How To Increase Your Followers On TikTok

One of the most important metrics determining your success on TikTok is your follower count.

While it’s certainly true that followers aren’t everything, this doesn’t mean they’re not vital to your strategy as an influencer or a brand; far from it.

Everything on your TikTok profile – your content, your bio, and your follower count – goes together to create an impression of who you are as a creator on the platform. If you’re looking to build a profile on TikTok, you’re probably wondering how you can amass followers on the platform.

Here’s our simple guide on how to do just that.

Look to a follower service

There are many TikTok guides out there offering insights into how you can increase your followers, and many of them will likely mention follower services.

If you pick the right one, your follower count will increase exponentially, and it’ll be filled with real accounts, too, not fake users or malicious bots.

Having a higher follower count automatically makes your TikTok account more appealing to potential brand partners (who will also look for engagement) or other influencers, so it’s always a good idea to look into options such as this.

Just be sure the service you pick is reputable!

Post what’s trending

Almost more than any other social network, TikTok is all about what’s currently trending.

This could be anything from dance challenges to comedy bits to musical lip-sync videos. Whatever it might be, make sure that you’re getting in on the ground floor with it.

If you ride the wave of trending topics and create videos themed around them, your follower count will increase as more, and more people will discover your content.

Of course, you should also make “evergreen” videos that don’t ride trend waves, but try to fit your content’s aesthetic to trending topics and you’ll come out a winner.

What’s always trending? Puppies, of course. For an example of taking advantage of a trending topic, look at this example: #puppiesoftiktok

@sherinicole455She wants them to play so bad ?❤️ ##fyp ##fy ##puppy ##puppies ##puppiesoftiktok ##foryou ##MyRoutine ##BachelorReady♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

Link up with other TikTok users

Just like other social media platforms, collaboration forms a large part of the spirit of TikTok.

It’s important to reach out to other TikTok users who might be part of your content niche and see if they’d like to work together on a video with you. Of course, the beauty of TikTok is that if a video is available to duet with, you can simply create your own spin on the video without necessarily asking permission from the original content creator.

If your duet turns out well, there’s a good chance the original content creator may see it and want to work with you organically, which would be a huge bonus.

Post at the right time of day

Different times of day yield different results when it comes to posting TikTok content.

It’s worth doing research into what the highest-traffic times of day are in your area and tailoring your content schedule to match.

If you’re uploading content during the graveyard shift when nobody is online, that’s probably why nobody is following you. However, if you make sure to hit the sweet spot when everyone logs on, then they’ll see your content and will be able to engage with it, thus increasing your chances of gaining new followers.

Be original

Think about your favorite TikTok users and content. Can you think of other users or videos that are similar in tone? You probably can – but can you think of videos that are identical?

It’s very important to be an individual on TikTok, because the community prizes individuality to a higher degree than other social networks do.

When you’re creating your content, try to strike a balance between popular content subjects – and filters or editing techniques – and ones that nobody else is using.

If you manage to achieve equilibrium between popularity and individuality, that’s where the TikTok fame lies.

Use your skills

Do you have a skill that sets you apart from everyone else? That’s almost certainly your ticket to TikTok stardom.

Showcasing that skill in its best possible light is how you’re going to build up your following. You could do this by teaching others how to use the skill, demonstrating why it’s fun to watch, or simply showing it off in an unusual or unique setting.

A great example could be playing a musical instrument. Try making a new meme or comedy skit around your instrument. Be sure to make it accessible to those who don’t play, too, so that it’s truly universal and relatable content.

Make your own challenge

If challenges are always popular on TikTok, then it stands to reason that trying to get one you’ve created off the ground would be a great way to approach the task of gathering followers.

Think of a task that your followers could do. Don’t make it dangerous or compromising in any way, because not only will you fall foul of TikTok’s guidelines, you’ll also put off potential followers.

Once you’ve decided on the nature of your challenge, film yourself doing it (or failing it – this also gets people’s attention as it allows them to compete with you). Hey presto – you’ve created a new challenge!

Here’s a great example of a video that was posted as part of the TikTok #artchallenge where artists were challenged to showcase their finest work.

@natalie.jpanotice me Bobby Flay ? #foryou #fyp #artchallenge #summerwins #painting♬ BREAKFAST CHALLENGE – Spence

Don’t overdo it

While you should certainly post TikTok content as often as you can in order to garner followers, that doesn’t mean you should overload the app.

If you post too often, you’ll overwhelm potential followers and they won’t know where to start. If an idea occurs to you for a new video, set it aside and try to use it for a future day’s filming.

It’s not a good idea to burn through all your great concepts for TikTok content straight away. A consistent content stream is good, but you should also keep your followers wanting more, as this is how you’ll amass new ones!

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6 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Followers On TikTok”

  1. Hey Anthony,
    Could you please explain Tiktok is a good social media platform, for now, a generation, what would be your idea about it? By the way thanks for the article.

    • Hello, and thanks for commenting! TikTok is a great platform depending on what your goals are. One of the biggest values is the ability to work with influencers who can promote your brand. You can also showcase the fun side of your brand and be really creative on this channel. If used properly, you can gain a ton of value.


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