Ideas For Employee Recognition

(Article updated 6-21-21)

There’s more than one way for an employer to say good job to its employees. In fact, there are virtually endless options to give employees an extra pat on the back for a job well done.

However, many employers don’t use them.

Whether a large corporation or a small business, recognition can make a huge difference in keeping your employees happy, and thus keeping them around.

Receiving a well-timed thank you for employees’ efforts can be the key to creating a more motivated and engaged workforce. That’s because feeling appreciated for their contributions typically leads to employees putting forth greater effort.

A quality employer with great leadership will recognize that recognition should go beyond simply the number of years on the job.

Although most employers have some form of employee recognition program in place, too often, they’re not effective at inspiring employees to go the extra mile.

In many cases, for example, these employee recognition programs are based on tenure, meaning employees only receive recognition when they hit a certain employment milestone, rather than singling them out when they do something extraordinary.

Even though it’s true that someone with 20 years at a single employer no doubt is a valuable asset to the organization, it’s possible that such a person could have been moved to accomplish so much more with the right employee recognition program in place.

That’s why it’s important for employee recognition programs to be designed and implemented with the focus on recognizing the contributions employees make every day.

Recognizing every-day contributions

That’s why it’s important for employee recognition programs to be designed and implemented with the focus on recognizing the contributions employees make every day.

Giving employees recognition for making significant contributions, rather than honoring them in five- or 10-year increments, has been proven to boost their engagement significantly and encourage them to give their best every day.

While many employers believe such a program has the potential to become too costly, the truth is that there are plenty of small, inexpensive ideas employers can use for employees that still make a powerful impact when it comes to their motivation.

What should you give your employees?

There are tons of great ways you can show your employees that you appreciate all they do. For example, establishing a points-based system, in which employees can cash in points they earn for perks such as gift cards or vacation time, can be extremely motivating.

Or, you can simply give all members of your team a gift to thank them. No need to wait until the holidays. It will have a bigger impact if you randomly give your team members a thank you give mid-year. Just keep in mind that not all gifts are good ideas. Make sure you understand who your employees are and get them something useful.

Maybe it’s a gift card or perhaps something they can use around the house. If you do pick something to use around the house, go with something everyone can use. For example, if you gave your team each a coffee maker, you’d be giving zero value to those who don’t drink coffee. So, think of something that can be used across the board. That’s why a gift card is perfect. Especially a Visa gift card that they could use anywhere.

In-office display to recognize accomplishments

A “wall of fame” that spotlights individual efforts and highlights team accomplishments is a simple but significant approach to honor employees. Even a thank you note left at an employee’s workstation from management sends a powerful message that employees are valued.

These are just some of the many inexpensive but effective techniques that employers can use to thank their employees for a job well done. The following guide contains many more, so take a look and you can be on the path to a happier and more productive workforce.

20 Creative (And Affordable) Ideas For Employee Recognition created by Point Recognition
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