How to Record and Replay YouTube Videos on Mac – The Easy Way

Watching YouTube videos is fun, and a great way to learn new things. When you find something interesting on YouTube that you have always wanted to learn – the insatiable desire to watch it over and over again simply takes you.

To properly learn something, so you can perform that skill in your real life, you may need to watch that video a thousand times before you finally achieve the level of expertise you aspire to.

However, watching the video over and over can become challenging if you do not know how to record a YouTube video so you can watch it anytime, anywhere you want. You may not always have access to the internet, or you may not want to stop by YouTube, so recording the video is a great way to go.

This guide will teach you useful methods to record and replay your YouTube video on a Mac.

Furthermore, there are many kinds of playback options to choose from; make sure you add your favorite yoga tutorials, guitar lessons, and motivational speakers in the right order so you can watch the list over and over again.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Playing Youtube Videos in a Loop With Mac and iPhone

Everyone has a favorite list of videos they like to watch over and over again.

That said, one of the easy methods to be able to watch your favorite videos over and over again is to record video on mac and watch it whenever you feel like it. But, if you want to keep your YouTube videos running in an endless loop, you have to follow these simple steps.

A considerable amount of internet users access the internet daily either with their laptop or smartphone. So, this YouTube guide applies to Mac and personal computers.

The purpose of this guide is to show you the method by which you can download your favorite videos, or repeat them in an endless loop – because once you take these steps, these videos are going to repeat themselves automatically.

From now on, stop using the repeat button which you get with YouTube players and use the options below.

#1: Download YouTube videos with inbuilt QuickTime player on your Mac

In the past, before Apple shook hands with screen grab tools, Mac users could use QuickTime player to record their videos on their system.

Nonetheless, Quicktime can still be used in this way. Here’s how you download videos with it.

  1. Open QuickTime player on your Mac.
  2. Go to the menu at the top of the screen and select File > New Screen Recording.
  3. A screen recording pop-up window will surface on your screen. Before you go to the next step, click on the downward arrow beside the red button and check if the Internal microphone is selected.
  4. Click on the record (red) button.
  5. Now, you’ll find the instructions in front of your screen, click to record the full video, or drag to record part of the video. When you are finished doing this task, drag the cross-hairs over the video.
  6. Now you are ready to download the video, click on Record.
  7. Now start playing the YouTube video (don’t forget to turn on the sound).
  8. Once the YouTube video is finished playing, you can click on the stop button in the menu at the top of the screen.
  9. The video will play automatically so you can check it before saving it.

Easily, this is one of the best methods to download your favorite videos on Mac. With this method, you can save yourself from wasting your precious time, which you can use to focus on your learning initiatives through watching more videos.

#2: Using YouTube’s built-in loop technique

Computer users, this is the easiest method used to replay YouTube videos in a loop.

  1. Log in to YouTube from your browser. Click on the video you want to watch. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
  2. While watching the video, right-click on the video screen. A prompt action suggestions box will appear. Select the “loop” option and the video you want to loop will play on repeat.
  3. Now, you’re all set to play your favorite videos on repeat. To ensure things work smoothly however, you’ll need to do just one more thing, and that is to remove the YouTube embedded autoplay loop. Tap on the loop option and you are all done. 

#3: Using playlists and managing videos to play videos

This method lets you play two YouTube videos at the same time. First things first, log in to your YouTube account, before you begin the process of playing videos on repeat.

  1. Select your favorite videos that you want to play on repeat.
  2. Log in to your YouTube account.
  3. When you are logged in to YouTube, tap on the ‘’+” icon at the bottom of the video. Select the “Create a new playlist” option to add the selected videos. Name your playlist and choose to view public or private, whichever suits you better.
  4. Now go back to the YouTube app; select the three bars that appear on your iPhone’s screen and a long list of options will open up.
  5. Select the playlist and click “Play all” and your video will keep repeating itself as soon as it finishes.

In Conclusion 

A few easy methods, which you can always use – on your Mac or iPhone, or any other device you are working with. Once you follow these steps, it all becomes a part of your muscle memory.

This guide will upgrade your skill level – if you are always hungry for some technical know-how, this is a perfect guide for you.

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