How YouTube Videos Can Empower Thought Leadership

YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular and effective platform for brands to showcase their thought leadership.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, it’s an excellent way for brands to engage with viewers and reach more people than ever.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best examples of brands using YouTube videos for thought leadership.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Video: Three filmmakers leveraging Adobe and making a difference in their communities

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription-based service that provides access to Adobe’s suite of creative software, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

The company has used Youtube as an effective way to demonstrate its products and how they can be used in creative ways.

Adobe’s channel features tutorials and “how-to” videos illustrating different techniques that viewers can use with the software.

It also features interviews with industry experts discussing creative workflow, design trends, and digital illustration tips.

This content helps position Adobe as a leader in the creative space while also helping viewers become better at using their products.

The Skimm

Video: Popular singer, Meghan Trainor, sings her perfect playlist for every mood

The Skimm is an online publication that curates news stories into bite-sized pieces for its readership base, which consists mainly of millennials and Gen Zers.

The company has embraced video content on its YouTube channel, where it provides quick recaps of current events happening around the world.

It also features interviews with prominent figures such as politicians, authors, athletes, actors, and musicians discussing important issues related to today’s society, such as climate change or social justice reform initiatives.

By utilizing video content on YouTube, The Skimm positions itself as a reliable source of news while simultaneously engaging its audience through visual storytelling mediums like never before.

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Video: Overview of the Chobani Food Incubator program

Chobani Greek Yogurt created a series of YouTube videos that not only feature their products but also focus on inspiring stories about people who have overcome adversity.

By highlighting individuals who have been successful despite difficult circumstances, Chobani demonstrates its core values of hard work and determination.

Chobani also features a series of videos about their Chobani Food Incubator program. The program helps burgeoning food and beverage startups to achieve growth more quickly.

The company also makes sure to connect each video with its brand message, making it clear that they are not just selling yogurt- they are helping people strive for success.


Video: Starbucks Foundation partners with John Krasinki’s Some Good News

Starbucks has long been known for its coffee, but it recently started taking advantage of YouTube videos to show off its philanthropic endeavors.

Starbucks has several channels dedicated to corporate responsibility, which feature stories about how the company is helping build communities around the world through its various initiatives, such as job training and environmental sustainability programs.

These videos highlight Starbucks’ commitment to social justice, giving viewers insight into what drives them beyond just selling coffee.


Video: Vistaprint’s Small Business Stories series

Vistaprint’s “Small Business Stories” series puts the spotlight on small business owners who have achieved success despite facing obstacles like financial hardship or lack of resources.

Through these interviews with entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, Vistaprint demonstrates its commitment to supporting small businesses by providing them with tools and resources that help them grow their businesses.

The company also uses this platform to showcase real-life customer stories, giving viewers tangible examples of how Vistaprint can help them succeed in their own ventures.

Empowering Brand Thought Leadership Through YouTube       

YouTube is a powerful platform for brands looking to showcase their thought leadership and engage with viewers in meaningful ways.

Whether it’s tutorials demonstrating how products work or deep dives into complex topics like artificial intelligence, there are endless possibilities for brands looking to leverage video content on YouTube.

From Adobe Creative Cloud to The Skimm, these examples illustrate how thoughtful video content can help you build credibility while positioning your brand as an industry leader.

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2 thoughts on “How YouTube Videos Can Empower Thought Leadership”

  1. All interesting examples here Anthony. My Shorts seem to be gaining traction daily on YouTube. More folks turn to it for short, punchy advice but a fair number look for long form videos too. We can empower many through the medium.

    • Short form video is great. People are looking for quick hitters so they can get the info they need and move about their day. That said, there are definitely reasons to go long-form. More complex subject matter, for example, that requires a deeper level of understanding likely also requires longer content to give viewers what they need.

      Your video work is great, by the way. You give away solid knowledge and you do a great job of showing your personality, which really helps with connecting with your audience.


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