3 Ways to Market Your Business Creatively

Using different marketing strategies to gain an edge over the competition can be challenging and exhausting. The great thing about getting creative with a marketing campaign, however, is that it really pays off. Apart from that, creativity is something that will keep your audience engaged.

Know that your business does not always need to be serious. In this digital age, customers do appreciate originality and humor, and these two concepts are great ways to kick start your business success.

So whether you want to drive more sales than ever or want to get more followers on social media –here are some creative marketing strategies that you should consider using in order to promote your brand.

Good Creative Design and Imagery

We live in a visual world and therefore, it would be a wise move to focus on imagery while using creative marketing strategies. You must be aware of the fact that great images and design tell a story. It’s also true that a picture speaks a thousand words, hence powerful imagery and authenticity is a vital part of any business.

Images are a powerful form of communication. More than 3.5 million photos are shared online every single minute, according to Deloitte. On top of that, visuals are considered to be the most striking way to leave a lasting impression in the mind of a viewer. This simply means that you need to share creative and eye-catching images and videos to keep your audience and your potential customers engaged at all times.

So what exactly do you need to do to incorporate visual creative marketing concepts in order to increase your brand visibility? Know that your audience should understand what your organization is doing and what it has in store for their needs. In case your organization fails to achieve this, it is less likely to generate leads and drive sales. Hence, as a marketer, you need to take the time to create high-quality videos and images that your audience can relate to.

Try to Pull Back the Curtain on Your Brand

For the past few years, “authenticity” has been dramatically growing as a marketing catchword. That’s the primary reason why a majority of businesses out there are taking the time to make their brand authentic. Not only that, brands are trying their best to discover new and creative ways to show their customers what their brand is all about.

If you are new to the marketing industry, then you need to know that social media is an ideal platform for building your brand’s authenticity. When a brand keeps its audience updated by sharing stories and posting photos, the customers start feeling like they’re getting a real sense of what goes on behind the scenes.

Social media platforms also give you a chance to develop a healthy relationship with your customers. To do exactly that, every brand must consider responding to customer comments in real-time. A reliable and steady internet provider is the primary prerequisite to responding to your audience instantly. This is one effective way to engage with your customers without ever making them feel like you are strictly marketing and not providing any value.

People make buying decisions based on how businesses show a human side to their customers. So, if you genuinely want to develop your customers’ trust, it’s time to make sure that you pull back the curtain on your business.

Now that you know the importance of using authentic images to influence your audience’s buying decisions. It’s time to focus on creating images and designs that express genuine emotion. Yes, you read it right- these types of images are the most successful in creative marketing campaigns.

Emotional Marketing

There are 8 primary emotions including anticipation, joy, disgust, trust, anger, sadness, fear, and surprise, according to Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotion. While you may believe that you should aim for triggering the emotions of anticipation, joy, surprise, and trust, it is sometimes crucial to harness the full spectrum of emotions.

As a brand, you must master the art of making your emotions evident even without using words. What you need to know is that emotional branding is an innovative form of creative marketing strategy that has proven to give rise to customer loyalty as well as customer retention. When it comes to investing money in a certain product or service, how a person feels about the brand in question eventually leads to customers’ buying decisions.

Brands that learn how to make an emotional connection with their customers are commonly deemed as reliable, honest, authentic, and not to forget, trustworthy. We all are aware of the fact that this has always been the case, hence, it’s more crucial than ever to look for the right and instant ways to communicate these traits and values.

In this digital age, people rely on the internet to consume information, learn about different brands, businesses, products, and services. They use their mobile phones to access all types of information. Apart from that, they make snap decisions about the brands they get to see online, and all of these decisions are based on their emotions. Hence, making use of social media platforms to convince people with emotional marketing is the ultimate test for both brands and marketers.

If your brand succeeds in making your audience laugh or cry with its posts, they will not only remember your brand name but also get your brand message across in the most appropriate way. Not only that, emotional creative marketing campaigns is a creative yet less expensive way to get your existing and potential customers to respond, interact and ultimately purchase your products and services.

To Conclude

The strategies you adopt to market your business determines if the startup will be successful or not. Marketing is one effective way to maintain relevance, reputation, and more. Any business would lose its sales without marketing. Hence, it is crucial to get creative with your marketing campaigns. This is how you can attract new customers.

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    • Standing out from the crowd does take some creativity. There are tons of great ways to creatively differentiate your brand from the competition. This article lays out a few of the best tips.


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