Free (or Inexpensive) SEO Tools to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

The need for creative digital services has increased significantly as it has become one of the most important strategies of online marketing for businesses.

During lockdown, many businesses adopted creative and smart strategies to boost sales and growth.

SEO was one such constant that helped businesses recognize their true potential.

SEO tools can be inexpensive (if you use free versions or lite versions) and help you increase your brand’s visibility.

They help you become aware of the problem areas and strategies that lower your ranking on SERPs. Though they are incredibly useful, you require enough knowledge about them to use them in the best way possible.

And…you can benefit significantly from free SEO tools without breaking your technology budget.

We have compiled a list of free SEO tools that cover a variety of needs; they are free and easy to understand and use. Moreover, these tools will help you increase your business scalability and boost sales.

So, let’s get started.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that provides insights into your company’s online performance and website traffic and conversions.

It is a straightforward, easily navigable free tool that offers insights on varying levels of complexity based on your requirements.

Google Analytics Dashboard
Image: Google Analytics Dashboard – Source

It amalgamates with other Google tools so if you’re using them for your digital marketing campaign, you can keep track of them as well. Tracking online traffic, understanding user behaviour, finding your target audience, data improvement and customisation are few of the benefits this tool offers.

Through Google Analytics, website optimization is much easier.

As a web analytics tool, Google Analytics is indispensable as it helps you scale your business in a much more informed and insightful manner.

2. Moz Local Listing Score

Moz Local is an automated management tool that improves your visibility on search engines by making it simpler for you to publish location-based data. It crunches local data from various sources, including Google, to see how well your business fares online.

Moz Local Dashboard
Image: Moz Local Dashboard – Source

Moz helps smooth over the inconsistencies that exist in your listings and allows you to fix any that pop up. It protects your information as well as rankings to improve your online visibility.

Not only does it provide consistency, but it is also inexpensive, organized and makes your work a whole lot easier. Its free Domain and Page Authority metrics are very popular amongst online marketers.

You can simply install the extension and it will work wonders to give you a snapshot of the quality of your websites, especially when you’re casting a net for your outreach program.

3. Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to list your company location on Google Maps and local search results.

Since Google is used by many people every day, listing your business on Google My Business can be a great tool for  organic lead generation.

Not only does it allow you to appear on maps and local listings, but also allows people to leave reviews for your business. Through this, you can gain insight into areas of your business that are strong as well as the areas that need improvement.

Google My Business is a really easy and free tool that is integral to your business’s SEO strategy, especially when you are trying to rank for a product or a service locally.

4. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Backlinks are links that direct to your website from another website and are important from an SEO perspective.

Ahrefs backlink checker reveals the best backlinks to any website or URL along with the particular website or URLs,  Domain Rating (DR) or URL Rating (UR).

Ahrefs Backlink Checker
Image: Ahrefs Backlink Checker – Source

Ahrefs also helps your business get more traffic and credibility while aiding your brand to successfully link to some high-quality websites.

Backlinks are an important part of every SEO campaign and having a quality backlink profile can add a lot of value to your  business.

You can use the free version of Ahrefs Backlink Checker to get the top 100 backlinks of a website or URL.

5. Keyword Generator

Keywords help search engines identify the topic of your content and rank better on SERPs.

Keyword Generator is a tool that finds up to 150 related variants of your focus keyword.

Keyword Generator shows you the difficulty level of a keyword so that you could make relevant adjustments for better performance while also providing you with information regarding search volumes.

You need to adjust the location properly  and it will display relevant and targeted results based on your country.

It also provides you with the option of searching for keyword ideas across Bing, YouTube and Amazon, giving you a varied and diverse list of keywords that you can use successfully to improve your organic visibility on search engines.

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a tool that enables your website to meet the current highest SEO standards. It is a plugin that comes with tons of features that help you optimize your website.

Yoast SEO Plugin
Image: Yoast SEO Plugin – Source

Some of the features include content analysis, meta description and keyword management, managing identical content, etc. It tells you exactly how your business looks online and also provides you with a preview of it on Google.

Yoast helps you optimize your website with an in-depth content analysis; it is an SEO tool that is a must for your marketing campaigns.

7. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a website performance analysis tool which analyzes your site’s performances and suggests ways to improve it.

It accesses performance indicators during the analysis to see the amount of time a website takes to load.

One of its elements is the Page Speed Score which grades your website speed on the scale of A to F. It can also view past statistics of your website and suggest actions that could improve those stats.

GTMetrix is a unique SEO tool that will help you optimize your website performance by optimizing various on-page metrics that fine tune and polish your website for peak efficiency.

To Sum Up

SEO tools are a huge part of your digital marketing strategies and can help you scale your business the way you want.

Use free (and inexpensive) SEO tools that best suit your needs to improve your rankings and visibility. Adapting the right strategies with the help of powerful SEO tools will definitely prove to be useful for your business.

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