How the Hub & Spoke Content Model Will Boost Your Marketing

Keeping your finger to the pulse of SEO is not a simple task. After you spend time and effort selecting keywords to target, you’re likely going to be spending hours upon hours blogging to prove your authority to popular search engines like Google or Bing.

The Hub & Spoke Content Model has the potential to maximize the benefits your company receives online. from content marketing.

There are two main pieces within the model: content hubs and spokes.

  • Hubs: large landing pages that act as tables of contents on an overarching topic. These should involve major keywords and drive sizable amounts of traffic to your site. Hubs link to spokes within the site.
  • Spokes: content pages covering more specific, granular topics that fall within the hub’s content. These can be blogs, case studies, presentations, videos, infographics, and more. They’re linked to hubs.

Incorporating the Hub & Spoke content model has the power to benefit your company in the following ways:

  1. Your Brand Will Become an Industry Authority
  2. It Leads Customers Down the Sales Funnel
  3. The Model Allows You to Repurpose Content

The hub and spoke content model builds in-depth, authoritative hub content as well as more niche “spoke” content that elevates your presence online.

  1. Hub & Spoke Can Make Your Brand an Industry Authority

When you create multiple pieces of content relating to your same core, high-powered keywords, you’re effectively showing Google (and other leading search engines, but mostly Google) that your site offers a holistic set of answers to a broad spectrum of consumer queries.

As a result, your content may rank higher in search results for the keywords you target in your hubs. No matter how descriptive your content, it’s almost impossible to hit every keyword and detail in a single blog post. So, posting multiple pieces of content gives businesses more opportunities to incorporate those keywords.

In addition to elevating yourself on Google, customers will appreciate your Hub & Spoke methods as well. Linking content together and displaying links clearly on a hub page will make it easy for users to browse through the whole of your content without having to piece your ideas together on their own. In short, Hub & Spoke encourages them to explore everything you have to offer.

For this reason, experts recommend avoiding setting limits on how many hubs you create. Build one to accommodate your company’s vast set of expertise. You can achieve authority on several subjects that way.

The Hub & Spoke model offers more opportunities to incorporate core keywords while providing an intuitive browsing experience for users. These benefits will build your brand’s authority as a subject matter expert.

  1. It Leads Customers Down the Sales Funnel

Once you decide upon content for your hubs and spokes, it’s time to bring your customers into the equation. A Hub & Spoke model is an effective way of guiding your users toward a call to action.

Your hub content should ideally cover a broad topic, while spokes take on the specifics that guide the customer into your site and offerings on a deeper level.

For instance, Intelligentsia offers coffee brewing guides on its website. The guide landing page serves as the hub that guides users toward brewing guides for specific tools.

Source: Intelligentsia

Viewers who visit the more brewing guide landing page can be funneled into the more specific pages such as Fresh Press or Chemex by clicking on the respective red links.

Moreover, the links on the hub coffee brewing page clearly communicate what the customer can expect on the spoke page, leading them further into your site based on their preferences.

For Intelligentsia, all of this content is able to work in unison to promote the company’s offerings. That plays a critical role in the consumer sales funnel that turns customer interest into conversions.

Source: Vertical Measures

Alternating between hubs and spokes can help a prospective lead through the sales process, from raising general awareness to making decisive choices..

Users browsing multiple pages of your site can be considered warm leads. To encourage conversions, both your hubs and spokes should contain educationally-focused content that effectively conveys your business’s benefit to consumers.

That sales angle will bring customers from the consideration stage of the funnel to a well-informed decision.

Hub & Spoke ensures that your content is linked intuitively for customers, and that leads them though the sales funnel.

  1. The Model Allows You to Repurpose Content

Using stories within the same broad topic can help you get the most out of Hub & Spoke without having to consistently generate new content. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time you sit down to blog.

To repurpose content, visit your selected hubs and build new blog content into the web of hubs and spokes you’ve already created. This method of content marketing will keep your business fresh in the minds of customers.

Also, it’s convenient for readers to navigate a thread of related posts that are linked together with a common theme. This enhances your users’ browsing experience.

Repurposing content has SEO benefits, too. By making posts that fall into a network of existing content, you’re given the opportunity to link more often.These links will increase traffic, interest, and eventually conversions.

The Hub & Spoke model allows businesses to effectively re-use elements of related content. This strategy brings SEO benefits, improves your users’ experience, and optimizes your internal resources.

Maximize Your Impact with the Hub & Spoke Model

With hubs acting as navigation tools and spokes disseminating niche information, businesses have a lot to gain from employing the Hub & Spoke content model.

It has the potential to be a major contributor to your position as an industry leader,, sales funnel efforts, and even your staff’s content writing efforts.

In short, the more useful and searchable you make your content, the more value it will bring to your business.

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