5 Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel

Youtube is arguably the most used social media site following Facebook with over 1.9 active billion users.

With numbers like these, it is fair to say there will be surely an enormous amount of competition on YouTube if you’re thinking of starting a youtube channel. You’re definitely going to face some rivalry with your competitors.

Your success depends on a number of things.

  • How well you know your audience
  • The quality of your videos
  • How well you know the subject matter
  • The level of engagement in your content

Look at your competitors, find out what they do, and then aim to create better content. This is the stage where you will have the upper hand and can grow your YouTube channel.

But does this stay the case forever? The answer is no.

YouTube’s video sharing platform doesn’t make it easy for your videos to stay on top. New video content is being created every day, so you’ll want to continue to create great content.

You can’t always get a huge amount of views for every video you produce.

Some content creators think making one good video is enough to win views on youtube. That isn’t 100% accurate. To grow your YouTube channel, optimizing your video is also more important.

Let’s look at 6 high-powered tips to grow your youtube channel:

  1. Persistence and Scheduling

Persistence is always the king of YouTube’s algorithm. YouTube tends to promote channels that publish content consistently.

The video platform gives us content creators a chance to prove ourselves, and we have to take advantage by producing quality content on a consistent basis.

To keep your content coming and to keep your brand consistent you should sketch out your videos ahead of time.

If you create lots of content and that content is consistent, you stand a better chance of YouTube serving up your content in recommendations. It’s the most important you should stick to in the YouTube community.

Set a day each week that you will publish (maybe multiple days). Then stick to that schedule so YouTube and your subscribers get used to you publishing on a consistent day. This keeps your subscribers coming back for more and gives you a better chance of standing out.

  1. Quality

Quality plays a vital role in YouTube success. I’ve seen tons of YouTube channels just making up mediocre and lousy quality videos.

Why are they making these videos? The answer is they don’t have a proper understanding of how YouTube really works. To grow your youtube channel, quality is just as important as quantity (if not more important).

Create unique content, content that answered an unanswered question or fills a gap. Create a trend, don’t follow.

Here are a few ways you can create quality content:

  • Get a good camera
  • Consult a good editor (or be a good editor)
  • Use the full extent of your creativity (concept, camera angles, cuts, edits, effects)
  • Speak clearly
  • Get a good mic

If you aren’t ready to follow the tips I’ve laid out so far and then make sure you have the five above things in place, you aren’t ready to be on YouTube just yet. The audience on YouTube doesn’t watch you if you have a bad camera, bad mic, and poor quality content.

  1. Striking Thumbnails

Why are we talking about thumbnails? Because that’s how users drive to your video. If your thumbnail isn’t appealing, then the audience wouldn’t want to come and watch your video.

Pay attention to the quality of your thumbnails when you create your videos. Make thumbnails a part of your post-production process.

Here are a few examples of some thumbnails that really stand out:

YouTube thumbnails that stand out
Image: YouTube thumbnails that stand out

Be innovative and creative. Apply these elements to the thumbnail. Instinctively, people would get intrigued by your eye-catching thumbnail and want to look at your content.

The suggestion I could give you is to get an editor (or graphic designer). Someone who can take an outside look at your videos and then create high-quality thumbnails designed to stand out.

  1. Make Your Videos Engaging to Watch

Most of the youtube users don’t have the attention span to stick around and watch a long video. They watch a few second to see if the video grabs their attention. If not, they’ll skip to the middle (if you’re lucky). If that doesn’t pull them in, then they are out of there.

This is the same thing for blogging as compare to your YouTube channel. Grab the attention with a great headline, pull in the reader with great imagery, and walk them through the piece with engaging content.

Do everything you can to make your entire video interesting and engaging to watch from start to finish.

This video from William & Mary’s Mason School of Business jumps in with an engaging animation and then moves the subject around the screen throughout to keep viewers engaged.

See how the animations really pull you into the speakers’ concepts? And the movement through out keeps viewers engaged and really helps tell the story.

In addition to visuals, try incorporating these things into your videos as well

  • Tell stories
  • Make your viewers laugh
  • Be funny and clever

By applying these principles, you can keep your viewers involved and boost your stats.

  1. Be Professional

Be professional. What does that mean? It’s simple. Just organize and tidy up stuff on your YouTube channel.

Look attention to the following:

  • Channel Name – Should be consistent with your brand
  • About Description – Should stand out and let people know why they are there
  • Social and Site Links – You can drive traffic to your other digital locations
  • Profile and Cover picture – Be creative and create something that engages 

Here’s a great example of an engaging cover picture from the one, the only, Gary Vee.

GaryVee YouTube channel header
Image: GaryVee YouTube channel header

The example above is from Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel. You can see how engaging the image is, and Gary even let’s viewers know when they can expect a new video. This should keep subscribers coming back for more.

To grow your channel, make sure you answer these questions: Does your channel name sound good?  Did you write about your channel and your aim in your description? Have you added your social links? Did you setup your profile and cover picture?

These four aspects play a crucial role in whether your channel is professional or if it looks poorly crafted and turns people away.

  1. SEO Optimization

This is by far the most important aspect to grow your youtube channel. It’s not that complicated, but it’s something you can’t afford to overlook.

Each of the five above tactics I mentioned actually factor in as part of SEO optimization, but let’s look at a few additional areas we haven’t touched on that impact whether your video shows up in searches.

Title and Description: While writing a title and description for your video, make sure you target a specific keyword phrase. It’s the same in blogging as well. That’s gonna boost your SEO and notify the YouTube algorithm that your post fits the mold. Furthermore, drop related videos links in the description as well.

Keyword Research: You need to do a lot of research before making a video. Find the right keywords for your videos using a tool like Google keyword planner or YouTube’s Search engine.

Tags: Tags are the most essential part of the uploading stage. Once you pick up your keyword, target it with some tags. You can find them in the YouTube search engine. For instance, if you search “how to download a Facebook video”. You will see tons of relevant keywords.

Here is a popular way to find relevant tags that I recommend:

  • Just move to a similar video on the topic of your choice.
  • On the page, right-click and click view page source.
  • You will see pages of code.Press Ctrl + G
  • There you will get find a box at the right top
  • In that, type “keyword”
  • Now, you will see the keywords inserted by the other YouTuber who got a million views for the video.
  • Now feel free to “borrow”!

Playlist: In terms of the playlist, Categorize your related videos with a keyword. Like a part of subject. In case, if made a beginners 101 on adobe premiere pro. Categorize them in a playlist with the title ” adobe premiere pro” So, the audience could drive to them easily.

Wrapping it up

These are some tips to help you get started growing your YouTube channel. Take some time to apply each of these tips as you create videos and build your channel. If you leave any of these steps out, you’ll put your channel at risk of failure.

Do you have any other tips for growing your YouTube channel? If so, we’d love to read them in the comments below.

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