How to Market to Current Customers—and Why You Should!

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It costs five times as much to find new customers than to keep your current ones, and if you keep your current customers happy, they’ll likely drive new customers through word of mouth. Your current customers are also already fans of your brand. You don’t have to win them over, nor do you have to explain why they should buy your products. Still, how do you keep your marketing from going stale with your existing customers?

Here are three straightforward answers to that question!

Research Your Customers

For any successful marketing campaign, you have to know how to angle it. What will the hook be? What is going to grab attention and draw in more business? To know that, you have to know your customers. A successful business will understand all aspects of its customers. They won’t just know what a customer wants; they will also understand how, when, and through what channels.

Begin by using your various channels to ask for their feedback. Include surveys with your newsletter or latest email ad campaign. Print survey codes on receipts. Or, if you’re still a smaller business, reach out to them. They will appreciate you catering to their needs and wants. Social media is a strong tool to gain the needed customer insight. Instagram, in particular, is a powerful market research tool. Instagram has the advantages of:

  • Being driven by customers’ likes and dislikes: Build your perfect customer base based on their insight.
  • Generating tons of organic marketing: Instagram is huge and easily creates widespread traffic through hashtags.
  • Providing deep insight into your customers through feedback and reviews: This is also often done through comments, likes, and trending topics. 
  • Hosting ad campaigns: These are tech-driven campaigns that target customers based on their shopping history and habits.

Understanding your current customers is the first step in marketing to them. Once you understand what they want, it’s important to take action! Listen to what they asked for and then let them know about the changes you’re making in response.

It is also important to stay well-versed in what your customers are expecting of you.

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Stay Up to Date and Relevant

If your business is lagging behind the curve, your customers will head elsewhere. Your business must stay relevant. Using social media creatively is a great first step. Studies show that 90% of people are buying from the brands they follow. Still, there is much more to do. For example, you can personalize your site experience to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for repeat customers. Key website features include:

  • Automated product recommendations: Show products relevant to what they’ve purchased or added to their cart.
  • Saved user data: Shipping and payment information, as well as customized settings.
  • Saved carts: Allow easier pickup sales, and include deals that prompt them to purchase.
  • Personalization at every step: These include item-in-cart reminders, birthday discounts, and custom product updates.

In addition to a personalized site experience, you can offer a customer loyalty program that can incentivize people to sign up and interact with your brand. There are multiple types of loyalty programs from points systems to community-based experiences, which give you the opportunity to market to existing customers.

If you have a storefront, offer BOPIS, or buy online and pick up in-store. This service boomed during the pandemic—and for good reason. With the same ease of online shopping, a customer can make a purchase and avoid shipping fees and times by going into your store. As well, while they’re in the store, 85% of customers said they would make an impulse purchase.

Convenient offerings such as cultivated eCommerce, loyalty programs, and BOPIS systems are great for another reason. They prompt your customers to brag about you. Using relevant tech and trends keeps your business topical. It ensures you stay in your customers’ minds, and it can help you attract new customers in the long run.

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Use Marketing Automation and Relationship Management

Once you’re using best practices for marketing and outreach, you have to maximize your customer relationship. To do that, use automated tools to provide personalized, poignant service. Automation tools come in a variety of flavors, but most are based on performing a task based on customer triggers. Automated email marketing is a great example of this fact. Instead of sending out email blasts or monthly ads, let automation handle it for you. Common automation triggers include:

  • Leaving an empty eCommerce cart
  • Subscribing to a mailing list
  • Searching for a specific product
  • Asking for feedback after a sale
  • Suggesting future products based on the current sale

As such specific events trigger these emails, they are always personalized. Studies show that personalized emails are more likely to be opened. When customers feel that you’re involved in their shopping, they stick around. Automation tools allow businesses to stay on top of their customers’ actions without actively monitoring each one. But wait, there’s more. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is another crucial tool in retaining customers. CRM refers to various software and tech that help businesses manage their customers. Specifically, it tracks customer data such as shopping habits, past trips, and average value. With this and other data, these tools provide insight into what your customers want. You can identify which products customers tend to prefer. You can monitor their social media trends and website usage to provide targeted support. As well, CRM software will automatically look for keywords and trends in their behavior to send sales or support prompts. 

Automation and relationship management software create a full image of a customer. Indeed, business owners can watch the lifecycle of every sale. Start with social media conversations about the business. Study how their shopping habits match their social media and website traffic. Look for leads and areas to meet the needs of the customer. Then, watch as further suggestions after the sale brings them back again. This combination is the ultimate tool in understanding your current customers.


The benefits of your existing customers can’t be understated. They are the lifeblood of the business; they champion the brand. As customers continue modernizing, your business will have to follow suit.

Become a social media genius. Connect with your customers on every channel, from Facebook to Instagram. Learn how to read trending traffic, and use your dashboard analytics to study your customer trends. Additionally, always respond to your customers when they reach out. The key to social media is the strength of the relationship you can build. Use social media to ensure that your business remains up to date. Stay on top of customer conveniences like BOPIS systems and other emerging trends to make certain you’re meeting your customers’ needs. The more dedicated your brand is to the customers, the more likely they are to buy from it.

Finally, turn to tech when it comes to maximizing your relationships. The combination of marketing automation and relationship management is a potent tool. It can deliver targeted insights about all of your customers. Also, the unique offering of personalized triggers allows your customers to stay connected and engaged even without your direct input.

There are no replacements for your current customers. You’ve spent the time, money, and effort into gaining them. Now, put them to work while keeping them happy. Their data is your sales. And the relationship is your value—be sure to keep it high.

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