How Social Shopping Is Becoming The New eCommerce Revolution

Social and shopping have always gone together. It is not a new concept in this contemporary world. However, social shopping in modern times is new or innovative in that it is largely conducted through social media channels.

People rely more on reviews and ratings about brands or businesses provided by experienced customers on social media channels. As the popularity of social media is increasing, people are spending more time on these channels and discovering new trends that influence their purchase decisions.

With half of the global population actively using social media networks, 93% of online shoppers agree that social media reviews and content impact their buying decision. Hence, social media platforms impact the online shopping experience, which is revolutionizing eCommerce services and customer behavior in the online world.

What Is Social Shopping?

But what exactly is Social Shopping in the modern world? How is Social Media influencing social shopping? To answer this, you need to first understand the definition of Social Shopping.

In simple words, Social Shopping is an integration of Social Media Networks and eCommerce platforms, where brands and customers can buy and sell products using the functionality of ever-evolving social media networks.

Brands can now sell their products & services while their potential customers are engaging with their social media posts or promotional social media advertisements. Many brands and marketers mistakenly misunderstand that eCommerce and social shopping are the same. However, both are different. 

eCommerce is basically about selling products and services through websites, applications, or online stores. In contrast, social shopping is a concept that encourages the buying and selling process directly from social media channels. Recently, Social Shopping gained higher popularity among marketers and brands to allow them to grow in a highly competitive era.

As people are becoming more online shopping friendly, easily accessing things through smartphones, smooth function, attractive social media interface and availability of social proof make social shopping fruitful to the eCommerce platform owners.

Continue reading to know more about Social Shopping, why it is important for brands, and increasing sales on eCommerce platforms.

Why Does Your Business Need To Enhance Social Shopping?

With the going craze of social media channels, people are already talking about your brand through social media and telling their friends about their experiences with your brand or product.

Some brands are aware of it, and some are not, but those who understand how social media is impacting their brand growth and sales have taken no time having their business be taken seriously on social media channels.

From leveraging reviews and user-generated content to social media influencers and shops, brands implement diverse features and functionalities into their social media marketing campaigns that bring more sales through social shopping.

Here below are some quick stats that help brands understand why Social Shopping is the need in current times:

  • More than 3.5 billion folks around the globe are using social media platforms.
  • 90% of online shoppers discover new products and trends on social media channels. 
  • 93% of people agree that online reviews and social proof impact their buying decision. 
  • People like to buy products mentioned in the social posts of their friends, celebrities, or social media influencers. 
  • 83% of consumers trust their friends and family recommendation of products and services on social media. 
  • 50% of people say they like to pay more for the product if it gets more positive reviews. 

Seeing all these stats, it is clear that social media has a huge impact on eCommerce, supporting social shopping in this highly competitive era.

Still not convinced or doubt the power of social shopping on eCommerce in the modern world? Check how it boosts sales and revenue of eCommerce brands.

How Does Social Shopping Boost eCommerce Sales?

Boost Social Support

With every brand praising their own product and services, it is hard for customers to believe them and spend their valuable money without looking for social proof of the product. However, selling products on social media channels automatically creates social proof and lets customers know what people are saying about the brand in comments.

Directly Communicate Brand With Potential Customers

Another benefit of leveraging social shopping is that it allows customers to talk about your product and services and their experience with each other. This, in turn, increases customer communication with brands which build healthy relationships between those brands and customers.

Leverage Sales Through UGC

One major type of content that is proving effective for many brands and businesses to leverage social media platforms is user-generated content. Collecting user-generated content through the hashtag, mentioned, or handles of your customers and reposting them on business social media profiles increases sales. It also increases the trust of customers as they see unbiased reviews and content.


Social Shopping is the need of every brand in this highly competitive world. As marketing your brand or business on social media is cheap with high returns, you should waste no time to start growing your eCommerce sales through social shopping. All these facts tell us that Social Shopping is introducing a revolution in the eCommerce world. Hence, brands now need to focus on selling through social media instead of doing the same old-school methods of selling.

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