How to Boost Your Startup’s Credibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still the largest professional networking site, boasting over 500 million users from across the globe. Most of its users consist of educated, highly paid professionals from various industries.

Moreover, LinkedIn has not only established itself as a great platform for career seekers, but also a valuable tool for marketers with 97% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn for their content marketing campaigns.

According to research conducted by SmallBizGenius, one of the top reasons why startups fail is due to poor marketing. Startups often have limited resources, so failing to take advantage of free marketing tools and resources at their disposal isn’t something they can afford to do.

When you look at some of the facts and figures, it’s evident that LinkedIn is the ideal launching pad for your startup. The platform allows budding entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their connections and reach a wider audience without shelling out a hefty sum of money.

So if you want to start building a stellar reputation on LinkedIn, implementing the tips below would be an excellent way to start.

Set Up and Optimize Your Company and Personal Profiles on LinkedIn

The initial setup plays a considerable part in boosting the overall credibility of your startup on LinkedIn. If you want to build a solid reputation, create a company page that highlights everything that is special about your business.

The ‘About Page’ should contain well-written information about your business, including its core values, offered services and products, type of industry, location, and so on. You must also include your professional website’s URL as this helps in generating leads.

For small business and startup founders, it’s crucial to have a personal profile to help build a personal brand and expand your connections.

Grow Your Network

Identify your target audience within the platform and make connections. For example, if your new venture is a B2B, make it a priority to reach out to potential clients (i.e., key decision makers at companies and businesses).

It also helps to connect with like-minded professionals as it can foster strategic business partnerships. In that way, you can leverage each other’s capabilities and knowledge to produce a desirable outcome for both parties.

Join Industry Groups & Connect With Fellow Entrepreneurs and Founders

As mentioned above, fostering partnerships can significantly contribute to your startup’s credibility and the business’s long-term growth.

To further expand and tailor your network, consider joining a group that shares your professional interests and your startup’s overall objectives. In fact, 12% of entrepreneurs claim that interviewing other startup founders is one of the best ways to learn about entrepreneurship. Having a meaningful, direct connection with individuals who share the same passion and commitment will allow you to pick other entrepreneurs’ brains and make informed business decisions.

Source: SmallBizGenius

Post High-Quality Content

There’s always a demand for original, engaging content, regardless of the platform or target audience. When publishing on LinkedIn, whether it’s in the form of a video, text/image ad or an article, the key is never to settle for mediocrity.

Another thing to note is the frequency of posting. Aim to post on a regular basis as this will help you establish your authority. Make it a goal to publish only eye-catching, meaningful posts that contain relevant content. You want to educate your target audience, not bore them or waste their time.

Bottom Line

Building the credibility of your startup on LinkedIn can provide a lot of benefits to your venture. The best part is you’re not even required to allocate a huge chunk of your marketing budget to spread the word about your products or services. So make every LinkedIn connection count and serve as an additional push towards success.

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