Five Surefire Ways To Enhance Your Customers’ Mobile Experience

In case you’re one of two total marketers in the world who haven’t heard mobile should be included as a part of your marketing strategy, this one’s for you.

As more businesses are riding the mobile marketing wave, it’s more important than ever that you up your game. It’s critical that you focus on improving the mobile experience for your target audience; otherwise, you’ll lose your customers to the competition.

To help you catch up to the mobile revolution, here are five surefire ways to make the mobile marketing experience you offer better than the competition.

Make Your Mobile Marketing Experience Easier

Studies show that mobile apps are the preferred method of mobile users. 89% of smartphone users’ time, on average, is spent on mobile apps vs. only 11% surfing the web. Mobile apps can be quickly accessed and there are no loading or waiting times like there are when your customers access a website. Therefore, an app makes your customers’ experience quicker, easier and much more convenient.

Source: SmartInsights -
Source: SmartInsights –

Focus On the User Experience

Frequently test your sales funnel from the users’ perspective. Schedule a set time once a week to have one of your team members test the ease of use of your sales funnel. For example, how long does your website take to load? Once on your website, is it easy for your customers to navigate to get any information they might need or do they have to do an inordinate amount of searching?

[ctt template=”3″ link=”08dbQ” via=”no” ]Frequently test your sales funnel from the users’ perspective. #salesfunnel[/ctt]

Navigation should be obvious and not cause frustration. Click around the site as if you were requesting information or placing an order. Now do this on a mobile device. Is everything you just accomplished by clicking around on your website just as simple on a mobile device? Are there any places that distract the customer away from your sales funnel? Is the checkout process flawless? Once you have tested your website, you should perform the same testing with your app.

Offer Extreme Value

Your customers are bombarded with plenty of emails and push notifications every day. That means your message has to be different. You can do that by offering something of extreme value for free. Share your expertise by sponsoring free webinars, hosting podcast episodes, presenting an educational series, a free eBook, etc. (mobile-friendly of course). But you have to make sure the information is something your customer really wants; otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

You can find out what your customers want by analyzing all your data points to learn what it is people want to know. Browse blog comments, forums, Facebook pages and the Tweets from your company and your competitors. You simply gather the trending comments, concerns or anything else that sticks out as something your audience is obviously interested in, concerned about or would like to know.

Make Your Customers Feel Like Family

Customizing your messages with your customers’ names and your offers based on their previous interests can be highly effective. Humans are social creatures and like to feel as if they’re a part of something. Therefore, whatever you can do to make them feel like they belong, and like they’re a valuable, contributing member of your community, the more likely you are to retain them as a customer.

You can do this by setting up a forum, encouraging them to participate and engaging with them at every touch point. You should also do this with all your social media pages as well. Social media offers ample opportunity to connect with your target market via their mobile devices. Studies show that nearly 80% of the time social media users spend on their favorite channels is done via mobile.

mobile device use
Source: Marketing Land –

Use this opportunity to listen to your customers’ conversations on social media and jump in to help or provide additional insight when the need arises. Your customers will be able to see how you address and handle situations of all kinds whether they’re positive or negative. That will greatly contribute to your company’s trust factor and how loyal customers are to your brand.

Create a Consistent Customer Experience

Your customers will likely connect with you via a variety of marketing channels. Your website, mobile app, email and your social media pages, just to name a few. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you offer a consistent customer experience across all devices.

People like things that are familiar. That means each of your marketing channels should look and feel the same from a user’s point of view. Design each process so that they all look similar in color and design and can all be used and navigated in a similar fashion. This will tremendously help with your customer retention and engagement because your customers won’t have to learn how to use each of your channels individually.

You want everything to feel familiar to your customer, which in turn will make dealing with your company a better user experience for everyone, no matter what device they’re using. This could mean the difference between them being loyal to you or choosing to engage with another company instead.

What’s Next?

Start by ensuring all your current content is mobile friendly. It’s important to pay attention to all devices. Creating a website, or sending email that isn’t friendly on more than just a laptop or desktop can be detrimental to your marketing success. Keep mobile in mind and follow the tips above, and you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your customers’ experience on mobile and beyond.

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