Why LinkedIn is The Most Important Channel for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn is a highly professional platform where different practical and career-oriented people are registered. This vast platform allows you to share your thought leadership, gain insights, generate leads, improve reputation, conduct market research, and build online communities.

As a B2B marketer, you should remain active and focused on LinkedIn.

It potentially connects your business with customers and professionals who can help you boost your results. While many look at LinkedIn as just a large job searching platform, the channel is actually a veritable powerhouse of numerous business opportunities as well.

LinkedIn feed screenshot
Image: LinkedIn feed screenshot

Here are few reasons why LinkedIn is the most important channel for B2B marketers.

Let’s have a look:

LinkedIn creates awareness and upgrade reputation 

LinkedIn is a high-potential platform where you get the opportunity to connect directly with various productive professional personalities as well as interested customers.

Moreover, the group features also allow you to assemble different people relevant to your business in one place and create conversations.

LinkedIn increases the credibility, scalability and stability of your business and you as a B2B marketer. So, you can use tools like the status updates, publishers and sales navigator to grow your brand and give a boost to your business.

LinkedIn offers robust thought leadership and influencer marketing 

With high-quality content, you can improve your personal profile and participate in LinkedIn communities, start conversations and generally grow your own brand.

It also allows you to interact with a huge mass that helps to build a trustworthy brand presence. With a smart and responsive online presence, you can influence the market with your brand-oriented and customer-centric marketing strategies, thought leadership and innovative ideas.

LinkedIn increases sales and generate leads

LinkedIn is a great platform to generate leads and turn them into potential customers.

LinkedIn offers pretty personal ways of identifying and connecting with potential customers, and it initiates a great deal of sales opportunities.

This can be done when you will interact with your prospects which includes listening, analyzing, participating, sharing, networking and responding to them according to their interests.

Sales Navigator is a great, paid tool offered by LinkedIn that can help you achieve these objectives more easily. It serves as a way to organize your sales efforts, learn about your target audience and then target them with the right materials.

linkedin sales navigator
Image: Research prospects by company with Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is an ideal CRM platform 

Customer Relationship Management is a powerful factor for the growth and progress of any business.

In this context, LinkedIn is a great solution as a sort of social CRM. As LinkedIn supports Google Contacts, you can easily set up basic integration of your company’s contacts.

This tool enables you to check and track the progress, behavior, preferences and activities of your contacts in real-time. It readily offers all the relevant information and notifies different parameters required for the right marketing and customer satisfaction.

LinkedIn increases traffic 

As LinkedIn is a professional digital platform, it allows you to share your business links and product links along with powerful content in your posts.

In fact, it has smart status updates or share content options that allow you to introduce yourself in the most efficient way. Thus, it helps in authentic link building and organic traffic driving with utmost perfection and positivity and upgrades your B2B marketing services.

Image: LinkedIn post example

LinkedIn helps substantially to listen and gain insights 

When you connect to a highly professional platform such as LinkedIn, you get the chance to connect with a potentially huge audience of your peers and of your company’s target audience.

This platform allows you to introduce yourself and your business and to understand the different perspectives and parameters of others who are on the channel. You become able ask questions and answer others’ question. This can help you gain authority in your industry while also leading to new business.

Without properly understanding the industry, its norms, current scenario, market demand, customer preferences and various other factors, you can’t sculpt your path to proceed further. And LinkedIn allows you to gain that knowledge and connect with the right people. In this way, as a B2B marketing professional, you can easily connect one business to another and gain the desired outcomes via LinkedIn.

Wrapping it up

If you are in the B2B space, you need to be on LinkedIn. It’s that simple. Without this tool, you will be missing out on a ton of opportunity.

One other thing to consider is that people will look you up on LinkedIn if they are considering doing business with you. If you are not there or if you have a poorly crafted profile, they will likely move on.

So, get your account set up today or start working on enhancing your account if you already have one.

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