5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is a great way to measure a site from different aspects including content, link profile, and  other SEO metrics.

Most marketing or business professionals consider domain authority numbers when buying a website, pitching a guest post, or looking to grab a backlink. It’s also a great way to get a general idea of how Google views your website.

If you are looking to increase the DA of your website, then this article is written for you. Throughout the article, we will explain some simple methods for increasing DA scores.

What is Domain Authority and what factors does it consider?

Domain authority is a measuring number which was introduced by Moz, which is a famous brand for its SEO blog and tools.

The Domain authority helps marketers and the audience to see the level of optimization of a website. There are different factors behind the increase in this number, and most of these factors are associated with SEO practices.

For example, the below-mentioned factors are beneficial for increasing search engine optimization as well as domain authority:

  • Link building
  • Quality and quantity of the content
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Website security
  • User engagement and bounce rate of the website
  • Social media profile

How to check the domain authority of a site?

There are different online tools to check DA and PA that use the APIs of Moz.

The major benefit of using the third-party tool is it offers some extra features like:

  • Bulk checking of domains
  • Page Authority
  • Spam Score
  • IP Address

All of these factors can help you to check the strength of the website easily.

PrePostSEO Domain Authority Checker
Image: PrePostSEO Domain Authority Checker

All the tools that offer a domain authority checker use the API of Moz, and all the results are generated by Moz itself.

Moz usually updates the domain authority and other scores after a month, and the tools update the database accordingly.

Simple ways of raising your site’s domain authority

Increasing the domain authority usually takes a lot of time because it generally requires numerous fixes and updates on your website.

When the applications of SEO are applied, the website needs some time to adapt to the optimization.

1.    Link profile

The most important factor in the increase of domain authority is your link profile. Not only for the domain authority, but link building is also beneficial for the SEO of your site.

Many marketers consider link building to be the most important tactic because it increases the domain authority faster than other factors.

Now, there are different criteria for getting a backlink, including the type of backlink as well as the strength of the website giving the backlink.

For example, if you are getting a do-follow backlink from a 50+ DA site then it will give more boost to the domain authority of your site.

Although the domain authority is dependent on the quantity of the backlinks but still, quality matters a lot. If the backlinks are not qualitative then it wouldn’t give you benefits according to your expectation.

Neil Patel's Backlink Checker
Image: Neil Patel’s Backlink Checker

The link profile also includes the internal linking of your website. The links within your site refer visitors to other relevant web pages, which is beneficial for user navigation and search engine optimization.

Along internal linking, you should also consider making some external links from your side. This is because adding the backlink to a high-authoritative site would give a better signal to increase the domain authority showing that you are offering links to high quality sites to enhance your own content.

For a high-quality link profile, you should avoid any broken links, and if you get a backlink from a low-quality or spammy site, then you can disown it with Google search console (GSC).

2.    Keep the focus on on-page SEO

Same as off-page factors like backlinks, the on-page factors are also extremely important for the domain authority of your website.

There are different factors in on-page SEO that should be optimized for a better score.

Here is the list of factors you should consider:

  • Title and meta-description optimization
  • URL structure optimization & permalinks
  • Image optimization and Image ALT text
  • Keyword research and keyword placement
  • Internal linking and external linking

The on-page SEO factors are essential because this increases the user experience as well as makes your website more visible in search.

3.    High-quality content

The content is another important factor for the increase in the domain authority because most of the SEO implications are done through the content.

There are different things to consider when writing content as described below:

  • The content should be relevant to your audience
  • The content should have relevant keywords
  • The content should be engaging and of high-quality
  • The content should be interesting and appealing to have a better session rate
  • The content should have unique material including the visuals

4.    Complete your Technical SEO

Technical SEO is important because it helps the crawlers to index your web pages easily. Technical SEO also increases the user experience, and this way you can fix the errors to get a better ranking and increase the domain authority.

Here is the list of the factors included in the technical SEO:

  • Sitemap XML
  • txt
  • Speed optimization
  • Installation of SSL certificate
  • Fixing all the errors and redirections
  • Markup schema

5.    Increase social media appearance

The social media appearance is only beneficial for brand awareness or better ranking positions instead it also helps to increase the domain authority.

Different social media platforms can bring a huge audience for you and in this regard, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

You should create free accounts on relevant social media websites (not all channels will be relevant to your audience) and link them with your website. This will signal value in that people are linking to your content and sending traffic from social.


Whether you are selling the domain authority or you are planning to sell your site, increasing domain authority will increase the value of your website.

Moreover, if your site has higher domain authority, it will become more trusted by most of the users and show up more regularly in search.

This is common that the users usually believe in the websites that have higher domain authority.

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4 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Domain Authority”

  1. What a sensational guide Anthony. I am trying to cover all bases more than ever these days in terms of boosting my blog Domain Authority. I built it up over the years with solid content but intend to raise it a bit more with SEO-optimized, in-depth, helpful blog posts. Putting the focus on quality over publishing a high volume of thin posts definitely seems to be the way to go.


    • Content is hugely important in boosting your DA. As I’ve shifted to more in depth content, I’ve seen my own DA rise as well. Thin posts were good for me early on, but now that I have so many amazing contributors, I can publish content that goes far deeper into subject matter. It’s help me bump up my DA by about 10 points in the last year.

  2. Thank you, Afrasiab for your explanation of domain authority. Part of this is a mystery to me but other parts are quite clear.
    How does one really get quality backlinks other than producing great content or asking for them? I’m not big into asking for them as I get so many emails from others begging for a backlink.
    I love to get them organically 🙂 Having a great domain authority can help a site with ranking and ads.

    • Gaining backlinks organically is wonderful. I think guest blogging, if done properly, is another great way to go about it, and I don’t mind an ask now and then if it makes sense. I get a lot of really poorly crafted, off-the-mark asks for links on my site, so there is certainly a right way to do it.


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