How Affiliate Marketers can Productively Maintain Every Detail of the Business

“Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity if you truly believe in the value of the product you’re selling. Because many times, you can make money off of something you would probably recommend anyway.” – Neil Patel, Founder of Neil Patel Digital

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn passive income by being associated with various businesses. In this business model, affiliates promote products or services of a business using a unique tracking link in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of each sale generated. It is considered to be an effective market penetration strategy as it helps businesses leverage niche markets through affiliates’ networks. Such niche markets if targeted otherwise could cost a fortune for companies. Affiliates leverage engagement and relationships with their audience to help businesses reach their target audience in a more engaging and personal way. Owing to its wide range of benefits, affiliate marketing has become quite popular among businesses in the last couple of years.

To give you an idea, the spending on affiliate marketing strategies is expected to reach a whopping $8.2 billion by 2022 in the USA alone. All-in-all, affiliate marketing is an effective marketing strategy for any business. The chances of many more businesses exploring this strategy in the near future are quite high. This means more opportunities are coming your way if you are an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is anything but easy. Most people still have the wrong notion of it being as easy as sharing a link on social media platforms. Rather, it’s as complicated as any other marketing strategy or even more so considering affiliates have to promote multiple products to different sets of audiences at the same time.

?Productivity Hack for Affiliate Marketers: Create a knowledge base for all your affiliated products and services to store important information in one place and to answer all frequently asked questions. The easiest way to master the art of affiliate marketing is to productively keep track of every activity, every detail, and every sale generated. To help you kickstart 2022, we are going to explore how you, as an affiliate marketer, can make the best of the coming opportunities by maintaining every detail of your affiliate marketing business.

5 Easy Ways Affiliate Marketers can Productively Maintain Every Detail of the Business

1. Let Go off the Digital Notes. Adopt Pen & Paper Method

If you clicked on this blog and are reading it right now, then digital notes so far haven’t been very productive for you. They haven’t been productive for me, either. Maintaining a to-do list on a notes app or a to-do list app can be quite distracting since it’s easy to switch between a million productivity, messaging, and social apps. By the time you are back on your notes or to-do list app, you might have already forgotten the details of the task and sometimes you might have forgotten the task itself.

Now imagine forgetting to email or message a hot lead who is close to converting. Missing out on tasks and their details essentially means losing business – directly or indirectly. This is why pen and paper is the way to go for noting down your tasks. Holding a pen and noting down something essentially brings you to the present moment while eliminating all the distractions. When your mind isn’t bombarded by emails, messages or social notifications, you become more focused. A focused mind is able to remember all the tasks and their details.

Moreover, digital to-do lists usually show all the completed tasks along with the pending tasks which can be a tad distracting. The benefits of writing down your tasks on a piece of paper aside, there is a sense of accomplishment in crossing a task off of your list with your pen. It’s just more satisfying. So, if you are still stuck in the web of to-do list apps, then it’s time to go back to the good old days of pen and paper.

2. Promote the Right Products to Your Audience

It’s important to promote the right products to your audience. And it’s not as easy as choosing to promote a high-tech stroller for your parenting blog. There are various factors that need to be considered like your audience, their psychology and behavior, and many more.

For instance, if your parenting blog attracts a lot of price-conscious readers, then they might not be comfortable paying hefty prices for a high-tech stroller. But they would definitely love refurbished, second-hand products in good condition or more budget-friendly yet durable products. So, there’s definitely a lot more to affiliate marketing than just picking any and every product for your affiliate marketing business. Moreover, having a long list of products to promote would cripple your productivity. The more conscious and targeted you are with your product list, the better your productivity is, as well as sales- and the key is to understand your customers better.

?If you are primarily using your website for promoting your affiliate products, then you can integrate Google Analytics and behavior analytics tools like Hotjar or VWO to better understand your audience’s on-site behavior. And in case you are focusing on social media platforms then platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer insightful analytics that could help you understand your audience better. 

3. A/B Test Everything

Affiliate marketing is essentially an online business and your primary role as an affiliate marketer is that of an online marketer. So, as an online marketer, it’s crucial to test everything to get a better understanding of what works with your audience. You can A/B test link placements, banners, article introductions, landing pages, ad copies, and whatnot. A/B testing can provide you with actionable insights.

For instance, you decided to place your affiliate link in the 4th paragraph and realized it’s getting next to zero clicks. The reason could easily be readers dropping off of your article after the 1st or 2nd paragraph. So, you can either work on your article or bump your link to 1st or 2nd paragraph in the meantime to get better clicks. A/B testing not only provides insights about the problem at hand, but also helps understand your customers, their preferences, and behavior better.

4. Use the Right Tools

The key to productively managing your affiliate business or any business, in general, is having the right tools. But how do you go about choosing the right tools? Well, first, start with your processes. See which processes can be and should be automated to save you time as well as human errors. For instance, having a tool to manage all your links and their redirects. Instead of managing redirects one link at a time, having an overview of all your affiliate links would save a lot of time and increase your productivity.

Here are a few affiliate marketing tools we would recommend:

AnyTrack: To track where your affiliate clicks are coming from. It also integrates and tracks your links with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Pretty Links: To manage links and link redirections. 

CAKE: To optimize your marketing campaigns so you can increase your traffic, earnings, and productivity.

Again, your tool stack would primarily depend on your business goals. But make sure to do your research before investing in tools. 

5. Lastly, Prioritize Your Tasks by Importance and Urgency

Noting down details and tasks is important, but what’s more important is understanding the urgency and importance of your tasks. For example, an email that needs to be sent before 12 PM will be that sending a meeting invite of a 5 PM meeting. You can also add visual aspects to your to-do list like adding numbers next to your tasks based on their importance. Or you can also create boxes besides tasks in different colors to understand the urgency. It’s your task list. You can create it in your own method that’s personal to you and your way of working.


The above-mentioned easy ways to productively maintain every detail of your affiliations, marketing and promotional activities as well as your tasks would help you get better insights with your affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing is going to get more competitive from here on out. Being on top of everything would help you to stay ahead of your competition and earn more.

Image source: Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Hazel Raoult

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