How Do You Get More Followers on Your Business Facebook Page?

Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing platforms available to businesses. And most businesses are on social media today. As most people are using social media, it becomes crucial for businesses to reach their audience where they engage the most.

Facebook is the biggest social media channel; Facebook has 2.60 billion monthly active users, with an increase of 10% every year. (Backlinko)

You may check out the benefits of Facebook marketing for businesses to understand the significance of this for your business.

Facebook marketing is effective, but your Facebook business page should have significant followers to fetch the profitable business results you seek. Your organic social media marketing efforts won’t reach your potential customers if they are not your followers, since social media channels are always adjusting algorithms, which often results in limited organic reach

Hence, you need to increase your Facebook followers to extend your reach and accomplish your goals. 

Here are some ways that you can use to get more followers on your business Facebook page.

1. Have A Clear Goal

It’s crucial to have a rigid goal for your social media marketing so that you can create an efficient marketing strategy around it. You should know what social media success looks like for you – like increased traffic, leads, awareness, or conversions. 

Whatever it is, discuss it with your team to have a clear target. If you have vague expectations from social media, then you won’t be able to work on a laser-focused strategy, and you end up having nothing.

Hence, know why you want to do Facebook marketing and what you want from it.

2. Know Your Target Audience

If you somehow manage to gain some followers, but they are not your potential customers, then your efforts are fruitless. You need more followers on Facebook, but any new Facebook followers you gain must be your target audience so that you can meet your social media marketing goals. 

Analyze your audience, and create a targeting strategy accordingly to reach the right audience only. Because only the right audience will get value from your efforts and make suitable actions that are profitable for your business.

When you choose Facebook advertising, Facebook provides various advanced audience targeting options to hyper-focus your ad campaigns and deliver the utmost ROI. And if you don’t have the expertises in house, you may hire a Facebook ads agency to run successful campaigns for you and accomplish your business goals.

3. Do Competitor Research

Competitor research is a great way to outline your social marketing strategy. You can get various insights from them like their content ideas, post frequency, audience targeting, etc. 

However, you can’t simply mimic the competitors’ strategy because you can’t beat them with their strategy. You need to create a better strategy than your competitors to outgrow them. You can take the competitors’ Facebook page as a reference to forge the high-performing social strategy and earn more followers.

4. Post Consistently

Consistency is vital when you are working on your social media marketing. You should make regular interactions with your audience through your consistent posts to earn the customers’ trust and build authority.

When you are inconsistent with your posting, then your competitors get the chance to interact with your target audience more and win more followers or conversions. Hence, it’s mandatory you post consistently on your Facebook page to connect with your customers.

However, ensure you never post anything for the sake of posting only. Your content should have the utmost quality and engrossing style to entice and engage the customers. Lousy or copied content won’t help you pull your audience’s attention. Moreover, your content should be shareable so that people share your content and help you earn more followers. 

Hence, be maintain consistent frequency while maintaining the quality.

5. Make A Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar can do wonders for you. You don’t need to invest your time in social media posts every day. Take a day each week to plan and create your monthly social posts, and schedule them. Then dedicate your social media time each day to engaging with your customers and responding to replies.

Facebook provides the post scheduling feature, which means you don’t need to post your content on the scheduled day. You may schedule all your posts for the month or upcoming month, and they will get on-air automatically on the set time and day. There are also tons of social media management tools, such as HootSuite, SEMrush, and Social Spout for example, that allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. 

This way, you can maintain your consistency to reach more and more audiences and earn new followers. You will also save the posting time with automation that you can use for other important tasks.

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6. Do Giveaways

Giveaways are effective ways to engage your followers and attract new ones. You may design a contest and give an amusing giveaway to the winners. You may ask your followers to share your post or create one for your brand and tag friends to do the same.

This way, you will increase your engagement and drive new followers to your page. Your giveaways will attract new people to follow you and participate to win the prize.

So, organize some giveaways to entice new followers to your business Facebook page.

7. Don’t Be Monotonous

You can’t afford to be boring or monotonous with your social posts. People use social media for entertainment and to gain information which is compact and comprehensive.

When you follow the same format for your social posts, it kind of dilutes the engagement slightly. Moreover, a new user seeing your social page doesn’t find it intriguing when your posts are monotonous. Hence, you need to be creative with your posts and try different approaches to pass your business message without losing your audience’s interest.

When you manage to hold your followers and provide what they want, they will share your content or refer your page to their social media friends, which will increase your followers. The new users also find your page interesting and follow you. So, being creative is a must to get more Facebook followers.

8. Post In the Prime Time

Another important thing after consistent posts on social media is the timing of your posts. It’s crucial you post your social posts during the time when your audience is most active on social media. If you publish your content during times other than the prime time, then it’s possible that your posts get buried in the users’ feed, and they never see your posts. 

Hence, post in prime time to get the most audience engagement because the more people see your posts, the more likes, shares, and followers you get. You can check the page insights on Facebook to find the time when your audiences are most active and when you should post.

9. Create Relatable Content

Relatable content is a great way to increase the audience engagement and shareability of your content. When people share your content, it will create more audience exposure and help you get more followers.

Hence, instead of the salesy posts, focus on the shared value content that people easily can relate to and encourage your followers to share the posts.

It’s like when we share relatable memes with our friends. So, keep shareability in mind while creating your social posts to extend your audience reach and get new followers.

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10. Interact With Your Audience

It’s the most important thing you should do. Audience interaction has a significant impact on your social page engagement and authority. You can strengthen your customer relationships by interacting with your followers. 

When you engage with your customers, it increases your social popularity, and you show up in their friend’s feed as well. Moreover, loyal customers will do word-of-mouth marketing for you without any cost.

So, encourage your customers to engage with your brand through comments, shares, and brand-centric content. You may respond to all these modes of interaction appropriately to increase your customer loyalty and earn new followers.

11. Promote Your Business Facebook Page

In order to get more Facebook followers, you need to first achieve maximum audience exposure. You have to promote your Facebook page in all possible ways to get it in front of your prospects and make them follow you.

Here are some ways that you can use to promote your business Facebook page.

  • Add Facebook or other social media page links on your website
  • Include CTAs in your content and newsletters to follow you on Facebook
  • Integrate a Facebook plugin on your site
  • Promote your Facebook page on other social media channels
  • Organize your giveaways only on Facebook

12. Share Your Facebook Page Link on All Online Platforms

A business has a varied online presence, and you should share your Facebook page link on all the digital platforms like websites, social media platforms, emails, citations, business listings, etc.

It will expose your Facebook page to the maximum audience and help you get more followers.

13. Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is indeed a reliable way to reach further and expand your social media audience and boost your followers. Influencers have many followers, and people respect their opinions or recommendations.

So, look for influencers whose followers are your target audience, and ask them to promote your brand or Facebook page to fetch more followers.

It’s crucial your target influencer has a vast follower base, and those followers must be your target customers. This way, you’ll get followers that are valuable for your business.

14. Co-marketing

It’s not only influencers you can reach to make their followers your followers. You can also collaborate with other brands that have your target audience. 

You can create a campaign that has shared value, and all the participating brands get some benefit. 

The brand collaboration promotes each other’s brand on their websites or social profiles to encourage the customers to consider and follow the other brand.

15. Offer Coupons

Rewards always entice people, and you can use the reward system to get more followers. You may offer some discount coupons to your customers if they like your page or leave a review. There are some plugins available that allow you to offer the discount coupons the user completes the desired action.

So, ask users to leave reviews or like your page and offer them coupons. You can use the reviews as social proofs to get more followers.

16. Add Hashtags In Your Posts

Hashtags are effective in increasing your reach to the right audience. Relevant hashtags will help you appear on the relevant topics your prospects are looking for on Facebook. You may do some research to find the possible hashtags for your post and increase its visibility to earn more followers. 

You can use the various online tools Hootsuite, TINT, Hashtagify, BuzzSumo, and others to find the best hashtags for your posts.

17. Be Easy to Find

How can one follow you if your Facebook page is hard to find? Some people don’t follow you because they didn’t find your business social page. Hence, it’s crucial that searchers can easily find your Facebook page. Here are some ways to make your social page easy to find.

  • Use the same username on all social channels
  • Add your business logo as a profile picture
  • Align your cover photo with the purpose of your business
  • Complete your “About” section
  • Update your contact information and working hours

18. Earn Very Responsive Badge

The “very responsive badge” shows that you reply to your DMs quickly. To get a very responsive badge, you need to respond to 90% of DMs within 5 minutes. This way, you get a very responsive badge on your business page.

This badge portrays you as a customer-friendly brand to the new users and encourages them to follow and convert with you.

19. Join Relevant Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can help you directly interact with your target customers and analyze their persona and needs. You may join the Facebook groups that include your target audience as members. 

Don’t be promotional or sell your products in the groups because it will spoil your brand image. You need to pass value and share valuable insights to your target customers, eventually nurturing their persona to follow and convert.

20. Create Your Own Facebook Group

Everyone can create their own groups, and you should also create one to build a strong community of your customers. You can use your Facebook group for announcements, knowledge sharing, customer support, etc.

When your group contributes value to the target audience, more and more people join your group and follow you to interact with the brand and have the value you provide.

21. Treat the User-Generated Content Right

User-generated content can be a huge booster for your business authority. You must encourage your followers to share some posts regarding your brand, products, or their experience with you. When your followers share content about your brand, firstly, you’ll reach their followers with an impressive first impression, driving new followers. 

Moreover, when you reshare that user-generated content, it will encourage other followers to do so, which will multiply your followers count.

So, always encourage the users to share brand-related content, and reshare it. You may also give shoutouts to all of them to make your users feel rewarded or valued.

22. Don’t Be Over Promotional

It’s a sin you would never commit. Your Facebook page shouldn’t have a majority of posts for promotion or sales. Whatever you post should have a shared value and benefit both followers and business. You may post some promotional content, but it should be within a reasonable limit. Being over promotional can lead to an increasing unfollow rate. So, don’t be over promotional and share valuable content for your audience to retain the existing followers and get new ones.

23. Authenticate Your Page

Social media is full of spammers, and you may find many pages of the same business set up to mimic your business and deceive the customers. This spamming makes the users a bit leery, and they won’t follow you until they are certain that this business page is authentic.

You can assure your authority to the users with a verification badge. It will keep your customers from any fraud, and they will know which one to follow. You need to fill out this Facebook form to get the verification badge.

24. Run Facebook Ads and Boosts Posts

Facebook offers advertising services, and you can run ads to extend your reach to potential customers. You can increase your followers with an organic approach as well, but it will take more time. 

Facebook ads will help you approach all your prospects now to complete your business goals. Moreover, Facebook offers the feature of boosting posts, in which you promote your posts to all your target audience.

Facebook ads offer laser-focused targeting so that you can have highly efficient ad campaigns. Moreover, Facebook ads and boosted posts have a comparatively lower CPC than the other advertising platforms, and you can meet your goals economically. So, embark on Facebook ads and boost posts to reach your potential customers and make them your followers.

25. Refine Your Strategy with Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is where you can track your progress in numbers. You can also analyze your content’s performance, audience behavior, engagement, goals, etc., in the Facebook Insights.

You need to regularly check out this tool and optimize your strategy accordingly to have better reach, engagement, and conversions on Facebook. The better the strategy, the better the reach of your efforts that will drive more followers to your Facebook page.

These are the top 20 ways you can use to boost your business Facebook page’s followers. You need to work consistently on your Facebook page to see some good numbers. There is no magic sauce that will give you millions of followers overnight. 

If you choose to buy followers, those followers won’t be your target customers and have no value for your business.

So, it’s right to stick to the legit process and be patient to have significant growth.

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