How to Boost Your Content to be More Readable

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You have written an amazing, powerful, and exceptionally useful piece of content, and you have put a ton of effort into making sure the content is being circulated in social media too.

The question is, however, “are there enough people who are reading it and how long are the engaging with the content?

Though you can check that through Google Analytics, and you can find how many are engaging, your goal should always be to expand the reach of your content even further.

To increase the reach, we need to present the content in a way people read and share.

Let’s see how we can achieve that. Here are 8 ways you can make your content more readable, thus leading to greater share-ability:

Use Lists:

Lists are my all-time favorite way to present a piece of content.

When looking at my site’s stats, it proved to me that posts with bulleted or numbered posts gain more reads compared with posts written in essay format.

Lists will help your readers to scan content easily and grab what they are looking for.

More Space More Readability:

To make your content more readable, the best tip is to provide enough space for your visitors to easily navigate between the lines of your content.

Give enough spacing between the lines of text, letters, and words.

Make sure that the layout of your website is designed in such a way to have more white space around. It helps to draw attention to written content.

Format to Attract: 

To highlight headings and keywords you can try using bold, CAPITALS, italics, underlining or any other formatting techniques.

Make sure you are not over using as it has a risk of frustrating your readers.

You can try changing font size, color, and style to attract your readers to the key points in your article. 

Usage of Headers:

Using headers and sub-headers will help your readers to go through your content quickly.

Headers (h1, h2, h3) combined with style sheets and coding is a good way to differentiate and highlight main points and make it easier to grasp content.

Images Speak: 

To attract the attention of your readers use images that explains the idea behind the article you are writing.

Here’s an example that uses a nice graphic to illustrate some key points:

Using imagery in your content
Image: Example of using imagery in your content – Source

Use images that are text-oriented or picture-based depending on the article you are writing.

Choosing your Fonts:

 Font plays a crucial role when it comes to readability.

There are a number of factors to look when choosing a font. It’s not only color, style and using lower or uppercase.

Choose the font which will give your content a clear, clean look and which is also adaptable to all sizes.

Google Fonts will help you to make a decision and also it gives you a demo before you actually use. 

Google Fonts

Avoid Large Paragraphs:

Break up your content into small chunks. This helps your readers to understand the concept easier.

Shorter paragraphs are easier to scan, and most readers are skimming through content looking for key points. This makes sure they can locate those points.

Chunks make it easier for the reader’s eyes to go through your content.

Choice of Color:

Choosing a perfect color plays an important role as it helps things stand out to help yours reader to decide whether to read the content or not.

Most websites will have white or black backgrounds as these two colors help increase readability.

Stick to basic colors like white, black or grey as background color and contrast color for the text.

Final Words

Always keep in mind ‘Content is King’, so to make your content more readable, you need to read more.

If you are writing a blog, don’t just stick to reading books and print magazines, check out blogs and websites too.

Create actionable content which means your visitors need to take an action. For example, after reading the article the visitor has to take an action “Now I know how to do this, and I need to do it right away”.

Let your readers know what to quote. If you are highlighting something make sure you use bold text. Make sure your visitors will see those key points.

You’re now equipped with the tips you need to create readable, engaging, shareable content

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