How You Can Increase Your Blog Subscribers Using Web Push Notifications

Business bloggers get caught up with churning out quality content consistently, but they tend to forget about one of the most significant factors that contribute to a successful blog- a growing subscriber base. The growth of every successful blog is highly dependent on the relationship with readers.

Dedicated blog readers keep coming back to your blog regularly and share your content on social networks. However, many bloggers underestimate the value of their loyal subscribers, and the growth of their subscriber base suffers.

But in fact, the more subscribers you can get contributes significantly to the success of your blog. So, if you haven’t put a lot of effort into growing the subscriber base of your blog, it is time to do that now.

Push notifications for blogs

Email newsletters are one of the common marketing channels adopted by bloggers for content distribution. However, if you are seriously looking to expand your subscriber base you need something more efficient than emails. Push notifications are a great marketing channel for content distribution when it comes to message deliverability.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of push notifications, they are essentially small messages that can reach your audience anywhere. Unlike popups that appear only on your own website, push notifications can operate outside of sites, thus allowing you to more easily connect with your target.

So, how can bloggers scale their business blog using push notifications? Push notifications for bloggers and small businesses help reach the audience more effortlessly and attract more viewers to their blog.

Why web push notifications work better to increase your subscriber base

If you are already leveraging emails to bring in traffic to your website, you will know the significance of web push messages over traditional marketing methods. Push messages work like email newsletters, but with a more effective and targeted approach.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating push notifications to your business blog.

Push messages are great to optimize your blogs for mobile

For bloggers who want to optimize their blogs for mobile users, push messages cand serve many significant benefits. Making your blog mobile-friendly will not only make your website responsive but also helps to bring direct traffic through mobile devices.

Why is mobile optimization significant and how do push messages fit in? Over 52% of global users leverage their mobile phones to view your blogs. Bloggers should not ignore that majority of their subscribers use mobile devices to search. This is when web push messages come handy.

Optimize your blogs for mobile devices and integrate push notifications on mobile web browsers about your new blog announcements and more. Distributing content using web push notifications can increase your viewership multiple times over.

Smarter and more efficient than email newsletters

Push messages are useful for targeting the right users for your blogs. They are more efficient than media newsletters to deliver your notifications at a better rate than general email newsletters. Considering the rate at which most email newsletters end up in spam folders never making it to the user’s inbox, push notifications help bring in more open rates and click rates.

Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe

Blogger push notifications work in a way that push messages can be sent to readers who have chosen to receive the messages. However, some of marketing methods like email newsletters demand users to fill out subscription forms.

For example, have a look at the below image. When you visit Neil Patel’s blog, you will see this opt-in and block option in the pop-up box.

neil patel push notifications

If you click on “Allow” you will be receiving notifications from his blog. Likewise, it is easy to unsubscribe from the blog as well by changing the settings on the web browser and unsubscribing from the notifications.

Better channel for content distribution

Even if your blogs have compelling content, having a well-planned strategy is essential to distribute your content to achieve optimum readership.

If you are currently using email newsletters or organic SEO techniques to distribute your blogs, you must leverage push notifications as well as it is a better channel for distributing your blog content.

Web push messages are not just beneficial for the effective delivery of your blog resources but they also help in bringing in direct traffic to both old and new blogs. Push messages can work great for content distribution and avoid your newsletters getting trapped in the spam folder.

Enhanced readership with cross-platform targeting

Push messages are powerful marketing tools that help you deliver the same information on all supported devices. With a single trigger, you can send notifications to both desktops and mobile users.

No matter whether your audience is browsing your blog on a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or any other digital device, you can always reach out to your users with web-based notifications.

Bloggers can leverage this benefit and connect with their readers who are using different devices to access the content. Using cross-platform synchronization, users can automatically subscribe across all supported devices logged with the same email account.

How to increase your subscriber base with web push notifications?

No matter how great web push notifications are for your blog, you need to create a successful push marketing strategy to grow your subscriber base. Unlike other marketing channels, growing your blog subscribers through push messages is pretty simple. With highly visible and timely push prompts, your blog visitors can opt-in for your notifications easily.

To maximize your subscriber list, here are some ideas for you.

Segment and personalize

When it comes to utilizing web push notifications to improve your blog, segmentation and personalization work. When your users receive personalized messages, they feel the message is created for them, which will improve conversion rates significantly. Additionally, you can use segmentation for better personalization.

Segment your users into different groups based on the type of blog views, their on-page activities, location, device type, etc. Allow your users to customize the frequency of notifications and the number of messages received.

Most push alert tools will come with features to segment your audience in different categories and send those notifications that are relevant to the section.

Timing is the key

When a viewer first comes to your website, it is important to give them some time to go through your content before asking permission to send push messages. Those few seconds allow them to browse through and have a better look at your blog before asking permission to take any actions. You can easily customize the time for the browser prompt based on the device the visitor is on.

Re-target your old viewers

Using web push notifications can help you to retarget your old viewers, with the relevant blog or product suggestions through push messages, you can trigger alerts about related products and offers to the users who have visited your old blogs.

Send relevant push messages to retain your subscribers

Growing your blog subscriber list is about retaining your existing users as well. Most times, existing users opt-out of your site’s push messages because the site might be sending many irrelevant notifications.

Set the right frequency of push messages that must be sent to your subscribers to gauge how many messages are few or too many. Without setting a frequency, you might end up spamming your users. It is also significant to keep your web push notifications relevant and send out at the right time.

Retarget current subscribers for better engagement

As a blogger, your business goals might not just be getting more viewership, but also generating money using your content. In that case, you can leverage web push notification content to your users and encourage them to take necessary actions.

For instance, you can use affiliate marketing to promote the products and services of other businesses on your website.  You can retarget your readers with useful product recommendations, exciting offers, or anything that fits your blog content.


There are limitless methods to make push notification for bloggers work and capitalize the efforts on your efforts to improve our subscriber base. Show your creativity and craft excellent web push notifications to improve your blog traffic and engagement.

If you rely only on email newsletters to interact with your users, it is time to try out push notifications. It is not because other marketing channels are not effective, but web push messages are a much better option to promote your blog and increase your blog subscribers.

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5 thoughts on “How You Can Increase Your Blog Subscribers Using Web Push Notifications”

  1. Sure, web push notifications is most effortless and fluid way to grow our followers list. I guess it’s overlooked by lot of bloggers. Once if we exploit it properly, i think we could able to gain massive amount of viewership. Great article on lesa discussed topic ♥️

  2. Sure , webpush notifications is most effortless and fluid way to grow our followers. I guess it’s overlooked by lot of creators. If we exploit this properly, we may able to gain a lot of viewership. Great article on less discussed subject ♥️


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