Top 5 Instagram Strategies to Boost Your Business in 2020

Instagram is hugely popular, and businesses are leveraging the popularity of the channel to boost their marketing. But what is it about Instagram marketing that makes it such a powerful tool. Let’s dig a bit into the matter and take a look.

What is Instagram Marketing strategy?

An Instagram strategy is a set of goals, processes and objectives that are defined by the businesses to help the business achieve business growth by incorporating Instagram into it marketing strategy.

It is no secret that social media has played an important role in marketing. Through use of social media marketing, marketers are able to connect with their target audience and even boost sales.

More than 25 million businesses have already registered on the Instagram platform. Many of those businesses are actively using the platform to promote their brand, product and services. What’s more, they are also using Instagram to create deeper connections with their target audiences.

While there are many businesses using Instagram for marketing, only those with a focused strategy are enjoying success on the platform.

Instagram strategy to boost your business

Instagram allows you to build a loyal following. This helps you create brand awareness and engage your followers more easily. However, to retain your followers, you need to be consistent with your content. You must keep sharing brand-related information and post consistently. This ensures that your audiences remains loyal to you and keeps coming back for more.

To help you boost your business, here are five Instagram strategies that you can implement.

  1. Optimize your Instagram BIO

The Instagram bio is a small area at the bottom of the user name. This is the place where you write about your brand. It is the most important place as it is the source of information about your brand that everyone will see when the land on your profile. So, it is very important to have the relevant content that inspires your audience.

example of instagram bio

Make sure to use a concise form of text in your BIO. If you want to make sure that your audience engages with you, then you need to build up your BIO properly. Your bio must contain relevant information about your brand.

You can also use emoticons to make your profile engaging and relatable. You can also use the most used Hashtag so the audience can find you easily.

Finally, this is the place where you will highlight your URL, so make sure you list it properly.

  1. Create a content calendar

If you are using the Instagram platform as a channel within your social media marketing strategy, the best value to get the most value is to consistently publish content.  Hence, having a planned scheduled calendar can really help you with the posting plans. Not only that it also helps you to keep tabs on all the posts.

social media calendar

An Instagram content calendar must have the following sections to keep your planning on the right track.

  • Content-type
  • Caption
  • Hashtags
  • Video links
  • Publishing day
  • publishing date
  • Publishing time

[Note: It is advisable to plan your content three weeks ahead of the time. This buffer allows for flexibility for any kind of change.]

To make sure that your audiences are not getting bored or becoming  less engaged, you must make sure to mix all kinds of content in your post.

  1. Experiment with curated content

Creating your own content is a serious key to success. But doing so can take a toll on your health as well, as it’s really challenging to create enough content to really quench your audience’s thirst for new and engaging content. The best way to ensure that your cup of tea never runs dry is to curate content from relevant profiles. This will not only help you maintain a steady flow of content ideas but it will also help you to keep your sanity and avoid burning out.

Marketers have realized the value of curation for years and have used the tactic to safeguard their content from becoming monotonous. Curated content can be used as the substitute for the content that you have left on your Instagram content calendar after the custom crafted content. You can create your own content and then schedule it on the content calendars and can then fill the gaps with curated content.

  1. Incorporate relevant Hashtags

Hashtags definitely need to be a part of your strategy when posting on Instagram. People search for important topics with the help of the hashtag search query. Users can even follow particular hashtags.

hashtags on instagram

According to Sprout social, it has been concluded that posts with hashtags get 12% more engagement than posts without. This why it’s so important for business professionals to use hashtags in their posts. In addition to Instagram,  multiple other channels use hashtags. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms also use the hashtag.

  1. Get an Instagram influencer on board.

Instagram influencers are the people who have used this platform to create a community for themselves with thousands and even millions of followers. They hold the power to influence their followers about a product, service, company, websites – the list goes on. They can often have a significant impact on customers’ buying decisions.

Brands are heavily investing in Instagram influencer marketing. Instagram stands at top of all the social media platforms when it comes down to which media has a more influential marketing scope.


Instagram is an excellent tool for marketers and the businesses to connect the gap between the brand and the audiences. Instagram creates a bridge for the audience to connect with the brand. Instagram is a platform that serves as a showcase for your brand and its products and services. People can also communicate with your brand with comments, likes and shares.

Remember that to stay ahead in the competition, engagement with your audiences needs to be prioritized. Instagram helps you with that. So, what are your waiting for?

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