How to Write Your First Blog Post

If you have recently launched your first website and are now wondering how to write your first blog post, then you are at the right place.

Blog writers today can be everyone, for this you need nothing but the will and desire to write. It has never been easier to get into this business than it is today, so it’s time to make the most of it and become your own boss.

Writing your first blog post will require your time and effort. However, as you gain experience, your writing will get better, and eventually, you will become a real expert in the blogging business. this is not a quick-rich scheme, this is a business that will give you back a reward that’s equal to how much effort you put into it.

How to Write Your First Blog Post in 5 Steps

These are the steps you will need to go through to to write your first blog post. Follow these steps and this will help you get through this process of writing your first blog post as painlessly as possible. This will all be new to you, so take the time to understand what is required of you.

Select a Topic to Write About

For my first blog post, I suggest choosing something you are familiar with before for the topic. Don’t get into topics you know very little or nothing about. Any topic that interests you will interest thousands of other people in the world. The topic of your blog post will be your hobby or anything else about which you can share useful information with the public.

It is also advisable to choose a niche for your blog before writing. A niche blog can be compared to the title of a book on its cover. Niche is your main topic and all your blog posts will revolve around it. It is very important that you opt for one niche and that you try to achieve your success in it.

It is important that the topics of your writing are something you have a passion for. This way you will be able to look at your blog through the eyes of a visitor. Blogging is primarily a type of business whose main goal is to provide the average user of Internet search engines with answers to questions that interest him.

The title of your first blog post must include the keyword in it. A keyword is essentially a term that should be worked naturally into your article that is something potential readers would search for online. For example, if you are writing a post about local SEO techniques for small businesses, you would want to make sure you work the search terms “local SEO” and “small business” into your article.

Keywords are very important because they show internet search engines what our blog post is about. Gone are the days when bloggers could write about what they cooked that day or any random thing without optimizing their content for search and be successful.

Investigate the Competition

Your competition is other websites and their blog posts or other businesses selling similar or substitute offerings. A great blog can help you stand apart from the competition by helping answer questions and solve problems that your competition simply is not.

You can use tools like SEMrush to dig into the competition and find out what topics are working for them. Dig into those topics and then write content that’s better or fills in the gaps.

You can also research the competition by simply conducting searches of your own. Enter your browser in incognito mode and enter a keyword (the title of your first blog post). It is very important that your browser is in incognito mode, because only in this way you can get an insight into the real order on search engines.

For example, let’s say your first blog post is the topic of “How to Write Your First Blog Post,” type this question into your browser. All these blog posts that are highly ranked for this issue are your competition.

Once you get the results, go into the top five ranked blog posts and read them well. See how they are written, what the writing structure is like, and try to find holes in their blog post. It is very important that the blog post you craft based on your findings provides your readers with more information than the competition. You will achieve this by writing a longer article and filling in areas where there were gaps in the competition’s content. This means that you will go to the smallest details that your competition has left out.

In this way, you will not only explore the competition, but you will also come across information that you may not have been familiar with before. This business is also special because you will often gather new knowledge so that you can pass it on to others. This is completely normal because it is not realistic that you can write everything from your head.

Utilize Subheaders

Each blog post has a main topic and several subheadings that are related to the main topic. It is important to determine the subheadings before writing because they will be used to structure your blog post in the right way. If you start writing without having previously prepared the structure of the text, this process will be longer and it will be difficult for you to maintain concentration.

Even the most experienced writers, before they start writing, determine the direction in which the text will develop. Subheadings are great guidelines that will allow you to stay on track and ensure that you cover all the necessary details. It is very important that your titles are closely related to the main topic. Watch out for this because often our creativity and imagination can lead us to stray from the main theme.

Start Writing

Once you have done the whole preparation, the most creative but also the most difficult part follows. Just writing requires experience, and that’s why it’s important to keep in mind that not everything will go smoothly.

You may or may not really enjoy writing your first blog post, but either way this is an activity that requires a lot of concentration. When you have thousands of written words behind you, then you will adopt a process that works for you, and things will flow more smoothly. Until then, you have to be persistent and write as much as possible.

Your post must have:

Introduction: Write a few paragraphs about what the goal of your blog post is.

Subheadings: They can be some questions or conclusions related to the main topic of writing.

Conclusion: In a few paragraphs, summarize the most important facts related to the topic of your writing

Also in the introduction in the first two paragraphs insert the keyword for which you want to be ranked first for search engines. The introduction itself does not have to be too long, it is enough to write a few paragraphs in which you can mention some facts or statistics related to the topic of your blog post. Readers need to get the impression in the introduction that you are an expert and know what you are talking about.

Under each subtitle write a few hundred words, the optimal number is 300 words. Let your paragraphs contain three to four sentences. It is very important to write shorter paragraphs because in this way it is easier for the reader to follow the text. You can also insert a couple of pictures to break the monotony of reading.

You will write the conclusion/summary very similarly to the introduction. Remind the reader of the most important things you mentioned in the text and conclude your blog post with a catchy word.

Proofread and Edit Your Blog Post

This is the final stage before publishing your first blog post. Proofreading comes down to correcting grammatical errors and looking to improve the conciseness of the text itself. If you are not good at English grammar a Grammarly editor can help you with that. This virtual writing assistant is used even by the most seasoned professionals in this business.

Proofreading and text editing itself often takes a lot of time. Look at this process as grinding a diamond before selling. It will often happen that you are in a hurry while writing and that your text is not very concise in some parts, so you need to take the time to go through the text of the blog post a few times before the publication.

The Grammarly editor will not be able to do everything for you, so you need to personally go through sentence by sentence until you are satisfied. However, you need to be aware that there is no perfect blog post, so don’t edit the text too much. Perfectionism will only slow you down and you will not achieve anything with it.

The process of text editing also includes the insertion of external links and internal links. You can also insert a picture. When looking for images for blog posts, be careful not to infringe copyright. The best page where you can find images with which you will not infringe the copyrights of

When you have done all this, then press the “publish” button. Now you can start promoting your post on social media and other channels. Do some link building to boost your article’s backlink profile, and then watch to see how the search engines react.

Why is it normal to feel stuck when you start writing your first blog post?

When you start writing blog posts for your website, you will be very bad at it. There’s not way around it.

This is a job like any other, you need to have the practice to be able to get to the level of being happy with your writing. Don’t despair if you feel like you’re stuck. this is completely normal, and all beginners have encountered these problems.

It is important that you do not doubt yourself. In order to be able to write blog posts, you do not have to be particularly talented at writing. The peculiarity of this job is that anyone can participate in it, regardless of education. Blogging is not a classic way of writing. Blog writing is more based on the principle of journalism and incorporating your own style to create your own brand. So read articles from other authors because only in this way will you understand what is required of you.

To make writing easier, in the beginning, choose topics that you have experience with and that you feel passionate about. Don’t get into topics you know nothing about. Such topics require a lot of research, and it can be a problem for you as a beginner in this business. Later when you are more experienced you will know how to explore topics you have encountered for the first time.

Often beginners open their blog in a niche that doesn’t interest them at all, but they’ve heard that it brings in the best earnings. Earnings are important, but if you keep thinking about them you will never become a success. That’s why your first blog has to be tied to your hobby or to a job you have experience in.

If you burden yourself too much in the beginning, blogger burnout syndrome can happen to you. You need to be aware that in this business you will not achieve success overnight. Be persistent because it is a long way from your written first blog post to having a high-earning blog.


To learn how to write your first blog post you need to get started and practice – often. Don’t procrastinate and come up with excuses. You will be very bad at writing at first, but that will change with experience. There is no perfect blog post, so don’t bother making your writing perfect.

A blog can be opened by anyone today, however, few people are able to maintain consistency in publishing blog posts. Make sure to publish a new article on your website at least once a week, preferably 4+ per week if you really want to make a mark.

Every start is difficult but perseverance will pay off in this business. This is a job where everyone starts from the bottom. Keep this in mind when you encounter your first hurdle. So don’t burden yourself with how much traffic your blog has, but instead enjoy the process of writing it yourself. Success will come when you least expect it.

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3 thoughts on “How to Write Your First Blog Post”

  1. Hey, Anthony thanks for this informative post because the tactics which you have shared here I applied step by step in my blog, and what I see? My article is ranking on the second page of SERP. I can’t believe that my first article is ranking and I am working forward to take it to the first position. All the credit goes to you.

    All the points you have mentioned here helped me but the most is “Investigation on competitors” it really helped me to rank higher.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. For all of the awesome advice here the words “start writing” feel most powerful. Bloggers do not begin writing for all manner of fear in their minds. Stepping into fear to let go the mental anchor goads one to begin writing words in their WordPress backoffice.


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