Graphic Design Trends: Know Which One to Follow for Your Business in 2020

The available ways to operate and promote your business have undergone  drastic innovations and evolutions over the past few years.

With so many things going digital, the way you promote your business isn’t what it was even just a few years back. That same concept applies to graphic design.

Let’s take a look at how these changes have impacted graphic design.

According to a recent report, the graphic design industry is forecasted to employ more than 279,200 professionals, and this profession generates around $100 billion annually.

A graphic designer completes the marketing team. They play a vital role by producing visual imagery and versatile design for marketing purposes, this results in reaching more customers with the promotional message of a static animation, videos, ads, marketing collateral and much more.

In today’s scenario, where Internet searchers lean toward visual content over written, it becomes vital for businesses to pay attention to graphic design trends.

This helps businesses to create a unique and new identity for their business to help it stand out. If businesses consider paying for visual text, ads, etc., then they can easily hook the visitor and transfer them into their pipeline.

Naturally, visual presentation or graphic design poses the capability of having a strong impact on the individual mind, and it has a deeper impact compared to a text-only piece of content.

Top Graphic Design Trends That Are Gaining Popularity in 2020

Graphic design is a wide term. It is not just limited to aesthetics. It is a form of communication between businesses and their prospective customers.

Businesses can use graphics in each and every stage of their business, from marketing and customer support, to internal communication and everything between.

They can use graphic design while developing effective business solutions, marketing their business, and much more. They can use graphics as a marketing activity to delight their prospective customers so that those customers make a purchase from their business.

Businesses can craft a flyer design to inform their prospective audience about their upcoming products, workshops, offers, discounts, and much more. They can even create a sales page for their newly launched product or service, which can result in increasing online business presence, sales and profit simultaneously.

There are numerous reasons which justify why businesses must pay attention to graphic design trends, a few of which include:

  • Helps in improving customers’ impression of your business.
  • Creates credibility for your business.
  • Creativity helps in staying ahead in the competition.
  • Deliver your business message more accurately than ever before.
  • Adds more ways for marketing and sales to close deals.

There are many reasons which justify why you must consider graphic design trends. These trends not only help businesses to stay ahead in today’s competitive market but also helps to leverage that competitive edge once it’s earned.

Explore the graphic design trends below to understand how graphic design can help you thrive in the present market.

Gradient Color

Monotonous, flat color-schemes have become boring. Designers are opting for gradient color, which has gained huge popularity. If your business website is has a dull and boring feeling, then it is the right time to change it by adding some attractive gradient color to it.

Using gradients in graphic design
Image: Using gradients in graphic design – Source

The gradient design trend is still in the experimental stage, but it’s picking steam. There are really two types of gradients you can explore. You can get super creative with them, but here are the basics:

Linear vs. Radial Gradient
Image: Linear vs. Radial Gradient – Source

There are many ways to experiment with gradients, and you can get really creative. The above examples are simple, but there are tons of really excellent examples of talented designers using gradients in highly creative ways.

3D Design

In recent years, 3D design has gained huge popularity among businesses across the globe.

And all the credit for the popularity of it goes to advance applications like Sketchup, Lumion, Blender, and many others that simplify the creation process for graphic designers.

3D design has gained huge popularity among all the sectors including food, film, architecture, website design, animation, gaming, and many others.

Example of 3D graphic design from Axe
Image: Example of 3D graphic design from Axe – Source

To make an attractive 3D design for your business, you can consider the combo of the gradient-based coloring, photos, shapes, and much more. 3D design can also be used for designing advanced an open source event ticketing platform, a new digital ad, location layout, your website and much more. Tt has become quite easy for developers to develop advanced solutions with the help of 3D design.

Visual Imitation of Liquids

Also called as “liquidy design”, it is considered to be an eye-catching graphic design trend in 2020.

The graphic effect of visual liquid just looks like a combo of various liquids in design. This graphic design trend is predicted to gain huge popularity in the web design field. And businesses who want to stay ahead of their competitors need to consider this advanced graphic trend for sure in 2020.

Graphic design liquid effect
Image: Graphic design liquid effect – Source

Visual imitation of liquids is a graphic trend which is considered to be memorable for website layouts in 2020. This technique offers designers the ability to create an attractive liquid-like background and add decorative elements which helps them to make their design more attractive and appealing than ever before.

The “liquidy” design also features soft shapes to a great extent, which creates a feeling of smoothness, creativity, and movement.

Graphic designers can also combine the effect with a bold color palette, engaging animation, gradients, semi-transparency, and other elements. This can lead to an enhanced ability to connect with your target audience.

Visual Deformation

Some of the examples of visual deformation are isometric and Illustration designs. In the present trend, shapes of the design are not symmetrical, the quality of the design makes it more attractive, this design also possesses the capabilities which help in attracting more audiences towards the designed solution.

Isometric design to help explain a concept
Image: Asymmetrical design to help explain a concept – Source

The theory of visual deformation is to put the design in a prominent position which forces visitors to have a quick and deep look into all the elements. This makes the concept being portrayed easier to understand and reflects the essence of the whole design more accurately and efficiently.

The theory of visual deformation is mainly based on the fact that the human brain is crafted by numerous patterns. We may tend to miss the significance of various components of symmetrical images. Hence there is a common logic in the theory that if a graphic designer creates an asymmetrical design then the human brain tends to get deeper into it so that it can easily find the true intentions of the design.

Isometric Illustration

This is considered to be one of the beloved trends from the past years coming back to prominence.

Now, users of this graphic design technique have experienced numerous transformations. The evolution has led to gaining a fresh look which many people love. It adds a distinct feeling of creativity, fun, and simplicity to even over-complicated concepts.

Isometric illustration showing parts of a machine
Image: Isometric illustration showing parts of a machine – Source

An isometric illustration is often used by designers for website design, presentation design, infographics design, and many other designs.

It also helps designers to present complicated ideas more efficiently and accurately to help people understand concepts. Isometric design makes it easy to understand challenging information.

Ending Note

These graphic design trends are really having an impact on today’s digital world. These trends help in attracting more visitors to your site, as well as keeping them around and improving their engagement, leading to a purchase and brand loyalty.

Many graphic trends like old-school styles, animated line art, collages, brutalism, shiny metals, and sticking around and making comebacks or being newly developed to roulette graphic design community.

The future promises to break numerous design patterns and rules of the graphic design field. It promises to give freedom to experiment and improvise. This will result in your ability to enhance your marketing and boost your brand.

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