10 Logo Design Tips to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Have you ever seen any brand without a logo?

The answer is definitely NO.

There is no big brand available in the market without a logo (and we aren’t counting the recent Doritos commercials).

A logo represents the face of your brand. No matter whether you’re a startup or what size your business is, you need to capture the attention of your target audience.

There are millions of people in the logo design industry who can design a logo as per the client’s requirements and demands. It depends on your ability on how you stand out as a professional in this competitive crowd. One of the best ways to leave a lasting impact on your customer is to create a unique brand logo.

Resource: Here is a great resource if you need a logo quickly and on a budget. 

A good logo must be:

  • Be attention-grabbing
  • Be memorable
  • Work well whether large or small
  • Represent your brand vibe (how you want people to feel about your brand)

To create a stand-out identity for your business, here is everything you need to know!

Unique Tips for Logo Design

1. Understand your brand:

Although, a logo is an image that is the visual representation of your brand. When designing, keep this in mind, it must reach and identify its target audience.

Check out websites for different ideas, and create a logo with aesthetic looks rather than deeper meaning.

Coca-cola is a great example of a simple, catchy logo
Image: Coca-cola is a great example of a simple, catchy logo – Source

2. Sketching should be the initial step:

Sketching simplifies the work. There is no digital device between your hands and brain, so it will be easy to design your creative ideas on paper.

Once you have got the idea for the placement of symbols and font, it will be easier for you to design via software or an online logo maker.

3. Choose suitable colors and combinations:

Color selection plays a major role while creating a logo. To maintain decency, don’t fall for dull colors.

Based on your company, pick the right shades i.e. if your brand is connected with the young generation, use vibrant colors and you can have gentle, mild colors when interacting with professionals.

LinkedIn logo
Image: LinkedIn logo targeting professionals – Source

4. Trademark your logo:

Once you have designed your logo, don’t forget to protect the copyright to that logo to prevent any violations. The internet has made it easy for everyone to access anything they want to. So, keep your logo design safe and secure.

5. Keep empty space in logo design:

Make sure people can read your logo from distance or if it’s small in size – keep it clean.

Using blank space in your logo design can be important for the marketing of your brand – i.e. printing t-shirts, poster design, and plenty of other marketing collateral.

6. Keep it easy and flexible:

A logo must be relevant to the goals of your brand. It’s important to have a balanced combination of simplicity and flexibility.

In this digital age, logos appear on multiple devices so your logo must be flexible to accommodate different screen sizes. It must also look great on different icons, backgrounds, and working apps.

7. Concentrate on Symmetry:

Proportions and symmetry are very important, even if you are giving your logo a cool look. This rule should always be followed to have a more professional logo.

We can take the example of “Apple” for understanding. It has symmetric upper and lower sections. These symmetrical elements create a well balanced logo design.

Apple Logo - Example of Symmetry
Image: Apple Logo – Example of Symmetry – Source

8. Keep it Appropriate:

A logo design must be related to the thought of your brand. You have to use appropriate icons and symbols to make your logo more connected to the meaning of your brand.

To create the perfect logo, you need to keep your mission, vision and business goals in mind. The more your logo aligns with your business, the more it connects.

9. Intent for Easy Recall:

Simplicity aids in recognition, especially in a highly competitive world.

People find it difficult to recognize a complicated logo because of too many brands in the market. The key is to allow a viewer an opportunity to recall a mark after a quick glance, and that’s not possible with a complex design.

A logo must be unique, easy to read, and engaging.

10. Design an Evergreen logo:

Create a logo for your brand that will have a lasting impact. There are a variety of symbols, fonts, and colors that are evergreen. Many combinations like black and white or cubic forms come under the category of evergreen logos.

Take inspiration from top brands while designing your brand logo, follow your intuitions, and design something with staying power.


Logo creation is not an easy task. There are many components of logo design , which can complicated your decisions. But understanding these tips while designing your logo makes your logo memorable for the audience and can seriously help your brand grow.

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