How to Increase Ecommerce Sales: Effective Tips

ecommerce sales

Online shopping continues to grow year over year, and so many businesses are taking their business online to start selling over the internet.

However, if you plan to be one of these new online businesses, just how will you compete in the market and build a stronger brand than the competition?

That’s what I’m going to give you in this article. I’m going to give you some useful tips which you should leverage to increase sales after starting your online business.

These tips are quite simple, but there’s a good chance you’re not apply all or at least some of them. Either way, they are all hugely valuable in your efforts to grow your online business

So let’s dive into it.

Why Should You Follow These Ecommerce Tips?

Before we get started first, I want to show you some shocking e-commerce and online shopping stats.

  • 81% of shoppers do online research about the product before making a purchase.
  • 28% of shoppers abandon carts because of the high shipping costs.
  • 8% of customers engage with live chat conversion before placing an order.
  • 38% to 53% of the purchase made is through mobile devices.

With these stats in mind, you can now see what’s going on in the e-commerce industry and what customers’ behavior is before purchasing anything.

To take advantage of these stats, there are a number of tactics you can easily apply for your own business

These are the set of steps that you need to implement in your online business to start getting more conversions.

So let’s get started.

Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Here I’m not only going to give tips to increase conversion rates, but also, I’ll show you what you need to implement for more brand-building opportunities, more traffic, and ultimately, more sales.

So, in other words, it’s a set of processes that every online business went through to achieve success.

Here are the tips.

1. Start Showcasing on Social Media Platforms

social media marketing

The very first step is to start leveraging the social media platforms where your business’ target audience hangs out. You can just start without any initial investment. Just start creating your business profile on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and whatever sites your audience prefers.

Not all social media platforms are a good fit for your business. To determine which are the right fit, you can conduct a survey of your target market, or you can just look to your competition to see what’s working for them.

After creating your online store you have to set up multiple pages that promote your product on social media.

But every social media platform has different features, different types of users, and different kinds of rules. For example: if we take the case of Instagram, it would be better for clothing, apparel business than it would be a logistics and shipping company (for example).

By doing your research, understanding your audience and looking at your competitors, you’ll come up with your targeted social media platforms. Once your sites are setup, start adding content regularly and add things like hashtags for more reach.

Moreover, if you have a good budget then you should start advertising campaigns for brand awareness.

Let’s look at step #2.

2. Start Using Funnel In your Business

sales funnel

A funnel is one of the most mysterious parts of any business’s success. Without a funnel, you’re losing so much traffic and thus potential customers.

A funnel is a step of the process that you should start implementing in your business right now to convert your normal visitors into your pipeline to further convince them to take action.

It contains many stages, and it might be new for you at this point. But if you want to learn how to set up a successful funnel you can take the  one funnel away challenge here.

Once you set up the funnel your e-commerce sales will stand a solid chance of growing. So, don’t get started without a funnel in place.

3. Provide Coupons & Discount

Coupon codes and discount strategies are evergreen tactics for e-commerce companies. Most shoppers love a good coupon code, gift card, or bonus, and using these tactics can really help you boost traffic and thus increase customers.

Many reports show that before making a purchase most online shoppers first search for a coupon code.

In fact, 60% of consumers love to receive digital coupons, and 50% are most likely to visit the store again if they received one.

So, if you’re not offering coupon codes or some kind of bonus then start providing it right now.

You can promote your offers or coupon codes in these ways:

  • Announce on social media pages
  • Run advertisements
  • Stick it to your website

Doing this will surely impact your e-commerce sales positively.

4. Start Discounts on Special Days

specials and sales

There are many holidays and celebrated days in a year such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Christmas holiday. These are the golden opportunities for your business to not only get more revenue but also to increase your brand reach through creating compelling offers.

According to this article about Black Friday statistics, last year Black Friday single-day sales hit $7.4 billion. That is the highest record so far.

During these types of days, people shop more to save more. So, in your industry, if your offer is more compelling, this should increase your success.

For that, you need to put in serious planning before the event. which includes special offers and promotional strategies.

For example, if you look at HostGator’s Black Friday coupon strategy you can see that the website hosting company has different coupons for different hours. Doing something like this will create curiosity in customers’ minds, and they will take action quickly due to FOMO (fear of missing out). In this way, you have to make your offer more compelling than your competitors’ to win the day.

In Conclusion

The e-commerce industry is really still in its infancy. There’s a lot more to expect in the future. However, if you have a well-established business, you’ll always win the race.

But to do that you need to have the right strategy, planning and execution in place. I would recommend you focus on creating a brand rather than running behind sales if you want to survive for the longer term.

For setting up the right e-commerce sales strategies, follow all the abovetips, and don’t forget to measure the result.

I hope you liked this piece on how to increase e-commerce sales. If so, don’t forget to share it. And if you’ve any questions, do let me know in the comment below.

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