How MacBooks Changed These 8 Industries

Since its inception, Apple has made waves with its creative approach to tech—a first among its more business-oriented peers.

MacBooks in particular have become the culmination of its innovation and user-friendly design.

Apple has an estimated brand value of $309.53 billion and a 9.33% market share for its MacOS alone. It’s undeniable that this giant has made a huge impact in the tech industry.

Beyond tech, though—did you know that MacBooks also revolutionized other industries?

The brand has since made its way into homes and offices worldwide thanks to its entire ecosystem of devices.

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Not just tech: MacBooks for creatives

Creative industries like music, film, visual arts, photography, design, and marketing and advertising have sought out MacBooks for several reasons.

Firstly, MacBooks boast high-resolution graphics! With crisp color displays and superior font rendering, it’s awesome for graphic design. Creative works done on MacBooks are also more likely to match outputs in print, thanks to the trademark Retina display. 

MacBooks also have a high-quality audio output, even when you’re only using the default mic and speakers. Combined with the vast array of software and programs available for MacOS, filmmakers and music producers are easily able to streamline their setups.

Best of all, these powerful specs are housed in a thin, lightweight body, making it possible to work on the go.

A powerhouse for other industries

Other industries, such as IT, gaming, and communications, take advantage of the MacBook’s powerful build and computing power. With the OS X built over the Unix system, coding programs can run without the need for specialized environments or adopting new technology.

App developers—from social media giant Facebook to up-and-coming developers—can use the stability of MacOS and its synchronicity with other Apple devices to test apps and optimize functionalities.

Finally, gamers can use the MacBook’s capabilities to play compatible games or parallel boot Windows OS to play Windows-exclusive titles. 

To learn more about industries changed by MacBooks, continue to the infographic below.

This is an infographic from Macs4U about how Macbooks changed 8 industries: music, movies, arts, marketing and advertising, IT and computer, gaming, and photography and graphic design.

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How MacBooks Changed These 8 Industries
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How MacBooks Changed These 8 Industries
Learn more about how Macbooks changed 8 industries in this infographic.
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