigger” words have been around for ages and smart writers use them throughout their blogs and articles for better engagement with the readers. By using words like Incredible, Astonishing, Unexpected, Free and many others, as a content writer, you shall be assured of undivided attention from your readers.

Tip #5: Involve the audience

The key to engaging and involving your audience in every bit of action that happens in your blog is to drag them into the narrative and hold them there. Using power words and writing the article in a “second person style” (You, Your) will engage them directly and push them towards taking action.

Apart from this, a committed web content writer needs to read industry related blogs and websites to know what’s going on around you. Also, you should take regular breaks while writing to ensure freshness in your writing and creatively. Developing a routine and following it diligently can also work for you and bring a lot of discipline into your writing schedule.

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Moses Isaiah Raymond

1 thought on “Five Powerful Tips to Create Great Content That’s Easy to Absorb”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I agree that power words are important, but there’s a danger of overusing them, in which case they lose their effectiveness.


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