Four Excellent Websites For Marketing Advice

If you aren’t keeping up on the latest news and trends in your discipline as a marketing professional, you’re bound for marketing failure. This is especially true with the shift to digital seen in the marketing field in recent years.

Fortunately, keeping up with the latest trends isn’t actually all that difficult. It’s as close as a good read away. To help you alleviate the stress of keeping up with your peers, I wanted to share a few of my favorite websites for marketing advice in a variety of niche marketing disciplines.

Each focuses on a different area of marketing, so keeping up with these four publications can help you develop a variety of skills that can help you excel.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute, founded by Joe Pulizzi, is arguably the best resource on the market delivering content marketing news and advice. You’ll find articles, podcasts, videos and other types of content written by the leading minds in the industry.


Marketing Research

Marketing Dive offers lots of great articles featuring information pulled from studies about things like media usage, advertising trends and other industry insights. Wondering if your target market might be active on a particular channel or what adjustments Facebook is making to its ad platform and what it means for you? This is the place to gain tons of valuable insight without having to do any of the research work.

Social Media

Social Media Examiner is a great resource for marketers who want to stay on top of the latest trends in social media. With social media, it seems like if you close your eyes for more than a minute, five new channels pop up. One minute you’re enjoying loads of success on Facebook, and then the next minute your target audience gets bored and moves on to Snapchat. Keeping tabs on what the folks at Social Media Examiner are saying can help you to avoid falling behind and becoming a social media dinosaur.


Moz presents SEO advice in a way that anyone can grasp the concept being presented, as opposed to some other SEO sites that come across pretentious and filled with jargon. If you stop by the site, be sure to check out Rand Fishkin’s White Board Friday video series. Rand and company really understands SEO, and you will too if you follow this blog.

These four sites will get you started on the road to marketing success, but don’t stop there. There’s a ton of great websites that offer valuable advice to help marketers boost their potential. I personally check these sites first, but my list is quite expansive, so start here and then branch out. Keep reading and keep learning and you’ll position yourself for serious marketing success.

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