Why Employees Quit: Struggles With Employee Retention

As an entrepreneur, I learned first hand what it meant to hire my first employee without a clear direction on her position.

I was learning and overwhelmed, unorganized and working day and night. I have come a long way  I advanced my business to include marketing/branding strategy for new entrepreneurs. This meant I was thrust into taking clients all around the world – and I needed help.

I hired a Mindset Coach to add to my packages as I wanted to focus solely on strategy. What I learned was that I did not want to coach my clients. I was not comfortable being in the hand holding business. I wanted to strategize and lay out the groundwork for you to handle or you to hire someone who could execute my brilliance.

I learned early on in my career that I am the HOW-TO girl. I am the go-to for wanting to know absolutely anything. A long term realtor friend of mine named Pearl used to come to me for tips on everything. She knew if anyone knew it was me. After accessing where I wanted my business to go, I created the Ask Falan brand, which was a play off the many conversations she and I had with her years ago.

Pondering why employees quit

From time to time we would joke that we were both unemployable due to our Entrepreneurial spirits and that holds true today. During my strategy calls I would listen to why my potential clients were coming to me while trying to create an exit strategy to leave their 9 to 5.

I started wondering what if I focused my business on WHY EMPLOYEES QUIT?

This would assist Employers on understanding why their turnover was always so high. According to recent studies around 86% of Employers believe they lose staff due to the pay when in fact it’s due to many other reasons not related to pay at all. The BIGGEST reason an employee quits ,according to many surveys, is they don’t feel appreciated. They aren’t told they matter, and they are often completely forgotten about.

One of my clients told me that after 8 years in her field, her boss sent her a certificate she had to print out herself. It hurt her that 8 years dedicated to helping a business grow was not celebrated, nor was her service, and she wasn’t gifted anything. So, I am helping her to launch a staff appreciation business.

Uncovering your staff’s wants and needs

There is a market for that niche specialization, and I realized that I needed to become the Employee Whisperer. This service I offer gives businesses the ability to take surveys and find out what their staff wants and implement strategies with HR to facilitate this during my time there. I also do this service confidentially, so that it appears this is in fact just an internal procedure.

Feeling appreciated transcends into all relationships in life from work and family, to dating, interacting with reps at a store you frequent and on down the line.

It really can be the determining factor if you can honestly understand that when an employee feels valued, they are going to work harder, stay longer and recommend your services to others. While many will still find the time to start their own businesses at least they are not made to feel that they were forced to leave.

We have to remember that many of us spend more time at work than we do at home. This creates a lot of stress. With the pandemic forcing us to be home more now, we can see that time with our families improve, less commute and more engagement. We still have a need for employee appreciation, maybe even more so working from home, and understanding how we can offer developmental strategies to grow within the company as a whole.

Finding out what employees think and conducting a regular mental health check in really bridge the gap to open door policies most companies claim to have.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Employee Retention Strategy or creating a plan to jumpstart your new business by all means reach out to me confidentially at www.VividVortex.com

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2 thoughts on “Why Employees Quit: Struggles With Employee Retention”

  1. Hi Falan,

    I feel way too many employers take their employees for granted, eating into the retention rate.

    I recall a few jobs where I felt not only underappreciated, but pretty much ignored. I quit in weeks or perhaps 1-2 months. I never stuck around if the person or people I worked for did not appreciate me, listen to me or acknowledge me. Life is too short.

    Treat your employees like gold. Most will stick around for a while.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Omg I know exactly how you feel regarding that! That’s how I feel even in my regular life!
      I’m even taking a social media break now bc I felt under appreciated for all the content I had been putting out free! I just am taking a step back to create content in bulk and put it all out on auto pilot so I can focus on more self care!
      I definitely have worked in many places where I felt undervalued and almost invisible.
      This is why I became an Entrepreneur.
      I hope you are well and being appreciated where you are now!




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