4 Time Management Methods to Implement When Searching for Jobs

Searching for a job in the business world can be quite intimidating. With fierce competition left and right, you’ll want to bring your A game from the very beginning. This consists of being proactive and efficient with your initial search efforts. The following guide covers 4 time management tips to help you stay on top of the process and be more productive. Since we all have a different way of doing things, adapt the techniques that fit best with your lifestyle and personality.

ABC Method

The ABC method was developed based on the belief that your thoughts can affect how you do things. A negative mindset can have a negative effect on both productivity and effort. As a result, this’ll interfere with your job searching capabilities. The ABC method promotes a more positive and optimistic mindset to help achieve maximum potential.

At times throughout the process, you’ll face rejection. This may leave you feeling defeated and with a bad attitude. If you try out this method, you’ll be working on self motivation when it comes to changing your mindset. Take rejection as an opportunity to grow and learn. Believe it or not, it can actually be a blessing in disguise. Use what you’ve learned with your next applications for more of an edge against other candidates. 

Pomodoro Technique

If you’re one to get sidetracked easily, consider adapting the Pomodoro technique. Its main goal is to help you stay focused for short periods of time. When working, set a timer for roughly 20-30 minutes. Work hard and dedicate all your attention until the timer goes off. Once time is done, reward yourself with a 5-10 minute break. Continue doing this until the task is completed.

The Pomodoro technique can benefit you if you have trouble focusing on things for long amounts of time. This is a great approach for streamlining the job hunt process. Consider dedicating a different time spurt to each part of the application process. This’ll help you apply to more listings under a timely manner, increasing your likelihood of landing a position. 

Eat That Frog Approach 

The Eat That Frog method is not at all what you think it may be. This technique focuses on tackling your most difficult tasks first, and saving the easier ones for later. You’ll want to work on harder things when you’re most alert throughout the day. If you leave them for last, you may feel too burnt out to finish them to your highest capability. Saving easier tasks also acts as something to look forward to at the end of the day after hard work. 

Start off by writing out what job search activities you need to accomplish that day. Rank your list with the most difficult activities at the top and the easier at the bottom. From there, organize your schedule accordingly to complete the most difficult tasks first. This technique is great for those who are most productive in the morning, rather than later in the day.

Time Blocking Technique

Time blocking is a great way to keep your day organized. This is a great approach for people who operate best by having a set structure in place. You’ll need to start by making a list of all the things you need to accomplish that day. From there, you’ll assign blocks of time for each task, as well as buffers and breaks in between. 

If you aren’t sure how long it’ll take to complete each task, it’s better to overestimate. Later on, you can go back and adjust accordingly. When searching for a job, a common mistake is spending way too much time on one step of the process. By allocating specific blocks, you facilitate a faster and more efficient approach in finding a job.

At the end of the day, you’ll get out what you put into your initial job efforts. Nothing worth fighting for comes easy. One of the battles with finding success in the search process is managing your time wisely. It’s important to establish good habits early, as time management is a skill you’ll need to take with you once you land a position as well. For more information, check out Resume Now’s blog post on other time management techniques that facilitate searching for a job.

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