How Can Time Tracking Improve The Productivity Of Freelancers

freelance time tracking

Those who work as freelancers are the masters of their own time. If you disregard the importance of tracking your time, however, then you’ll lose your masterly position. When projects begin to pile up, you realize, just like everyone else that you have a finite amount of time to finish your tasks. The only way to stay on course is to use a time tracking system.

Did you know that a freelancer needs a lot more motivation and disciple to maintain his/her focus on his/her work?

It’s mandatory for a freelancer regardless of the nature of their task. Hundreds of freelancers all over the world rely on online expense tracker tools to maintain focus and keep projects on track. Freelancers rely on smartphone applications like these to  have the freedom to manage their own time. However, these freelancers also have to face tons of daily distractions. That’s why they prefer using an online expense tracker that allows them to keep tabs on the time they take to complete every project.

Moon Invoice time and expense tracking tool
Image: Moon Invoice time and expense tracking tool

If you’re a freelancer, then it’s high time for you to acknowledge the importance of proper time management; otherwise, you’ll end up being in the soup. While you work for yourself, you must set a schedule and adhere to it. You can always change your agenda whenever you need it, but you can’t undermine time management and the skills required to manage time properly.

Curious how you might benefit if you start tracking your time?

Apart from being a smart way to create more accurate estimates and invoices, it helps you predict your behavior and improve your business by scrutinizing how you manage your hours. Once you start using a Time Tracker tool, you’ll remain much more informed, productive and motivated than usual. A Time Tracker can also enhance your project management skills.

Let’s take a look at four of the most valuable benefits of tracking your time.

Workflow improvement:

Freelancers generally have to deal with multiple clients at once. Projects often require them to simplify their processes so that they don’t spend more time on a project than required. After all, it’s the only way to increase the amount of money they receive for their work.

For instance, if you work as a freelance content creator, then a time tracking system will help you determine whether you’re taking more than an hour to research a 500-word article. If you take 2 hours to research, and your budget is 3 hours, you’re already setting yourself behind.

If you are taking that much time, then you’ll have to ascertain where you’re going wrong. Understandably, insights like these will help you pinpoint the areas that need improvement, and you can start looking for new ways to simplify the process.

Preventing procrastination:

If you resort to your social media profiles during your work-break, that can provide you momentary relief. However, you will inevitably feel bad about it later, especially if you get caught up in checking posts and risk missing a deadline.

Procrastination has been one of the greatest foes of freelancers since this form of work started. According to studies conducted by specialists, almost 20% of men and women all over the US are chronic procrastinators. The worst thing about it is that a procrastinator will beat himself/herself up when they fail to wrap up a project in time and get on track.

Some people prefer leaving a task unfinished only to complete it at the very last moment. If you’re one of these people, then you should change your approach now by using a time tracking system. It’s the best medicine against procrastination. While you may enjoy the rush of last-minute project completion, what happens if something pops up and sets you back and you miss a deadline?

One at a time:

Multitasking is the specialty of digital devices, such as a computer. If you attempt to complete multiple pieces of work at once, then you put yourself at risk of bumbling one or more of your projects.

According to reports, multitasking can reduce your productivity by a whopping 40%. Indeed, multitasking does seem efficient superficially, but it does more harm than good. By tracking time, you can get rid of the bad habit of multitasking. Just try to handle several tasks at once while tracking time for each of them. You’ll realize why it’s unproductive.

Be picky:

Time tracking systems can also help you identify clients who are worth keeping. Every freelancer encounters clients who demand more work and time than an average client. These people don’t pay extra money for your services either. These clients can also pester you a lot throughout the day by sending hundreds of emails and calling you once every hour. The best thing to do is to prevent working with such clients, and a time tracking system will help you segregate these clients and remove them from your list.

Financial decisions too

Indeed, time tracking can help you make better financial decisions too. Not making appropriate quotes has always been a problem with freelancers. After all, it’s tricky to accurately estimate the time you’ll take to complete a project. For that purpose, you’ll need proper knowledge and experience to present the right estimates. Failing to do so can lead to profound losses. Time tracking tools can help you include all the phases of a project in the proposal and enhance your estimation capabilities.

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