Influencer Marketing in the B2B industry

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the most established and regularly used marketing techniques online. In brief, it is a strategically used marketing technique involving endorsements and product placements from influencers, encouraging and promoting a brand. It is a type of social media marketing that involves influencers that have established a reputation for having a proficient level of knowledge or social influence in that particular field. This type of collaboration drives mutual value and aids you in achieving measurable business goals.

Tracking ROI generated through social media marketing is equally important, and do you know why! If you haven’t yet created any social media strategy for your brand, develop one and boost your content marketing.

Curating content from influencers or collaborating content with them contributes to engagement leading to influencer marketing. In the world of B2B, this includes guest blogging, developing an article series that would stay on an influencer’s website, and more. With influencer marketing, elevating the brand’s awareness and increasing sales is a step easier as the product reaches out to the audience and would scale up.

Note: Influencers could be anyone that can influence your target audience. It need not necessarily be a celebrity.

How to create an influencer marketing strategy for yourself?

Find influencers and decide what to pay them

Remember who has a good number of social media followers, industry magazines, or speaking gigs at industry conferences according to your preferences. Ensure their values align with your brand.

Set a budget and management strategy

Discuss the incentives. That could be any form of compensation: free access to your service/product, sharing cross-promotional content, or many such attractive offers.

Decide and collaborate on goals

Discuss the nature of the relationship with your influencer, and decide upon the goals for a mutual benefit.

Measure success

Be sure to follow along with your goals. Set measurable standards, and review monthly (or more frequently) to ensure you’re meeting or exceeding those goals. Then make adjustments as needed.

What to keep in mind while building an influencer marketing strategy

Creating forged influencer content

Authenticity is the key to originality! To promote your product, an influencer must convey brand affinity without making it look like a sales pitch or paid promotion. Micro-influencers will resonate more with your target audiences.

Approaching an influencer without any prior relationship development

Build a relationship before you reach out if you want to make it to the top of your target influencer’s list. You can’t right away jump and try making them your brand-promoting influencers. Building a rapport with your chosen influencer is an integral part of this strategy!

Having unrealistic expectations of the influencers you have chosen

All you need to give your influencers is every material they require with some guidelines. And then let them do their job in their style so that it sounds natural to the audience.

Influencers’ engagement and types

The best part about influencer marketing is the relationship between the B2B brand and the influencer’s creation of mutual values. An influencer builds their profile while influencing brands. Most influencer engagements in B2B are organic, and the value exchanged between them is in terms of content, insight, or promotion for the exposure (as a part of the brand campaign).

Understand that the different types of influencer engagement and influencers lead to different cases for engaging influencers.

You can categorize B2B influencers based on experience and professional expertise –

  1. Brandividual: They have their brand name with millions of followers, and you call them brand influencers.
  2. Upcoming: Budding social media stars trying to get recognized and reputed on online platforms are upcoming influencers.
  3. Niche expert: Professionals with expertise in your respective niche are niche experts. They can help you promote your brand and know the best way to market it.
  4. Internal experts: Your clients and employees! Their reviews play a significant role in marketing and promoting your brand.

Some of the best influencer marketing campaigns

Sponsored content

One of the most well-known influencer marketing methods is sponsored content. These campaigns begin with the brand sending the influencer a campaign outlining specific guidelines and requirements. This crisp one-liner tags the influencer talking about the brand, driving traffic to the brand’s product or service.


Reviews are the most common but effective influencer marketing type. It involves a brand offering its service to the influencer for free, and in exchange, the influencer posts a review. Even before opting for a service, the audience is eager to know about the brand’s services and reviews online. Thus, a good review from an expert-level influencer makes a considerable difference in the audience’s perspective.


Brands can offer any of their products or services for the influencer to give way to their followers. That can include engaging with the influencer’s post itself or engaging with the brand outside of the post. Active participation in a giveaway where fun, humor, and prizes are the main activities happening could be the easiest way to engage an audience. At the same time, the audience gets to know many details about the brand in the process.

Product collaborations

Brands, usually in beauty and fashion lines, have worked closely with influencers to co-create products and content. It is common for influencers to create their product lines in clothing, accessories, or beauty products. With a planned strategy, this technique can be applied across many other industries and areas. Product collaborations bring in great values and profits with a mutual understanding.

These are just a few influencer marketing campaign examples, where you can pick one for yourself that you believe would work for you. Be open to experimentation. You will eventually find the right path to make your returns better.


Influencers help you drive your content marketing and expand your brand reach with minimal investment. Identify the most influential members in your space to help your brand and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them. It is never too late to get started with influencer marketing now and maximize your brand reach.

Feel free to write to us or comment with your thoughts. We hope you enjoyed reading our article!

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