Four Technologies That Will Boost Your Creativity and Help You Beat Writer’s Block

Every blogger and writer has unique ways to cure writer’s block, get tasks done, and improve productivity. Some solutions work better than others, and some writers still struggle with this problem.

Thus, what are the most effective blogging strategies to push through writer’s block?

If you can’t break through with traditional methods of getting over writer’s block, it’s time to turn to technology. These four technologies can help you!

1. Podcasts can help you beat writer’s block

There is a ton of content across various podcast platforms focused on inspiring writers. In fact, there’s a particular podcast called The Writer’s Block Podcast designed specifically for today’s topic.

While the above-mentioned podcast is specifically designed to inspire writers like you, podcasts of any genre can be equally inspiring. And there are podcasts for every preference.

  • Do you enjoy true crime? Check
  • Are you a marketing pro? Check
  • Are you into quilting? Check. (yep, quilting podcasts are a real thing)

Lots of amazing content creators are producing top-notch podcast content. So, stop by your favorite app to listen to podcasts and get started. Find a nice, quiet spot in the home or office – or pop in your headphones – and enjoy an episode to help shift your mindset.

When you come back, you’ll feel refreshed, and your creative juices will be flowing. The writer’s block will be gone, and your fingers will begin tapping away on the keyboard. Write away!  

2. Streaming Video

We talked about how you can get inspired and beat writer’s block through audio, but what about video? Streaming video platforms have tons of amazing content telling powerful stories to inspire your creative side and get you writing again.

You know the feeling when you leave the movie theater after taking in the latest Avengers (or whatever you fancy) flick? You feel like you’re ready to take on the world. You’re inspired. You just witnessed some amazing storytelling, and the energy created inside you transfers to your writing.

And the good news is you don’t have to step away from your computer. Navigate to Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu, or whatever your streaming app of choice might be.

Find a movie you like or your favorite show, kick up your feet, and drift away into a world of fantasy, suspense, or comedy. Immersing yourself in a new world and being a witness to the beautifully crafted story woven through the combo of writing, lighting, directing, and amazing acting is just the inspiration you need to get your own creativity flowing again.

I recommend keeping your viewing shortly. Shoot for something you can wrap up in an hour. Or take in half of a film. That way, you don’t find yourself overly involved in this magical new world and unable to return.

3. Video Games

Yes, video games have been accused of rotting brains. But that’s, in my opinion, wildly false. Video games have a way of pulling you away from reality and helping you refocus your energy. I’m not referring to getting lost in a role-playing game that eats away hours, if not days, from your life.

I’m referring to online games that you can play for 30 minutes to an hour to shift your focus away from the fact that the writing portion of your brain seems to be under lock and key at the moment.

There are tons of free options online, like,,,, and so many others. My two favorites from the list above are and, for example, is a great way to get your brain moving again. You’ll find puzzles, memory games, sudoku, word games, and other general “brain games” to help you refresh and sharpen your mind. helps me more in boosting my creativity. By playing old-school arcade games, like Pac-Chef (a play on the popular Pac-Man), for example, I’m brought back to my childhood, a more innocent time, and a place where my creativity reigned free.

Image: Pac-Chef on

Whichever outlet you choose, online gaming can be a great way to get your brain flowing and boost your creativity. Once you start playing, writer’s block will start to crumble. Just be sure to set the timer so you don’t get whisked away.

4. eBook Reader

Kindle. Nook. Kobo. Your call!

Grab your e-reader and curl up with a good digital book. One of the best ways to get inspired to write is to read.

I make a point of reading each day. Even if I only have time to read one article, I carve out at least 10 minutes per day to read up on the latest marketing news and tactics, or I can be found relaxing with a fictional piece to launch myself into a fantasy world…and out of the real one.

Reading can seriously boost your creativity. After all, the lines you’re reading were written by a writer, just like you. They went through the ups and downs of writer’s block, and they survived to finish their book. So, just the fact that you have a finished written work in front of you should be enough to inspire you to get back to writing.

Whether you’re reading a business book, historical fiction, suspense, a biography, or whatever genre gets you excited, reading is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Pay attention to the carefully crafted prose the author uses to guide you through the work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re crafting a blog post, creating copy for an ad campaign, or writing a book. Reading can inspire you to get over that writer’s block and kick things back in gear.

Concluding Thoughts about how to overcome writer’s block

As a writer, bouts of writer’s block are commonplace. Writer’s block is a problem that doesn’t discriminate. Bloggers, copywriters, email marketers, authors, and even social media marketers have days when the words don’t want to come out and play.

The key is to find ways that work for you to get around the block or breakthrough. Once you’ve smashed your way through writer’s block, the words flood through.

In my attempts to uncover effective methods to find a cure for writer’s block, it became clear that the very technology I had been using daily could serve as the remedy.

By turning into a gamer, reading your favorite book, catching up on some Netflix, or listening to a podcast episode, you can clear your mind and get back at it. Get back to writing in full form, with no blocks to hinder your writing.

So, test the tech above to see what works best for you. I like to mix it up and leverage all four tactics. After all, as they say, “Variety is the spice of life.” Test each one, and get your mind straight and your writing back on track.

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1 thought on “Four Technologies That Will Boost Your Creativity and Help You Beat Writer’s Block”

  1. Streaming video can goad you to access the endless flow of infinite ideas. Each strategy works well because when you expose your mind to these ideas you will find that ideas pop up in your noggin, goading you to write, write, then write some more. The trick is to keep leaving your writing comfort zone because seizing ideas is one thing but acting on ’em to write posts feels like quite a different task.


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