Making Product Presentation a Priority– Infographic

In recent years, the packaging of products has gained heightened importance.

There are different reasons for this, but most of it centers around the explosion in popularity of social media. YouTube and Instagram are awash with videos of “unboxing” which is the filming of someone opening up a package they receive.

It seems frivolous, but packaging has become a huge thing!

Social media influencers find that viewers / followers adore these types of videos, and you only have to check the viewing statistics of those videos to see the degree of popularity.

Added elements like ribbons, confetti, balloons often supplement the main product package, and it’s all part of the show!

The role of sustainability in packaging

Also, people are living in a more environmentally conscious world where matters like recycling are more important to them, so many people firstly like to see packaging that is sustainable (recycled) but also that can possibly be reused.

Pretty boxes can be reused for storage or just as part of interior décor, and this is very popular also. As a result, marketers have to be not just conscious of product branding but now, packaging is a hugely marketable element that can create a much more sustainable branding tool.

Marketers, of course, need to be highly conscious to keep the product packaging in line with the actual product, and that it’s not competing with it in some way.

The guys at Bracken Foam Fabricators have put together the following infographic that outlines everything you need to know about product presentation and its packaging.

The infographic is detailed and contains interesting statistics related to the importance of product packaging; it outlines the reasons for the importance of product packaging and it explains what to consider when choosing your product packaging plus lots more insight – check out the full infographic below for all the details.

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