How to Generate More Search Traffic To Your Website Using Voice Search

Search engines have always had a singular goal in mind: to provide the most useful content to its users.

Search engines that provide reliably relevant results earn repeat business from internet users, and in turn, are able generate more income via PPC advertising and other avenues.

For this reason, Google and other search engines are constantly evolving to stay current with technological trends, such as the advent of voice search.

3 Tips for Generating More Traffic with Voice Search Optimizing 

Voice search was once reserved for techies and those with disposable income. Now, the popularity of voice assistants has experienced explosive growth, with the advent of smartphones, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and other smart speakers.

With 50% of online searches conducted via voice search with even more growth expected over just the next couple of years, search engines are adapting to the needs and preferences of users.

Here are three ways you can remain competitive and optimize your website for voice searches.

  • Mimic User Speech With Voice Search

Voice assistant users speak to their technology as if they were speaking to another person. The phrases “Hey Alexa!” and “Hey Siri!” set the tone for the inquiry. Most voice search users are using full, grammatical sentences, and speaking conversationally. Write your content in a way that matches user speech. This tone-matching makes your content more relevant to users, which means ranking higher on search results pages.

  • Shift Your Focus to Long-Tail Keywords

Because voice searches are often conducted using full sentences, this allows you to tailor your target keyphrases to address either multiple keywords or highly specific inquiries.

For example, if a user is searching for a company to provide copywriting services in the wellness vertical, the keyword “copywriting” is likely to deliver very generic results such as general information on copywriting, copywriting courses, or the history of the field.

In contrast, the long-tail keyphrase “where can I find a wellness copywriting agency near me?” will return more relevant results. 

To hone in on your long-tail keywords, choose details about your business, product, or service and transform these details into full sentences.

  • Take Advantage of the Question-Answer Format

Just as most voice searches are done in full, conversational sentences, the majority of these searches are in the form of a question.

Optimize your web copy by taking advantage of  the question-answer format. This means utilizing headers to pose questions in natural language, and then answering the questions in the subsequent text. This method can be used on landing pages, blogs, or anywhere that an FAQ would be appropriate.

Voice Optimization: Worth the Effort?

Voice search is now a search engine marketing mainstay.

Businesses that intend to compete in a digitally-driven society must adapt to technological advancements and the ever-changing algorithms of search engines.

Optimizing both new and existing content for voice search can be tedious, but the end result is completely, absolutely worth it the effort.

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Liz Slyman
Categories SEO

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