Why Should You Outsource Content Writing Services?

How do ample product sales without the heavy work sound to you? 

Seems like a dream, right? But here you are, worried about what to publish on your blog next. Or how many images to add to your post.

Sure, starting a blog was a great idea. Maybe you even like writing. But do you regret the time spent managing it? 

You could have done promotions or set deals or created a funnel or anything better than creating blog posts

Running a business isn’t easy. It involves plentiful tasks. But you never wished to spend all your time brainstorming your next blog post ideas.

Then what should you do? Quit your blog? No! 

According to a report by Demand Metric, businesses with blogs earned 67% more revenue than those without it.

Thus, if you want more income, you need a blog.

Being a blogger, I know it needs to be nourished very often. 

Not only publishing new posts but also updating old ones. 

It’s time you should realize that you need to outsource content creation. For the good.

This way, someone else creates brilliant content for your business blog, thus freeing up your time to focus on business growth.

Now, finding such writers can be a task. Or is it? Well, not after this guide. 

Along with explaining to you why you should outsource blog writing, I have also compiled some tips that businesses followed when they worked with me. 

Let’s dive in.

What Are Outsourcing Services For Blog Writing? 

To outsource blog writing means hiring a blogger to write blog content for your site. 

We do the leg work of creating excellent content for your blog while you sit on the beachside getting confirmed sales emails.

Pretty awesome, right?

Let’s take your business for example.  

You know maintaining a blog for your business is essential. And you know working on it takes time and energy. 

Time and energy that you don’t have.

So you hire a freelance writer. He does the writing part. You do the other parts of running the business. 

Now, let’s see how it works.

To outsource content writing you will look for a freelance writer (like me) or a ghostwriter (who can mimic your writing style) to write for your website. 

You decide on a term with him. Something like, he writes X blog posts per month, you pay $XYZ for his work. 

He writes great blog posts that convert into organic traffic, email subscribers, sales, leads, and more.

While you spend time creating more products or offers. Whatever you like.

You earned more. You were productive. It’s a win.

Still, why should you do that? Time to hear some more shocking truths!

Why Should You Outsource Content Writing Services?

For starters, you aren’t perfect. And that’s okay. 

1- You Are Not Good With Words. 

In 2020, 64% of businesses outsourced copywriting. 

Don’t you want to know why? It’s because copywriters are professional writers who know how to use words that have an impact. 

A terrific blog post written by a copywriter can help you get sales all the time. 

TBH, you aren’t that great a writer. 

Even if you publish blog posts regularly, you aren’t sure if they convert or not. 

While the copywriter writes with a marketing perspective. He knows what words would hit your target customers. 

2- Diversify Your Knowledge 

Working with a brilliant freelance writer you will learn new things daily. 

Things related to your business, target audience, writing tips, marketing your business, and more. 

You can use this knowledge to scale your business for more profits. 

3- High Quality Content Guaranteed

With a good copywriter, you get high quality content.

Because copywriters pay attention to their work and provide excellent content.  

With it, your business grows rapidly. 

High quality content also helps in building a brand online. 

4- Get Back On Ideas You Might Have Missed

When a lot is going on, skipping ideas is not a terrible mistake. 

It happens. 

But, a content writer will help you get those ideas back. 

With his help, you can plan a blog content strategy adding new ideas that specifically target your business goals.

5- Publish More Blog Posts Regularly 

With writers, you set a deal. 

He delivers X finished posts every month so you can easily publish them. 

And freelance writers take it seriously. Because it’s their job. 

This way, the blog is more organized and regular. Consistent posting gets noticed by search engines and can lead to serious increases in quality website traffic.

6- Get More Organic Traffic

Copywriters have many strategies to grow blog traffic. 

For example, they use headline formulas that get more clicks and turn more traffic. 

Also, a gifted copywriter knows how to implement SEO techniques to rank higher in search results. 

Over time, your rankings will improve and you will get more traffic. 

More traffic equals more sales. 

7- You Won’t Worry About Graphics Ever

Your copywriter will also collect attractive images, GIFs, and videos for blog posts. 

So you don’t have to fuss about choosing the perfect images to add. 

However, most copywriters charge extra for it. So if you’re tight on the budget, I think you can do this part.

It isn’t a big task. 

8- Improve Old Posts

By paying a bit more, you can convince him to update the old posts on your blog. 

Updating old posts is the sweetest favor to your business. 

It will not only help you get more chances to talk about your products but also improves SEO. 

9- Increased ROI

Freelance writers know how to market things. 

Good writers can easily play with words and make sure they get returns. 

Content stays forever, so you continue to earn from it. 

10- Track ROI To Compare

Setting business goals will allow you to compare the before and after of the picture. 

How well have you performed after starting to work with a content writer

This will help you decide if hiring a copywriter was the right decision. 

If your business revenue is increased then you must thank your copywriter for the great work. 

And if it isn’t, well….

11- It’s Not A Commitment 

Yep, you read it. 

You are not committed to paying the writer if he isn’t bringing you the results you were expecting. 

That’s the best part.

Unless you agreed to a term bond. Be very sure before doing this. 

If you don’t like his work then it’s like throwing your money away. 

It’s time to find a new writer. 

So you know that you need a copywriter to write for your blog regularly. 

And you need a good one. 

But how do you find a copywriter? 

Follow these strategies to avoid making costly mistakes when hiring a writer for your business. 

9 Costly Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Content Writer

Want to own a thriving blog? You must do a great job in finding a great writer. 

These mistakes are good to keep in mind when defining a process to hire an A-class copywriter. 

1- Hiring A Generalist

Most businesses hire writers who claim to be versatile. 

That is, they can write on various topics. 

While an experienced generalist might be good, a specialist writer in an industry is much better. 

Because he knows the industry just as much as you do. So you won’t be explaining everything to him. 

Also, most generalist writers are new and are experimenting with niches to see which one works for them. 

So make sure to hire a copywriter who works in the same niche as yours. 

He will write better, more targeted copy than a generalist.

2- Searching In Content Mills

You can’t expect a $15 article writer to help you make thousands in return. 

These are premium services and for that, you need to pay premium rates. 

So don’t go looking for a premium writer in places like Fiverr, Upwork, and more. You will find thousands of $5 writers. But none of them will be your writer.

Instead, go to LinkedIn to look for professional copywriters.  

Use the search bar for a customized search like “digital marketing copywriter”

You will find some, go on and scan their websites, portfolio, and work experience to see if they can help. 

Once you have found a good writer, email him to discuss further. 

I started getting inbound requests once I optimized my LinkedIn profile for a specific niche. 

Good writers have optimized their LinkedIn profiles for their niches.

PRO TIP – You can also ask your friends and they can refer you to a good writer. 

3- Ignoring SEO Skills

SEO is crucial now. 

You don’t want to be hiring a writer who can’t optimize for SEO so that you have to do it yourself. 

Or worse, hire someone else to do it. 

Hence, go through the samples very closely to analyze if they are optimized or not. 

If not, you need to move on. 

Asking SEO questions while interviewing the writers is also a good idea.  

4- Not A Good Proofreader

Don’t forget to make sure that your writer is a brilliant proofreader. 

Proofreading is more important than writing in some ways. 

I’ve been asked a few times how I proofread my content. And I know smart businesses ask this question.

Because no tool is that perfect to be trusted blindly. 

I read my content more than 10 times before sending it over. 

5- Not Asking For A Sample Article 

To test the waters, ask him to write a 200 word sample. Writers are thrilled to do this.

His portfolio can be old. And this is a great way to see if he can write for your target audience. 

Settle to a small fee and give him a topic along with your guidelines. 

Once he submits the test, go through it again and again. 

If he sounds like your writer then great! 

6- Not Asking For Revisions

Sometimes the writing is promising but a few changes are needed. 

Don’t reject a writer in that case. 

It’s okay to suggest those changes and hire him.

Because nobody is perfect and there’s always room for improvement. 

7- Not Preparing Guidelines 

After hiring a copywriter, most businesses don’t define a set of guidelines. 


While the copywriter might ask you sooner (some don’t) still you must prepare some rules for him to follow. 

Using these rules, the copy will be nearly perfect, and that prevents unnecessary revisions. 

8- Target Audience Blunder

Nobody knows your target audience better than you. Just like your business goals. 

If you want things to flow smoothly, then take some time to explain your ideal customer persona to your writer. 

Having clearly defined buyers helps writers in choosing the best stories to tell. 

9- Not Having Frequent Chats

I know you’re busy. But not talking with your writer would leave doubts unanswered. 

To work better you have to work together. 

For that, you should communicate often and discuss things with each other. 

This way, you will end up with the work the same as you wanted. 

BONUS –  Don’t Sign A Long Term Agreement

Signing a long term agreement with the writer that you have hired recently is a mistake. 

You must first see if he is your writer without committing to anything. 

To do this, start with outsourcing freelance writers a smaller work. Not a long term project. 

Test many writers to see which one is better. 

The one that brings the best results is your writer. 


Have You Changed Your Mind? 

I believe in you. 

I know that you have great potential to grow your business. 

But spare yourself. Don’t try to do everything on your own. 

Outsourcing content writing is a way to put off some stress. 

I know you are smart enough to understand that. 

All you needed was an approach. That I just gave you. 

So go on and find your writer who will write for you wonderful blog posts that get those gorgeous results. 

Have I missed something that a freelance writer must have? The comment box is all yours.

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