Marketing Automation: How to Know if it’s a Fit or a Mismatch

How do you manage your marketing? If you’re like many people, you probably do a little mix of digital marketing and traditional marketing. You likely use a variety of online channels and digital programs, but you probably also dabble in marketing the old-fashioned way, individual outreach, old-school (in a good way) tactics like print ads, etc.

Whatever mix you use, you likely run into issues tracking the success of your campaigns (some types, like print, more than others). Between executing on campaigns, creating collateral, building relationships and then tracking results, marketing can be extremely time-consuming and challenging.

Enter the power of marketing automation.

Fortunately, there are lots of great technology platforms available now that help automate tasks and make complex campaigns simpler. Using software that does the hard work for you, you can find yourself the beneficiary of more leads and more ways to measure success.

Utilizing marketing automation software, you can make repetitive tasks easier and more efficient. Instead, you can put your energy into more strategic thinking, more focused activities to really drive business.

Automation software also helps you unite a lot of departments that traditionally work in disparate silos, helping to seamlessly personalize things in a way that benefits you and your customers.

To figure out whether or not marketing automation software would benefit you, you first need to ask yourself some questions. The graphic below offers insight into how you can assess your organization’s need for marketing automation software and what level of investment you should make.

How to Assess Your Need and Invest in Marketing Automation Software

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