Infographic: The Best Internet Statistics & Facts For Marketers

internet statistics

The vast world of the Internet can be quite difficult to navigate for newbie marketers.

To overcome the stiff competition, you need to be armed with the latest digital marketing insights and trends, which can help you to grow your online presence and gain a strong foothold in their niche market.

Also, new businesses can retain a competitive edge for a long time by keeping up with the changes and updates, as these can help you to develop actionable strategies to ace the online marketplace.

From SEO and social media to paid advertising, hosting and domain and other considerations, understanding how each aspect of the Internet has evolved over the years can help companies make profitable decisions for their business.

As such, here, hardcore statistics and facts are one of the easiest ways through which businesses can determine what your target audience wants and deliver it to them to boost your ROI.

How can you benefit from Internet Statistics?

With the innumerable benefits that Internet statistics can provide, it is wise to keep a checklist of these facts at hand while devising marketing strategies. Thus, with this aim in mind, here is a complete checklist of the latest Internet statistics and facts that every new business owner as well as marketer must-know.

The below infographic offers you a comprehensive overview of web hosting, domain and website security statistics. It provides information on the latest social media, eCommerce, and SEO trends.

It also highlights the vital web search, internet advertising and blogging facts. Thus, with so much insightful data readily available at your fingertips, you can easily strategize various marketing campaigns that will help you to generate leads and boost conversion.

Building a website is just one part of getting your business online, there are other things that you need to do – optimization, creating social profiles, blogging etc- to succeed. Thus, go ahead and take a look at this infographic and make the most of it!

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