Why a Trendy Logo Design Is Crucial For Your Business

 “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  – Jeff Bezos

According to Forbes, a business has only 7 seconds to make an impression on the customer. Therefore, if you are looking to make an impact, visuals like a trendy logo design can help you achieve that and ace your marketing goals.

Your business logo is one of the most significant elements of your corporate branding. It allows you to stand out from the competition by defining your brand identity. The more effort you put into crafting a mind-blowing logo, the more people will remember your brand.

Think of the bluebird icon or golden arches. What comes to your mind? Twitter and McDonald’s, right? These companies are good examples of brands that have distinct logos to set them apart from the other players in the market.

A creative and trendy logo design is vital for your business. So, if you’re still wondering how it can become the foundation of your brand identity, here’s all that you need to know:

1.    It grabs the attention of the audience

It is no surprise that a trendy and professional logo can grab the attention of your target audience quickly. So, wherever they see your logo, be it on your products, or brochures, website, or elsewhere, they can identify and connect with your brand, thus enhancing brand relevance.

However, to ensure that your company’s logo catches the audience’s eye, keep its design simple and memorable. The world’s most famous logos have a two things in common – a simple design and strategic use of colors.

Not sure which colors to select for your business logo? The image below shows some of the most common colors used in the logos of the top 100 known brands.

common logo colors


2.    It helps in making a strong first Impression

Research by Eyetracking studies shows that most website visitors spend around 6 seconds glancing at the logo first before moving towards the other content.

As we all know, a company’s logo is its first introduction to its prospective customers. Hence, a good logo design is your one chance to lure the customers right away. A well-designed logo can make a strong first impression and intrigue your audience to know more about your business and its offerings.

3.    It allows you to attract new and potential customers

A carefully designed logo tells your brand story, which influences the emotions of your customers, and encourages them to purchase your products. You surely would have seen the logo of Amazon countless times while ordering products online. But have you ever paid attention to find out what it means?

Amazon Logo


The arrow pointing from ‘a’ to ‘z’ shows that Amazon sells almost every product that you can name from A to Z. Other than this, the arrow also depicts a smile along with a little dimple to reflect the happiness of customers that buy products from Amazon.

Therefore, the best way forward is to design a logo that reflects your company values and brand message for a timeless and professional look.

4.    It distinguishes your brand from the competition

With countless pizza chains now operating all over the world, how does Pizza Hut still manages to distinguish itself from the competition? The answer is through its unique and compelling logo design. The red-roofed logo is one of the defining factors of the brand, which helps its customers identify its pizza.

Pizza Hut Logo


Therefore, a well-designed logo, along with other factors, can help in effectively positioning your brand and making your business stand out.

5.    It facilitates brand loyalty

According to Forbes, consistent brand presentation across all platforms can increase revenue by around 23 percent. Hence, consistency is the key to successful branding for any business and building trust in the eyes of customers.

As we discussed, your logo design is what your audience will look first to decide whether your brand is credible or not. So, when customers see a trendy and professional logo for a long time, they become familiar with it and start trusting the brand.

For an impactful logo design that helps foster brand loyalty, it is best to hire a professional logo design company. A poorly designed logo would fail to reflect a positive corporate image. It will also fail to establish brand loyalty.

6.    It exhibits professionalism

Another very evident advantage of a well-designed logo is that it reflects a professional image of your brand. Generally, the audience tends to associate high-quality logos with first-class services provided by your business. For example, the iconic logo of Apple represents style, innovation, luxury, and reliability.

Apple Logo


By now, we know why trendy logo design is vital for your corporate branding, but what are the best practices that can help make your company’s logo identifiable and unique? Try following these 6 guidelines.

  • Simple is better, therefore ensure a clean and uncluttered logo design.
  • Make sure your logo is attractive and reflects your brand image by using colors strategically.
  • Your logo should have a design that is easy to memorize for increased brand recall.
  • An effective logo design is one that is appropriate for the intended target audience so that they can connect with it easily.
  • Make your logo scalable and versatile so that every minute detail in the design is clear, and it opens on every device.
  • Frequent logo design changes might leave your audience baffled. Therefore, your logo design should be consistent and timeless.

 Final words

In a nutshell, as your logo serves as the face of your brand, it must be well-designed and reflect your corporate values effectively. In today’s highly competitive markets, a trendy logo design can help your brand stand out by catching the audience’s attention.

Once your prospects have familiarized your brand, they will eventually pick your products while shopping, making your business revenue grow by several folds.

Now that you know the importance of a trendy logo design, you must invest time and resources in your company’s logo design for leveraging the perks of strong brand identity.

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