Google Releases an Analytics Tool for Podcast App

When it comes to leveraging the latest technologies, the first name that comes in mind is Google. The giant tech company firmly believes in delivering results that are better than expectations with the use of advanced technologies and trends.  This is the reason Google has become arguably the most trusted and largest brand among tech users across its multiple platforms and services.

But still, there is an area where Google has been unable to achieve its desired results. The area is podcasting, and over the last few years the company has depended on third-party developers to dominate in this area. But now the wait is over as Google has introduced with one of the biggest updates and pieces of news for their users in years.

Google has released a new tool for Google Podcast App which allows podcasters to collect better insights from their audiences’ behaviors to recognize relevant shifts and trends which helps in enhancing podcast performance. The latest analytics tool released by Google is named Google Podcast Manager, and it is the first move by Google to put analysis and data in the hands of podcasters using Google services to distribute recordings. But the important thing here is that podcasters need to go through a verification process before obtaining access to engagement metrics, similar to Spotify and iTunes.

The service provides podcasters with insights into audience habits, including retention, listening time, and device information. It also allows designers to claim their shows and verify that the podcast is consistently available through Google Search, Google Assistant and the Google Podcasts appThe tracking looks rather extensive, where listeners can listen and drop in a particular episode together with standard figures such as the total number of listens and the duration of the listening. The app will also show how people hear via a smartphone, tablet, desktop or intelligent speaker.

From the below screenshot, provided by Google shows that while using this tool, the dashboard experience of users look similar to;

google podcast manager

Google explained in an interview that; the platform helps you to view statistics and see how the show is being engaged and how actions for current incidents change over time. It includes engagement analyses to help you better understand where users are tuning in and falling out, listening time, minutes spent and more. You can export and insert your data into your own analysis tool if you choose to do so.

In addition to this, the company also added that; this data will allow podcasters to understand better and adapt to changing listening behavior. For instance, you may find that many of your listeners use a smart speaker to tune in to your show. It can include incorporating shorter material for on-the-go listening or creating family-friendly user products in an open environment.

Apple has a similar service that it launched in 2017, although many other podcast analytics tools on various platforms are available. The advantage of Google Podcast Manager is that it provides more specific insights into the behavior of Google and Android. This might help you clear gaps in your performance reports while also pointing to opportunities for optimization.

And with more people listening to podcasts, it is definitely worth using the best android music apps and usable analytical resources to increase your chances. COVID-19 lock-outs have affected the use of podcasts, with data showing that US listeners, in particular, have not been listening to podcasts as often as they do not commute or exercise at the same levels which are typically activities that lead to podcast listening. But wider pattern data does not present valuable opportunities and the latest analysis tool from Google may allow you to move ahead with your podcast strategy despite these challenges.

Since its initial launch, Google has updated the listening app to improve the listening experience even when it launches an iOS version. Yet it needs a critical mass of consumers from both the listener and the content sides for traction. Every major podcast platform already has tools that allow designers to monitor their presence and manage it. This launch has been long-awaited and long-needed for Google to improve its professional podcast efforts.


With this latest analytics tool release of Google Podcast Manager, the company positions itself more strongly to achieve success in the field of podcasting. Many people have been eagerly awaiting such an update, and most probably it has the capability to become the best podcast app for android and iOS. This latest tool consists of all advanced features to enhance the experience of users.

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