How Headless E-Commerce Benefits Your Online Store

Think about when you’ve ordered things online in the past.

You’ve added them to a cart, clicked “checkout,” then entered your payment and shipping information. Voila: The order is done!

But do you think about what’s happening behind the scenes, and what sort of technological magic enables you to be able to do the unthinkable: connect to an online store, securely enter your address and payment information, and receive your goods. It’s pretty amazing?

And the fact that you don’t have to think about it at all is the point: You find what you need and take care of the transaction.

What is headless e-commerce?

In technical terms, insulating the front end of the transaction from the back end of the transaction is called headless e-commerce. Everything behind the scenes happens and can be changed and updated without anyone in front of the computer screen noticing.

What makes headless e-commerce work is how the two sides talk to each other and the software that enables that to happen.

Benefits of headless e-commerce

What’s nice about headless e-commerce is that it’s fast and flexible, meaning IT departments can update things quickly and without disrupting crucial sales chains.

It also enables changes that make adapting to different formats such as mobile, laptop, and tablet. In addition, headless e-commerce enables companies to integrate the work of various other companies and their software into their sales solutions.

Requirements to get set up with headless e-commerce

Before any company adopts headless e-commerce, they should understand that it does require extensive implementation and may not be suited for smaller companies.

However, for those companies that do adopt it, they may find that it’s easier for employees to adopt and offers welcome consistency across all channels.

What more do you need to understand about headless e-commerce as you consider the future of the digital world?

Take a look at this graphic for more insights. 

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The Benefits of Headless Commerce for Your Customers and Your Company

Via Salesforce

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2 thoughts on “How Headless E-Commerce Benefits Your Online Store”

  1. I have never heard of this concept Anthony. Super neat. But it makes perfect sense and is quite miraculous because at the end of the day, the amount of processing unfolding behind the scenes is quite staggering. Think of a site like Amazon. Imagine the volume of backend work processing as you go about placing orders. Amazing. Thanks for the helpful blog post.


    • Amazon is a great example. It’s crazy to think about what goes on behind the scenes to make that happen. Anything that can help smooth out the processes is definitely worth a look. Thanks for reading, Ryan!


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